Using furniture specials to kit out a spare room


Whether your child has left the nest for university, or you have finally cleared the culmination of years of hoarding away to find an empty room in your home, there are exciting opportunities on the horizon for what you can do to kit out this newfound space in your home. With a sea of options at your fingertips, read this brief article to gain some direction on how to use furniture specials to create something amazing in your spare room.





How can furniture specials help you out?


Furniture specials are a great way to create your dream room while using as little money as possible. Oftentimes you may find that there are furniture specials on the exact pieces that you had in mind. Items such as mattresses, couches and sets are typically the first to feature great deals, making your re-decorating process a much easier, and cheaper one.


Be on the lookout for furniture specials at specific times during the year, too. Holidays such as Christmas, Ramadan, Easter and New Year’s see furniture fly off the shelves at unbelievably cheap prices. Black Friday is a shopping event not to be missed, with online furniture stores across the globe providing great deals with customers wishing to save a few bucks in mind. Keeping these periods in mind when you begin your search for furniture with that spare room in mind can save you a great deal of money in the long run.


Using furniture specials to create a guest room


The most common way to utilise a spare room is through creating a guest bedroom. This can save visiting family members and friends an expensive stay at a nearby hotel, or alternatively, an uncomfortable one on your couch. Guests enjoy feeling at home, and what better way to ensure their comfort than providing them with their own room in which to rest and relax during their stay.


A guest bedroom requires little effort in terms of furniture. Naturally, you will want to find furniture specials on mattresses and perhaps a bed frame or headboard. Refrain from purchasing a mattress that is too firm, and consequently causing your guest an aching back after their stay. Rather, look into buying a medium to soft mattress that will allow them a good’s night rest.





A headboard is not entirely necessary, as while it is aesthetically pleasing and can serve to tie the room together, they can sometimes be quite pricey. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, consider using some large continental pillows propped up against the wall to create the illusion of a headboard.


Next on the list will be your duvet, duvet cover and pillow set. Fortunately, stores offer great saving opportunities on bedding. A simple puff duvet is extremely affordable and airy, meaning that your guests will sleep in comfort without becoming too hot during the summer months. In terms of a duvet cover, consider a plain or neutral colour scheme.


While patterns and pictures can appear appealing to you, people have different tastes. To avoid disappointment, forgo bright patterns and colours and stick to something simple and tasteful.


Side tables do well in giving the room a more luxurious feel, as well as serving as a stand on which to place valuables. Having bedside tables means that you have the opportunity to get creative with light sources like lamps. In terms of storage space, while they are not entirely necessary, having a cupboard or chest of drawers certainly beats having to live out of a suitcase – especially in the case of a prolonged stay.


If you have a creative streak, think of some ways to compliment the room after you have made use of furniture deals. Giving the walls a fresh coat of paint is a great way to breathe new life into a space with minimal costs. As always, simple is usually the best way to go. However, having an accent wall of a brighter or darker shade could also fair well.


Create a mini-library with furniture deals


Shelves, shelves and more shelves. Who has not dreamed of having a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast? While a spare room is slightly limiting in terms of space and height, no one is stopping you from living out your dream, to a smaller extent. Stores offer great furniture specials on shelves, and if you’re lucky and determined enough, you can find great bulk deals if you know the right place to shop.





Creating a mini-library is as simple as lining the walls with shelves, and filling them with books. Do not worry if you do not have enough books to fill the shelves just yet. Hospice shops and secondhand stores sell books for as little as R2.00, meaning that you can work on your collection over time with minimal expenses. In the meantime, fill the shelves with ornaments or plants while you begin your search for interesting novels and tales.


One ought to always have a reading nook in their (mini)-library, and what better way to spend your day than curled up with a good book on a comfy couch or chair. If you have a window with a large frame, you could even create a window seat, meaning that you can enjoy your book with natural light. Of course, this is not possible for all.


