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Making the best of furniture specials

Making the best of furniture specials



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Buying new furniture can often feel like a daunting task, one where fears of forking out large sums of money are usually realized. But the process doesn’t have to be this way. The online shopping space is packed full of furniture specials, making it easy for customers with high hopes to stick to your budget while still finding that gorgeous piece.


In just a few minutes of reading, find out how to make the best of furniture specials when searching for the piece of your dreams.


Furniture specials online


Without a doubt you will find a vast abundance of furniture specials online, more than most physical stores have on offer. Month-end sales, holiday specials and many, many more opportunities exist for customers to have easy access to affordable furniture.


Shopping online for furniture specials means that you can browse at your own leisure, easily identifying budget-friendly pieces, and efficiently searching for the piece that you are looking for. This, accompanied by the fact that online stores stock huge and unique catalogues, often absent from physical stores, adds to its merits.


Making the best of catalogues, search bars and filters makes for a most relaxing experience, where you will not be overwhelmed by time constraints and the pressure to make a purchase when considering which furniture specials appeal to you.


When to look for furniture specials


Like your favourite clothing brands come out with their seasonal specials, stores often put out furniture specials during specific times of the year. For example, beds and bedding, stoves and heaters are likely to be on sale before the chilly winter months, where customers will need them most.


Before the festive season, dining room and lounge sets are often on special, in anticipation of customers needing these items to entertain guests and family visiting during Christmas and the new year. Being aware of these trends can make your hunt for furniture specials an enjoyable and budget accommodating experience.


Celebrated days like Father’s Day, Easter and Black Friday can yield the most surprising furniture specials, and although it may seem a schlep to wait for these events, your self-restraint will certainly be rewarded.


While purchasing new furniture is undoubtedly exciting, don’t be afraid of being patient and losing out. More often than not, your patience and timing could lead to your finding of a great set of furniture specials that save you money in the long run.


Tips for finding furniture specials



Furniture Specials - Top Tips


• Having a general idea of how certain items tend to be priced can be an invaluable tool in your search for furniture specials. Knowing the difference between an overpriced piece and something more suitable can save you the big bucks.


• Taking the time to compare pricing in several different stores, although it may seem laborious, is a great way to practice smart buying. An easy way to do this is by opening multiple tabs of individual stores, and using your laptop to flip through each stores categories to compare similar items’ prices.


Yes, this will take some time. However, it can save you the disappointment of finding out you have spent an unnecessary amount of money on an item that you could have bought for cheaper and from a better set of furniture specials.


• Searching for furniture during a recession or crash in the market, although morbid, is another way to find great furniture specials. Stores will need to push out products to generate income during the tough time, and these items will undoubtedly have their prices lowered in an attempt to sell.


This is your time to seize the opportunity! If you have saved and have the money to spend, do so at this moment.


Delivering your furniture


Unfortunately, transporting your new piece can be rather expensive. Most online stores do deliver, but through independent contractors and furniture specific courier companies.
If you order from a reputed online site, they will have trusted courier services that they use to transport their goods to customers.



Furniture specials - Delivery


You will have to wait several days for your pieces to arrive, around 2 – 5 days, depending on your location. But the wait is worth the excitement of receiving your new piece, with little effort on your part.


Be safe in your search for furniture specials


There exist an infinite number of false sites and links, designed to trick unsuspecting and inexperienced shoppers online. Thankfully, there are easy ways to avoid their trickery.


Trustworthy sites will likely have an acceptable URL. This means that you will be able to identify the S in the https:// – which stands for secure. More often than not, fake stores will have bizarre URLs that you can identify if you are observant.


If you are unsure, a simple internet search can alleviate your fears. Finding other references of the store are a great way to ensure that it is legitimate, and that other customers have made successful purchases.


Read the customer testimonies! Often you will find Star ratings and customer testimonies under the specific product in which you are interested. Not only does this suggest that the product is legit, but you can also get an idea of whether what you see, is what you will get from the furniture specials at hand.


