The global Covid-19 pandemic has changed the face of reality in more ways than we can imagine. One aspect that has dramatically altered is the way in which millions have been forced to work from home as a protective measure against the virus, opening up a new world of challenges never faced before. Spending more time at home, among other things, calls for a change in order to make it bearable. In just a few minutes of reading, find out how to make a surprising difference and improve your work from home environment by simply investing in furniture specials.




Shopping for furniture specials online

  One saving grace during these uncertain times is the fact that the online furniture shopping world has exploded both in use and popularity. This allows customers to shop for furniture specials from the comfort of their own homes, which coupled with door-to-door deliveries, means that families can practice social distancing and lessen the chances of contracting the virus. Another bonus of online shopping is that furniture specials are arguably most available on online spaces.   The online shopping world is fiercely competitive, and constantly vying for the attention of potential customers. This means that prices are tailored to attract new customers and outsmart their competitors. This is the perfect environment in which to snag a few furniture specials to help you through the work from home process.  

Buying a desk included in furniture specials

  If you did not have a desk before, now is the time to invest. Fortunately, desks are some of the most common pieces featured on furniture specials, which means that you may save an unexpected amount while still scoring what you need. Many of us have developed a habit of working in our beds during the pandemic.   furniture-specials-home-office-min   Not only does this mean your body will likely suffer the consequences in the form of back, neck and shoulder pain, but your posture may slowly deteriorate with long-lasting effects and difficulties. While some people find it easy to work at a dining room or kitchen table, others are likely to find that purchasing a desk included in furniture specials has the potential to increase work ethic and motivation during these unprecedented times.   Desks are also fun to decorate, or ‘clutter’ to suit your own aesthetic. No one can tell you how to run your desk when you work from home. Your imagination is your only limitation.  

Buying chairs on furniture specials

  Although you may be tempted to simply use one of the chairs lying about your home, you need to ensure that the chair is ergonomically suitable when you are working from home. In other words, the chair needs to provide ample lumbar (lower back) support as well as arm, back and shoulder support, in order to avoid long term aches and pains. Most of us who have been given no choice other than to work from home during the pandemic know how much time we spend sitting down with our laptops or reading through documents.   It is a daily struggle to get out of bed and ignore the temptation to work comfortably under the covers (until you feel the aftermath in the form of muscle pain). Having an appropriate and functional desk chair makes the work day a more pleasant one, which is why you need to take extra care in choosing the right one. Fortunately, chairs, and in particular, desk chairs, are also common items found in furniture specials seeing as there is a high demand and fierce competition amongst online stores.  

Lounge update

  Being mindful about staying safe and remaining home as much as possible means that your lounge is likely to become your permanent chill place, more so than ever before. Some of us haven’t had the time amidst our busy schedules to really take notice about the state of our furniture under close observation.   furniture-specials-man-couch-laptop-min   You may find that it’s time for an update, even if that means just shifting around some furniture in order to freshen up the space and breathe some new life into it. If this isn’t enough, think about changing up your couch pillows or throws. Shopping online for furniture deals will likely yield some great results when it comes to looking for pillows.   Online stores often have 2 for 1 type deals that go a long way in helping you save cash during these tough times.   If you find that the above two tricks just don’t cut it, you may want to begin your search for couch furniture deals, which is more of an ordeal but has the potential to reap great results. Over the years our styles and preferences change, which makes the desire to change up our homes and the furniture inside them equally understandable and important. Making your work from home experience bearable has a lot to do with the quality of your home and most importantly, how you feel about it.  

Kitchen appliance update

  Another observation you might make during your workdays at home is the state of your kitchen appliances and cookware. Gone are the days where we can pop out for lunch or a smoothie at the nearest coffee store during our work break without a concern in the world. Being cautious all the time certainly puts a damper on the food buying process.   furniture-specials-woman-cooking-min   Working from home means that you will likely be responsible for making your meals throughout the day in between Zoom meetings or hard deadlines. Perhaps you’ve been holding off on buying that fancy smoothie maker of your dreams, or some new pans that don’t smoke out the house whenever you use them. Now is as good a time as any, and shopping online for furniture specials may yield some unexpected results.   But, with great (blender) power comes great responsibility. The more food or smoothies you make, the more storage space you will need in order to prevent wasting food. You may find that you need to source some more plastic containers for your home during this time, as leftovers may become your new best friends.  

