No matter the cost or inconvenience, it is likely that most of us will need to remodel our kitchens at least once every decade. Whether it be to change up styles, repair water damage or simply a scenario of moving into a new home, kitchen remodelling can be a real schlep if you are unsure as to where to start. To help you on your way, in just a few minutes of reading, we at 5Star Furniture, your trusted online furniture store, have devised a step-by-step guide on how to remodel your kitchen while keeping costs down while you do so.


What does an online furniture store have to do with remodelling your kitchen?


While your trusted online furniture store cannot physically aid you in your efforts to remodel your kitchen, they certainly can help you in providing affordable furniture and appliances that you may need in the process. Your online furniture store offers you high-quality pieces such as stools for your kitchen island, kitchenware as well as shelves and storage units to upgrade your kitchen and have it looking the best it can be after the remodelling process.


Shopping through an online store such as 5Star Furniture is a great way to cut down on costs – which may be helpful as remodelling of any kind can really make its mark on the wallet. Perusing the stock on an online furniture store webpage before or during your remodelling process can also help you shape your design and provide a small blueprint for the look you are attempting to achieve for your kitchen.


Step 1 of the online furniture store remodelling guide: tear out and demolish


The first step of your kitchen remodelling process is often the scariest one. The thought of destroying a space that has provided you and your family with years of memories is always a daunting one. Alternatively, if you are thinking of remodelling a kitchen in a new home, the cost factor is an even scarier thought. However, keeping the end goal in mind and trusting in the process is necessary should you wish the entire procedure to go smoothly.


This is the time where you must rip out anything and everything you no longer want, and this includes flooring, walls, fixtures, cabinets and more. While some home owners do not wish to oversee or execute this phase themselves, and understandably so, there are some of us who both have the time and wish to cut down on costs by avoiding hiring professionals for the entire process. If this is the case, grab your hammers and axes, and get ready for a mess. But before you start any tearing apart, it is of the utmost importance that you turn off the entire water system in your kitchen, as well as have a dedicated refuse spot for general debris.


Step 2 of the online furniture store remodelling guide: Rough-In Work


The next step in the remodelling sequence is the execution of framing and plumbing. By this we mean the work required to create frames for your new wall, whatever material that may be, as well as ensure the plumbing system runs through them effectively. In many cases, you will have planned a new spot for a sink or washing machine, meaning that you need specific water outlets in place. This step can be daunting even for the most experienced DIY handy-person – however with enough thorough research and a few helping hands, it can be done. You should allot a considerable amount of time to this step however, as it is highly time-consuming and may turn out to be a lot more work than you presumed.




Step 3 of the online furniture store remodelling guide: a professional opinion


Even though you may have decided to execute this project on your own and with your own terms, once your framework and plumbing system is updated and in place, it is always a good idea to have a professional simply take a look and help you identify any major faults that you may have missed. Seeking a consultation from a professional is much cheaper will not be too costly, and it can even save you more money in the long run if your chosen professional identifies a fault that would require you to rip out new fixtures once all is said and done. Once you get approval, you can rest easy and continue your project without the looming possibility of disaster when you turn your water system back on for good.


 Step 4 of the online furniture store remodelling guide: finish the walls


Once you have been given the go-ahead by an experienced professional, you can begin to really work on your walls. Whatever material you may be using for your walls (in other words, concrete or drywall for example) it is important to conduct immense amounts of research and practice making the materials if you are executing this phase on your own. This is to ensure that your batches of building material are sturdy and durable. This phase also includes installing countertops or kitchen islands.




Further, whatever your go-to material is for your walls, you must either prime or select the most appropriate paint or tiling for your kitchen. While paint is certainly the easier option, moisture from cooking or any spillages will, over the years, require a re-paint. Tiles, on the other hand, will simply require a deep clean to look as good as new. If you do decide to go with paint, know that different colours hold significance and psychological impacts on the people in your home.