If you are still unsure, do not hesitate to phone the customer service line, not during your midnight search amidst an insomnia episode, of course. A good online store will have a dedicated customer service team available to you during working hours.


Shop smart!


With so much choice either at your fingertips online, or in surrounding you in-store, it is easy to become overwhelmed and impulse buy. This is a no-no when it comes to sticking to your budget.


Not only that, but impulse buying could lead to you purchasing an item that is not suitable to your home environment. Do you have dogs? Do you have small children with sticky fingers? Will you be having a lot of guests over? These are questions that you need to ask yourself before you are lured into buying a fragile, silk couch that will disintegrate before your eyes!


This is just an example.


This is a list of some of the strongest materials that withstand wear and tear, compiled to help you make an informed decision when it comes to the material of the piece you are interested in buying during your search for furniture specials.


1. Cotton: this material is highly popular with manufacturers and customers alike. We see its durability in the fact that it is used to make the majority of the clothes we wear every day. Not only is it pliable, but also soft and pleasant to the touch. What makes it suitable to family and pet presence is the fact that it is reasonably strong against wear and tear – making it a good option for your home.


However, just be aware that you should not place a piece of furniture of this material in direct sunlight, as it may deteriorate after some time


2. Linen: durable, cool, smooth. This is another good option for a family space, or a piece that will be used by guests and visiting individuals alike. It is likely to last you a long time, and is stronger against the sun than its cotton cousin.


3. Wool: soft, flexible and comforting. This resilient material is also a great option if you are concerned about the effects of time and wear.


4. Polyester: if you are looking for an outdoor piece of furniture, polyester is a good candidate. It is strong against direct sunlight, and is less susceptible to wear and tear. Furthermore, it may make for a good candidate for a piece to place near your braai area, as it is flame resistant.


5. Nylon: as one of the strongest and most resistant materials in terms of wear and tear, nylon is also dirt resistant. This means that it a piece of this material will be a great addition to your home if it will be used every day.


Budgeting when looking for furniture specials



Furniture specials - Budgeting



Finding great furniture specials is key to keeping to your budget. But let’s address the budget issue. Many stigmatize the notion of ‘the budget,’ and believe that sticking to one is indicative of a lack of wealth. This could not be further from the truth. A budget does not distinguish between the wealthy and the less fortunate.


It is simply a means to remain financially savvy. Saving money is to be admired, not scrutinized – which is why you should never let a convincing salesperson sway you on your allotted sum that you are willing to pay. which for most


Although it may seem obvious, budgeting is essential as it aids you in accurately planning, tracking and controlling how much money you spend as well as save in the long-run. Naturally, it is a practice to be admired.


Shopping with the intention of finding furniture specials is a smart and practical way to insure your budgeting plans are not sidetracked by external pressures or the temptations to impulse buy.


Know your colours when looking at furniture specials


Like material, you need to consider colours during your search for furniture specials. Obviously, you wouldn’t mix whites and lighter colours with a busy family and pets. The rule of thumb is to always go for neutral and plain colours if you are unsure.


This is especially wise if you are looking for a piece to place in a room with exciting wallpaper or art. It will ensure that the space doesn’t become too overwhelming.


If you are worried about coming off too boring, you can always spice up your piece by using accent pillows with interesting patterns, or throws to add a more vibrant space.


If you have a neutral room with plainer furniture, a vibrantly coloured piece may actually be just what you need to freshen up the room and give it a revamp.



Furniture specials amidst Covid-19



The spread of the novel coronavirus has had an enormous impact on the entire world’s economy. People are scared to to leave their homes unnecessarily, and are battling financially in various sectors and business markets.


For this reason, furniture stores may be more likely to put out specials and sales. It is not under good circumstances, which makes the whole thing bitter-sweet, but using this opportunity to hunt for the piece you have been daydreaming about may surprise you in a good way.


During this time, it is also recommended that you shop online. The virus can be caught anywhere. Although physical stores are doing their best to adhere to government regulated sanitizing regimes and protocols, there is no assurance that you will remain unscathed.