Lighting is extremely important in this case. While reading, the eyes can take massive damage if there is not ample and sufficient lighting as you enjoy your story. Failing that, you could suffer from long-term visual problems. Preventing this is as easy as finding furniture specials on some floor lamps, which also serve to tie the room together and create a homely environment.


Home office/study


Many choose to repurpose a spare room as a home office or study. Those who work from home could especially benefit from this type of set-up. Today, in the midst of a global pandemic, working from home has become a reality for a huge proportion of the population. Having a home office in which to carry out your work day can help you focus as well as create productive work habits.





Naturally, in this scenario, a desk is of the utmost important. An entry-level desk will not put too much of a dent in your wallet, and more often than not, you will find desks featured in various furniture specials for your convenience. Ensure that the desk you choose fits your own individual requirements. If you have a desktop set up, ensure that the desk you choose has facilities to assist wire control and access to plugs.


If you wish to avoid unnecessary and often crippling back and neck issues, it is of the utmost importance to purchase a suitable and functioning desk chair. The correct chair will have arm support, lumbar support as well as adjustable height and seat settings. Unfortunately, desk chairs are usually quite pricey, meaning that you will often need to invest in a good one to ensure that you are taking care of your posture and muscular wellbeing. Wheeled office chairs are not a necessity, but they do provide certain benefits, such as ease of movement.


Interestingly, there are certain colours that can improve your concentration and overall performance during the work day. Consider utilising blue, whether as a colour on the wall or artworks and decorations that are visible to you throughout the day. The colour blue has been scientifically proven to increase focus and concentration for longer periods of time. Research has shown that green tones promote feelings of calm, which would be helpful in a high-stress job type.


Consider making use of shelves and containing units. There are few things more off-putting than entering your workspace and being confronted with files and clutter lying around the room. Shelves and containers will assist you in keeping your space looking sharp and organised as well as promoting peace of mind in the process.


Entertainment room


If your budget allows it, pull out all stops and go crazy with an entertainment room. Unlike a lounge that calls for sophistication and sensibility, an entertainment room can be a place where all the fun happens. Think gaming consoles, big speakers and wall-mounted TV. This is the place where everyone wants to be, but only a select few can be.


Consider installing black-out curtains over the windows so that you can have a movie or gaming marathon at any time of the day. Your entertainment room should be a space where you feel free to do as you please without the pressures of time and the stress of the outside world. Having a mini-fridge is a fun way to complete the scene, where sodas or even alcohol is on hand and ready to be enjoyed.


You can use furniture specials to find the perfect couch for this space. For larger areas, L-shaped couches are a great way to provide ample seating, and space to stretch out and enjoy your favourite Netflix show or game. Bean bags are another fun way to provide seating as well as give the room a playful aura.






In the event of your spare room being extremely spacious, a pool table, although very costly, would be a great asset to the space. Think endless nights of fun and competition with friends, and a great way to spend time with your loved ones. Alternatively, find a large table featured in furniture specials to use as a game table, where high-stake Monopoly games and Uno tournaments can take place over the weekends.


A place to make art


For those with creative streaks or young children, and arts and crafts room is a great way to repurpose a space. Creating things with your hands is an underrated way to relax and unwind, away from the stresses of the outside world. Arts and crafts is typically a very messy business, especially when children are involved, meaning that a special room tucked away for this exact purpose is a clever way to hide mess from prying eyes.





Most important for this space is having a table to use as a work station. Try to utilise furniture deals to find a cheap and large surface, then laminate it or coat it with a very strong varnish. This is to protect the surface from the numerous paint, glue and glitter stains that will ultimately culminate over the years.


In the same sense, refrain from placing any material couches or chairs in the space, that is if you wish to avoid any disasters and expensive cleaning processes. Also, consider finding a large carpet that is machine washable to use as a protective layer for the floor, unless you wish to spend days on your hands and knees scrubbing away.



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