When it comes to kitchen colours, greens, yellows, blues, reds, whites and greys shine out. All of the mentioned shades have different effects on the space. Warmer colours such as yellows and reds are said to stimulate the appetite, which naturally comes in handy for a kitchen space. Red is an extremely versatile colour and can make your kitchen pop out as an inviting space in your home.


White shades have the ability to energise a room – and because the kitchen is usually the first place we go when we wake up, a white space can really help you feel fresher and invigorated early in the morning. White shades also catch and reflect light beautifully, and can make almost every space feel larger than it is as a result.


Step 5: time to install windows and doors


Once your walls are completed, it is time to install windows and doors. Naturally, you will have left carefully measured out spaces in your walls for these fixtures in preparation. If you have not touched the above two fixtures in your remodelling process, then you can skip this step. However, now is as good a time as any to give your existing windows and doors a deep clean and seal any cracks and crevices that time and frequent use may have created.


When installing windows in particular, think about planning their location carefully beforehand. The position of a window in a kitchen can have different effects in the space. Ask yourself the following questions – do I want morning light or afternoon light? Do I want a view for when I’m washing dishes? Which is the prettiest spot in my garden (if you have one) that people inside the space may want to look out onto?


 Step 6: installing plumbing fixtures and cabinets


Next up on the online furniture store kitchen remodel guide is the installation of cabinets and plumbing fixtures (sinks, taps, etc). This is a very exciting part of the process, as you can really see your new kitchen space coming together. The end is in sight! Cabinets and storage units for your kitchen can be purchased at astonishingly low prices from a reliable online furniture store such as 5Star Furniture. Once you have installed that new and irresistible sink you have had your eyes on for months – test out your water to see if all is in working order before you continue.


Make sure to let the water run for some time so as to expose any leaks if there are any. Further, test out both the hot and cold functions.




A kitchen island – should you do it?


Kitchen islands have recently become the new craze, and understandably so. The island offers more counter space and a focal point for your kitchen, as well as a place to add stools for intimate seating. Some pros of a kitchen island include:


  • It creates a defined space should you have an open-concept home
  • Offers storage space for additional kitchenware and appliances
  • Becomes the heart of the kitchen


On the other hand, a kitchen island can also pose some issues for many kitchens, such as:


  • Disruption in the flow of a space and hinders free movement
  • Extra wiring and plumbing efforts for appliances on the island
  • Making the space smaller and appearing cramped
  • At the end of the day, the viability of a kitchen island must be decided on a case-by-case basis.



Step 7: time for new appliances


Possibly the most exciting step in the entire process is that of bringing in new appliances. Microwaves, stove tops, kettles and a coffee maker (if you can afford it) are some items on the seemingly ever-growing list that you will be adding to your new and improved space. You need not replace everything, however, as this could rack up a large cost. Try not to get carried away when you go appliance shopping, however.


You should aim to stick to the same aesthetic in terms of appliances. In some cases, if you are going for a more “farm-house” or maximalist vibe for your kitchen, this should not be too much of a concern. At this point in your remodelling journey, your kitchen space should be starting to look like your dream come true!



Step 8: time for new flooring


It is now the time to cover up that ugly and bare-looking floor that you have been stepping over while remodelling your kitchen (if you ripped up the floor in step 1). Some people prefer tiling while others prefer a simply linoleum or concrete floor. Whichever you choose, ensure that it gels with your overall aesthetic and suits your needs. When it comes to tiling, bigger tiles are always advised – seeing as the reduction in grooves and lines means the cleaning process will always be easier and less dirt will get lodged in between these tight spaces.


If you choose wood, you need to be very careful with how you prime and seal it. Water damage can be absolutely disastrous for a wooden kitchen floor – and we all know that the kitchen is the prime location for spillages.


 Step 9: celebrate!


Now is the time to celebrate your new kitchen! All your hard work has finally paid off. Think about cracking open a bottle of champagne and inviting some friends and family over for a dinner party to celebrate your new and improved space.



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