Online you can shop in the safety of your home, where you will remain risk-free when searching the web for furniture specials. Yes, you may not enjoy the experience of loading your car up with your new piece (although some could argue that this is the worst and most back-breaking part of furniture shopping) but being patient is the best choice for your health in the now, and in the long-run.


Before you buy Furniture Online

Before you buy furniture online


When making the decision to buy furniture online, there are a few things that you need to know. Saying goodbye to the tiresome chore of trailing around the store in search of your perfect piece of furniture is one of the many advantages you sign up for when shopping online. In just a few minutes of reading, find out about the Do’s and Don’ts and all you need to know before buying furniture online.





Taking the easy route to buy furniture online


We all know how stressful it can be to spend hours walking up and down your local furniture store, searching for the piece you saw in the catalogue, that is most probably out of stock already. Trying to understand furniture lingo, materials you never knew existed, and payment options, all in the moment, is an undeniable frustration. Not to mention being persuaded into buying something you really don’t need, by the over-friendly salesperson.


When you consider these aspects, scrolling through an online furniture store with the intention to buy furniture online seems like a blissful float down the river, where every decision you make is fueled by your own mindset, desires and time.


Buy furniture online: Do’s


Because you are not in store to physically touch or set eyes upon your chosen piece, there are a few precautions and measures to follow so as to avoid disappointment, and in the worst-case scenario, being scammed.



• Make sure that the website you have chosen to buy furniture online from has a valid and trustworthy URL. You can do this by making sure that it is preceded by https:// – where the S stands for secure.


• If you are uncertain, make use of the customer care line, as any trustworthy store will have a dedicated customer service team ready to assist you during working hours.


• Make sure that you have selected the correct quantity and colour option in your online orders – sometimes website options can be finicky and you have to double check your choices.


• Ensure that the website uses an accredited South African bank account, if you are ordering locally, before making your purchase.


• Understand that there is the possibility of you having to return a piece that you ordered. It may not appeal to you in person as it did in images. In this case, you need to ensure that you are familiar with the store’s return policies.


Advantages of shopping for furniture online


As already mentioned, the dropping of the stress factor by physically shopping from home or another comfortable space on your phone, laptop or other device, makes for a much more pleasant shopping experience. However, there are other advantages to shopping online:


Information at your fingertips


Forget feeling awkward at firing endless questions at a store employee, and instead enjoy having all the information right under your nose. Online furniture store shoppers enjoy straightforward and easy to understand information alongside each piece of furniture that they may fancy. From colours, measurements and materials used, you will have a clear frame of reference when deciding on whether or not to purchase a gorgeous piece.




On many occasions, furniture shoppers from all around the world have traipsed the aisles of the store, only to bring home a piece that is simply too big for their space, despite having tried to measure out the room beforehand. Ordering furniture online can save you that stress.


With a measuring tape in one hand, and your phone in the other, you can compare the dimensions and measurements of that gorgeous piece you’ve been dreaming of, while standing in the very room you wish to place it in.


A sea of colours and catalogues


Without a doubt there are a sea of unique colour and material options found in online catalogues as opposed to the several available options typically found in store. If you are a creative, looking for some unique pieces to enhance your living space, then making the decision to buy furniture online will be highly beneficial and time efficient.


Unique inspiration


Having your device right in front of you, and no rush, means that you can browse the internet for design plans and ideas so that you can create your perfectly unique and gorgeous space. You can even update your entire home’s furniture and design scheme according to a design you find on the internet, by finding similar pieces and decorations to the images on the store’s catalogues. There is nothing quite like sprucing up your space, knowing you have been as cost savvy as possible.


Sales, sales, sales!


If you have made the decision to buy furniture online, you may already know that online furniture stores are well-known for their massive sales. Whether seasonal, clearance or other budget specials, you will always find a gorgeous piece up for grabs at a price unheard of in any physical furniture store. Many South African online furniture stores host month-end sales, perfect for those who have been saving up and can now buy their desired piece at an even lower cost than imagined.