Outdoor area update

  Your garden or balcony may now be one of the few places you can escape to in order to enjoy some fresh air. During this time, to keep things fresh and exciting, it’s the perfect opportunity to re-do your balcony or outdoors situation. This can be done in a plethora of different ways:  

Update seating

  As already discussed, chairs are some common pieces included in furniture specials, and outdoor chairs are no different. Kitting out your outdoor area is a fantastic way to optimize the time you spend outdoors no matter the circumstances. Another great aspect of spending time outdoors during this time is the ability to host family and select friends in a Covid-friendly manner with fresh air and social distancing to lessen the chance of potential spreading.  

Make it green

  furniture-specials-balcony-min   This applies particularly to those whose homes come equipped with balconies instead of gardens. Often underestimated, plants are highly effective in inducing a sense of calm and promoting mental health, as research has shown. Taking care of these plants may become an enjoyable hobby that helps you bide your time during the consistent lockdown efforts and curfews.   Even those fortunate enough with gardens can enjoy the benefits of adding more plants, as well as practice larger scale gardening that is time-consuming and a great form of exercise.  

Light it up

  For enchanting evenings spent outdoors, lighting plays an important role. There is no need to go all out and install spotlights that will attract insects from yards away, however. Oftentimes, a soft set of lamps or better yet, fairy lights that can be strung up on trees or balcony railings can do the trick nicely.  

Zen area for meditation

  With public areas such as beaches and parks constantly being opened and closed at a moment’s notice, as well as exercise curfews becoming unreliable, our methods of relaxation are taking a blow during the pandemic. Some may find solace in relaxing at home with a book, but those more adventurous souls will definitely feel the tug of restlessness making them feel uneasy.   Think candles, a yoga mat, and some new indoor plants. This is all it takes to create a safe, and mindful Zen area where you can escape to for some mindful relaxation or meditation during your stressful day. Taking a step back from your computer and never-ending Zoom meetings is an important aspect of maintaining good mental health practices.   furniture-specials-meditate-min  

Working from home tips

  While some employees and employers have been working remotely for years, for some of us, the work from home adjustment has opened up a new world of challenges and concerns. We must now address any issues such as creating boundaries between the personal and professional, put in effort to socialize with colleagues despite large communication gaps and still maintain a functional and dedicated schedule in order to flourish.   It’s not all bad though, as being able to work from home certainly has its perks. In order to stay on top of both your work and your mental health during this time, here are a few tips to help you get through your WFH days:  

Set some ground rules in your space

  If you live with family or friends, you will need to address the notion of ‘boundaries’ at some point or another, especially if you do not have a dedicated office space that you can seal yourself off in for extended periods of the day. Videos of partners or children interrupting Zoom or Microsoft meetings have taken the internet by storm, reminding us of the difficulties of maintaining the professional while immersed in the personal- our homes.   Setting ground rules must comprise of several serious conversations with those who live around you, and highlighting the importance of the need for respect and space during your working hours at home. In the same light, they may also have some requests of you, so remember to keep an open mind.  

Establish a schedule

  Some of us working from home will not have to deal with daily video meetings, and in some way that is both a blessing and a curse. While video meetings give structure and incentive to a day, getting on with your work in a space that has so long been associated with ‘relaxation’ is a difficult task for some.   furniture-specials-sad-woman-laptop-min   For this reason, it is important to establish a schedule that you follow as closely as possible. Having a clear guideline, whether in your mind, on your screen or printed out in paper helps you know when to start working and when to call it a day. Otherwise, you may find yourself starting late and working even later, meaning that you are throwing your pre-existing daily process into chaos.  

Don’t miss out on breaks

  Some may feel tempted to work right through the day in the hopes of getting more work done. However, more often than not, doing so exhausts your energy and motivation reserves and causes you to lose spirit in the days to come. Breaks are there for a reason.   If you find yourself losing track of time and working through your breaks without noticing, ensure that you set a series of alarms during the day to remind you when to take a breath and leave your computer alone.  

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