Moving can be a backbreaking task, and has been known to stress out even the most level-headed of homeowners. In this light, couches are often one of the most difficult items to move, considering their weight and often awkward dimensions. For this reason, homeowners often opt to hire professional movers to assist them, but this is not always a possibility. In this brief article, learn a few tips on how to best handle your cheap couches for sale when moving.




Surviving the ordeal of moving your cheap couches for sale


Before any transporting or lifting procedures can take place, homeowners need to consider how they are physically going to move their cheap couches for sale. It is likely that your couch has been sitting in the same spot for a few years, accumulating a decent collection of dust and lost items beneath it. Oftentimes, couches are the heaviest pieces of furniture in the home, meaning that moving them is more complicated than one may assume.   Even if you manage to gather a small group of friends or family, the task requires more than brute strength at times. Sometimes, you will need to make use of several “tools” to help you get the job done. The following are some items that may assist you in your efforts:  

  • Lifting straps
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap, plastic wrap or bags
  • Furniture sliders
  • Gloves


A step-by-step guide to moving your cheap couches for sale


The most important thing to keep in mind is to not push yourself past your limits and risk hurting yourself. If you feel that you do not have the correct tools, assistance or physical capabilities to move your couch, you are advised to spend money on a professional moving service so as to avoid a possible long-term injury and further complications.  


Step 1: Measure and plan


 Your couch may seem slim and trim where it’s been in the lounge over the past few years, but you may have forgotten or not been around to see its difficult journey through the front door, passage or even up a few flights of stairs. Planning the path you will need to take to get your couch outside and on the road to its new home is essential if you wish to avoid damaging the piece or avoid scuffing the walls and floors as you go about the process. If you are lucky, you will have more than one potential pathway to get your cheap couches for sale out of your home and into a new one. If not, some homeowners may need to accept that more drastic measures, such as removing doors, or purchasing a new couch could become necessary.  


Step 2: Wrap it up


 Even though cheap couches for sale go for lower rates, the fact remains that you spent a good deal of money on their purchase and they are now valuable assets to you and your family. You would not want to damage your car, your clothing or other items, so why risk damaging your couches when you move them? Protecting your couch’s fabric and upholstery from dirt, dust and sharp corners is important during your move.   Before you begin wrapping or covering up your couch, remove any loose pillows and cushions and pack them away in a separate box or bag of your choice. If there are any detachable sections, make sure to detach them and repeat the above. Once you have made the couch as small as possible, wrap it up with whatever plastic you have available, although bubble wrap and moving tape wins first prize for efficiency and effectiveness.  




If your couch is leather or consists of a more delicate material such as silk, it is advised to cover it in blankets before wrapping it up to protect the piece from damage as a result of excessive rubbing and chafing from the plastic.  


Step 3: Ready, set, move!


During this step of moving your cheap couches for sale, communication with those who have offered their assistance is key. It is essential that everyone know their role in advance so as to avoid any crushed toes and cursing. All hands must lift at the same time, and lower at the same time.   For this reason, the moving path should be discussed beforehand so everyone is filled in and can adapt should any unforeseen situations arise. The couch must be maneuverer slowly along the path that was decided upon, with extra care going around tight corners and narrow passes. Remember to be patient at all times with those around you, as moving is generally a chaotic experience as it stands.


4. Load it up


 While some cheap couches for sale can fit on a bakkie or in a large car with the backseats put down, most will need to be loaded into a larger van or even a trailer attached to a suitable car. If you have the correct transport available for your use than you need not worry about hiring any extra equipment or vehicles for your move.  




If your couch is very large, consider sourcing and making use of a ramp to assist in the loading of the piece. It is unlikely that you and your helpful team of friends or family have the arm and back strength to lift a couch above your shoulder and pack it away. If you are utilising a trailer, make sure to tie down and secure your couch with straps (preferably those with buckles) in order to ensure minimum movement and lessen the risk of bumps and lumps on your couch as you pack around it and eventually travel.  


How to move your cheap couches for sale up, or down the stairs


Moving furniture up or down the stairs is arguably one of the most difficult aspects of moving out, especially if your staircase is narrow. Before making the dreaded descent, or ascent, you will need to take special care in planning (ie. Measuring both your stairwell and couch dimensions). When you move couches up or down the stairs, you are limited to only two people who can assist physically during this leg of the journey.


This journey is usually a difficult one, but there are a few things to remember that may assist you on the way:


 Assign a navigator: Although usually only two people can take part in this perilous task, a third can be the assigned navigator. While the two holding the couch will have their vision obscured, the navigator will have the responsibility of walking ahead and keeping their eye out for any obstructions (such as mischievous pets or banana peels) in the way. They can also give you an indication as to how many steps you have left so you don’t miss a few by accident.  




Easy does it: With a helper at each end of the couch, the two should lift from the bottom of the couch so as to ensure optimal maneuvering. Further, make sure that you are familiar with the correct lifting technique. Movers must squat instead of bending when they lift the couch instead of bending at the waist – as the latter is a sure way to evoke back injury. Remember to thank all those who have assisted you and provide them with a cold drink and snack when all is said and done to show your gratitude.  


Hiring professional movers


For many, the prospect of moving homes without professional help is enough to bring them to tears. This is especially apt if you have a lot of furniture, especially couches, and normal sized vehicles that would take many trips back and forth to get the job done. This is simply not an option if you are moving to a different city or even province. As with every other service out there, hiring professional movers comes with its own set of pros and cons. Before making your decision however, it is important that you know the most relevant ones.  




The benefits of hiring professional movers


A metaphorical trip to the spa


While some homeowners cannot escape the stress of the moving ordeal, some are perfectly content to sit back and let the pros do what they best. Hiring professional movers to move your cheap couches for sale and other household furniture and appliances means that you will not need to lift one finger. When you hire a reputable company, you will be absolved of all duties that require heavy lifting and transporting.


Fast and not furious


Reputable and reliable moving companies tend to work with great care at high speeds. A move that could take you several days can often be accomplished within a mere afternoon with the help of a team. Movers frequently bring their own transport, manpower, tools and materials, which saves you from having to gather a reluctant group of friends and their spouses together to help you out as well as sourcing materials and tools.   Professional movers are familiar with moving best practices and therefore can take the reins in all the ways that matter. Some moving companies may even recommend or offer post-move cleaning services to get rid of the immeasurable dust and grime that is left behind when you empty a home. At the end of the day, you may be less likely to be consumed in a rage of exhaustion and frustration as a result of moving out on your own.  


Safer transport


Oftentimes homeowners who choose to move out on their own tend to hire trailers or trucks to transport their cheap couches for sale and other furniture to their new home. What they may not know beforehand, however, is how difficult driving trailers and trucks down a speedy highway can be if you are inexperienced. Trustworthy furniture removal teams are well practiced in the art of transport and heavy vehicles and are therefore better suited to the task.  


The cons of hiring professional movers


The cost


Perhaps the main reason people opt to move themselves is the cost factor. Like most services, moving companies tend to charge a pretty penny for their work. While some homeowners may be out of choices when it comes to moving to different cities and provinces, it makes sense that people moving within the same city choose to go without their services. Despite this challenging factor, often research can uncover a great company with appropriate pricing for your needs.



Stranger danger


Sometimes it can feel quite threatening to invite complete strangers into your home and allow them to handle your precious belongings. Placing trust in their abilities is just as difficult, and oftentimes that trust can be broken in the case of damaged or missing belongings. To avoid such incidents as best as possible, ensure you have done adequate research on the company before you hire them, and pay attention to other customer reviews on their services.  


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