Understanding the website


Online furniture stores in general offer customers a friendly, easy-to-use interface, allowing you the freedom to explore the site and all it has to offer, with a few flicks of your finger or mouse. For those who work until late and cannot find time to walk up and down a furniture store, such a site is extremely valuable.


Wish list


The Wish list allows you the opportunity to ‘store’ away your favourite pieces, so that even if you cannot purchase them now, you will not forget them. It is a great way to keep track of furniture that you are considering for purchase, but still wish to do some research or deep thinking. If you’re lucky, items on your Wish list may become part of a sale, and you will be notified.





Categories and filters


Perhaps one of the greatest assets to you as you buy furniture online is the online use of categories. This time saver allows you to find what you’re looking for within seconds, and the use of filters refines your search down to the last detail. For example, the use of the category ‘Couch’ and the filter ‘Blue’ will potentially bring up the furniture piece of your dreams.


To buy furniture online is still a personal experience


A potential worry for online shoppers is that they will not receive attention from the store if they need assistance. Hanging on for an operator, especially during busy periods, can be a nightmare. Luckily, most successful online furniture stores have an online customer service team to assist you in your search.


This service is conducted through a real time message platform over the website within which you can communicate with a real person and establish that human connection before making your important decision. If you are unsure of this, most sites also make use of virtual assistants who you can communicate with over WhatsApp, for an even more personalized experience when you go furniture shopping online.


Budget savvy


While shopping for furniture at expensive, branded boutiques has become the new craze, the fact still remains that most people want to experience luxury while still remaining budget friendly. While visiting the store, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and novelty of buying expensive furniture, but more often than not, this leads to impulse buying that we come to regret.



Online Furniture - Calculator




Shopping online alleviates some of those impulses. For one, the pieces are remarkably more budget friendly, and two, one is not carried away by the promises and assurances of the enthusiastic salesperson who may sway your decision. Furthermore, within a few minutes of scrolling a site, you could find a similar piece to the costly one you have been eyeing out, for half the price.







There is a great amount of anticipation and excitement when it comes to buying new furniture. So it is easy to understand why many customers find the 2 – 5 day delivery wait quite unbearable. However, it is important to keep in mind that this wait ensures the careful, quality transport of your furniture by a courier or delivery service that is trusted by the online store from which you have purchased. Loading your own furniture on and off of your bakkie can be a back breaking task. And God forbid you drop your coffee table or dresser in the process. It is best to leave this up to the professionals, and save yourself a trip to the physiotherapist at the same time.



Payment plans


Online furniture stores are generally very transparent about the payment plans made available to customers in order to alleviate financial strain. After all, furniture is a necessity, and something we all need to make our spaces comfortable to live in. There are a whole host of plans for each piece, ranging from 3 month plans to 12 month plans. There are options for everyone.


Having the payment plans in writing on the site is, to a large extent, a more approachable option. Oftentimes it is an awkward conversation to have with a salesperson in a busy store, or a cashier at the desk in front of a queue of impatient customers. The different payment options laid out before you in summarized terms is a great way to plan your purchase and keep tabs on how much you will owe at the end of every month until you have paid of that piece of your dreams.


Buy furniture online to avoid Covid-19 risk


At this point in time, the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) rates in South Africa are skyrocketing. As more activities are prohibited, travel restrictions imposed and stricter regulations are put in place, the best place to be, when possible, is certainly home.


For most, work is not optional, and so the majority of the population cannot remain safely at home. However, by shopping for furniture online, you can limit your exposure to the public as well as ensure the safety and health of your family and co-workers by keeping out of physical stores and away from the public.


The global pandemic does not have to keep you from updating your home déco in a period where you are spending all of your free time at your house. For those who are fortunate enough to work at home, the restrictions are a good opportunity to plan your furniture updates and make your space feel new again.


If you are concerned with exposure and infection via your furniture’s delivery and the courier team, do not hesitate to call the online store you are considering ordering for and quiz them on their Covid-19 protocols. There are strict measures in place for physical and online stores alike worldwide put in place to try and curb the spread of the virus.


Online Furniture Store – Things you should know

Shopping at an online furniture store: things you should know


Say goodbye to stressful visits to the furniture store in search of your perfect piece, and instead, welcome to the easy and convenient virtual trip to an online furniture store, where you can make informed decisions from home, with the click of a button. In just a few minutes of reading, learn about the benefits of shopping at an online furniture store, and why exactly it is fast becoming such an appealing option.


Navigating an online furniture store






Trapesing around a store can get tiring, especially after a long day of work, or during the weekend when you should be taking time off. Making use of an online furniture store presents you with a friendly user-interface, with easy-to-understand categories that aid you in narrowing down your search to the last detail.


Websites show you great deals that you may not notice, or may not even be available, in-store. Search-bars make the process even easier, and being able to directly look for exactly what you’re searching for without having to rely on a salesperson’s assistance can alleviate general levels of frustration.



Benefits of shopping at an online furniture store



There are many benefits that come hand in hand with shopping at an online furniture store, primarily the fact that it can be done in the comfort of your own home, where you are surrounded by your existing furniture and style that you can use as a frame of reference for your potential purchases.



Browsing thousands of categories and collections has never been easier. Unlike a trip to your local furniture store, you will not be limited by your location, especially if you live in a more remote area. Another interesting factor is that you may scroll past something you had no idea you needed, and would not have seen otherwise during a traditional trip to the store.



Available 24/7


For those who are unable to find time to make trips to the store, online furniture shopping is a wonderful option. Unlike physical stores, websites never close. You can browse, pay and secure a piece at any hour, and at your leisure.



You will not feel pressurized by a growing queue or an approaching closing-time. You determine your own shopping times, and can take your time comparing and choosing your pieces. Sleeping on a decision is a great way to make sure that you’ve really considered the outcomes of your choice.
Being able to shut your computer or put down your phone for the night after considering a piece and then opening them up again after a good night’s rest is a great way to make certain that you are not guilty of impulse buying.



“Sorry, we’re out of stock.”



There are few things more annoying than making the trip to the furniture store only to discover that they do not have your dream chair, that you saw on the website, in stock, and that you will now have to settle for less. When shopping at an online furniture store, you will know exactly what is available for purchase, and will never have to make compromises or feel disappointed.



With multiple colour, pattern and material options from which to choose, you can take your time scrolling through potential pieces with a world of opportunities at your fingertips.


Budgeting has never been easier


Maintaining your budget is hard when you come face to face with a huge, gorgeous piece of furniture, with a small price tag that you have to get in closer to see. Comparison shopping is a huge part of budgeting, where one tries to find the most affordable option that still appeals to them and satisfies your needs.



These lines may get blurred when surrounded by countless options and a nagging budget on the mind. When shopping online, you can search for furniture based on your budget options. The pricing is transparent and clear to see, and will help ensure that you stick to your desired budget and save coins where it matters.



More often than not, having the gallery view to scroll through on a website helps shoppers to stumble across a piece that is affordable and suits your visual preferences at the same time. Another appealing aspect is the fact that online stores generally offer more reasonable prices, as they have to compete with other franchises and online platforms. Furthermore, stepping foot in store is a more personal experience, one usually doesn’t find as many discounts and specials as online retailers.



Get creative while online furniture shopping


With the limitless web at your fingertips, you can easily plan an entire look based on references of colour, style and designs found all over the world. With these open in the background, shopping for the furniture to create your desired look has never been easier.



One’s home is filled with things that bring them comfort and joy. It makes sense then why furnishing and updating a home is an important task. Shopping for furniture online means that only one’s imagination is the limit. With countless collections easily found on the store’s website.



The independence of online furniture shopping


If you have ever gone shopping in store, you will have experienced an encounter with some very convincing salespeople in your journeys. We have all been persuaded into buying things that we simply did not need, or did not budget for.



This is an easy way to regret a purchase that seemed like a really great idea at the time. When shopping for furniture online, the ball is completely in your court, and you are free to make the choice that is best suited for you, without outside pressures.



However, if you are in need of some assistance, the majority of online furniture stores have an easily accessible customer care system, that provides helpful information and if need be, a way to contact a salesperson or correspondent who can solve your queries and concerns.





Now more than ever, online shopping has become increasingly popular, as many wish to stay home to protect themselves from the novel Coronavirus pandemic that has impacted life as we knew it. Shopping for furniture online ensures that you and your family are out of harm’s way.



While stores are practicing strict and rigid hygiene measures in order to promote a virus-free space for their customers, the risk of contraction still maintains when going into public spaces.
With online shopping options, you don’t need to put off your purchases, but can have them delivered to your doorstep at zero risk to your own safety.



“It doesn’t fit!”


Buying furniture online means that you are unlikely to bring home items that do not fit where they should. Before making your purchases, making use of a tape measure to measure your room space will ensure that when confronted with the images and easy to understand furniture measurements on the site, you will experience no mishaps with placing your purchase in your desired spot.


Sitting in the room you wish to fill with your new furniture pieces is a sure way to keep tabs on any factors that may influence the quality and positioning of your new purchases. For example, does your cat stray pass and have a scratch at your chair? Is your dog fond of leaving stray hairs on the carpet? These are examples of things you may not have kept in mind while away at the store.





The wonders of a Wishlist



Making use of a Wishlist while shopping at an online furniture store is one of the many benefits that visiting a physical store cannot top. The Wishlist makes it possible for you to keep tabs on products that you love and need to think about before making that important decision of purchasing.



Going back to compare your different options ensures for wiser and more cash conscious shopping. Furthermore, many sites may notify you if items you have placed on your Wishlist are on sale, a sure way for you to save some bucks where it matters.


What to watch out for when making purchases from online furniture store



Besides the many benefits, there are certain things to watch out for when shopping for furniture online. Because you aren’t able to physically see or touch the piece of furniture or item, you may be disappointed when what you’ve purchased arrives and is not what you expected. However, this can be easily avoided by following these simple steps:


• Do your research – if an item is listed to be made out of a certain material, google exactly what this material feels like, and how it responds to cleaning, for example. This way you will know exactly what to expect.


• Make sure you have read and understood the sizing of the item, so as to avoid any mishaps upon arrival.


• Be careful about the online furniture store you decide to shop from. There are a host of fake websites that lure people in with exorbitant sales, only to scam shoppers out of their money. Checking a site’s authenticity is as easy as making a google search, checking out the URL or phoning the customer service line.





Online Shopping - Making a payment online




Standing in long queues to pay has become a thing of the past, and making online payments has never been easier. These are not the only benefits, however. An authentic online furniture store provides customers with the option to pay by lay-buys, as well as through other credit platforms such as Mobicred and Payflex.


For example, a mattress that costs R1, 999 can be paid through a deposit of R200, and several monthly payment options, ranging from the 3-month plan of R600 per month, to the 12-month plan of R150 per month.


Allowing customers to make such arrangements to accommodate their financial preferences and needs is arguably communicated better online than in person, as one can keep tabs of their chosen route. Oftentimes such offers can go over one’s head in a face to face conversation with a salesperson, so having the different options laid out before you on the site allows for more informed decision making.


Hassle-free deliveries to your doorstep


Having your purchases delivered to you is probably one of the best parts of shopping at an online furniture store. The backbreaking task of carrying your newly bought lounge set to your car, and later into your home, is no longer yours to bear alone.


If you have made a purchase from a trustworthy store, you can rest assured that your furniture will arrive unscathed and in pristine condition at your doorstep, ready to enhance your home. Furthermore, many online furniture stores make free deliveries if your total spent surpasses a certain amount.


You can expect a delivery time of between 2-5 working days. This may seem like a long wait until you are able to view your exciting addition, but the wait is worth the anticipation.


Conveniently pay for your products online to make sure you secure them before stock runs out.


We offer various online payment methods, all encrypted and secured by the Payfast payment gateway.


Have no transport? No problem. Delivery range from R250, depending on your location.