Finding cheap couches for sale is an exciting time, however, keeping one clean can be difficult. There are many ways that couches can get ruined by dirt. Luckily, there are also many ways to prevent dirt from ruining your couches.


Find cheap couches for sale on 5 Star Furniture’s website. We have a large variety of options available to choose from. Once you have bought your couch it can be stressful to keep it clean. Continue reading to find out how to keep your couch spotless.




Cheap Couches for Sale: How to Keep Couches Clean with Children


Having young children at home can make it difficult to keep things clean and tidy. Buying cheap couches for sale is an exciting experience but having children at home can make this daunting. The last thing that anyone would want is to find a stain on their new couch.




  • Additionally, few people want to keep their new couches covered with blankets or plastic covers that hide the couches or make them feel uncomfortable to sit on. Follow these quick tips to learn about the best ways to protect your couches with young children at home.
  • If you have light-coloured fabric furniture, there are fabric-protecting sprays that can be used. These sprays prevent stains from being left behind from spills or dirty hands. These sprays also make it easy to wipe away any marks.
  • Consider buying furniture made from leather or other materials that are easy to clean. Leather is also durable and when looked after, it lasts for an exceptionally long time. You can also easily find stylish cheap couches for sale made from leather.
  • Buy furniture in medium and warm grey colours to hide dirt marks. This is perfect for items that are not easy to clean. If your child leaves dirty hand prints it will not be the end of the world because they will be difficult to spot.
  • In the case of any accidental spills, make sure to have fabric cleaner close by. When it comes to small children, spills happen easily and often so having a fabric cleaner nearby will allow you to quickly clean up the mess.


If you find cheap couches for sale, do not let the concern of your children messing on them stop you from making the purchase. With these few helpful tips, you can keep your furniture as clean as possible.


Cheap Couches for Sale: How to Keep Couches Clean with Pets


Keeping your couches clean while having pets can also be challenging and it is not always possible to keep them off your couches. Dogs can be trained to stay off couches but cats do their own thing.


Dogs and cats not only have the potential to leave your couches looking dirty, but they also leave behind hair, odours, drool, and scratch marks. Are you tired of cleaning your couches every few days? Follow these 10 simple tips to keep your couches clean with animals.




  • Dog-proof your cheap couches for sale. The simplest way to keep pet dirt from ruining your couches is by keeping them covered. This may not be ideal if you have just bought a new couch. However, there are modern couch covers and washable blankets.
  • If your dog’s enjoy chewing avoid cheap couches for sale with bare wood. For many dogs, wood can be irresistible, therefore, it is best to avoid chairs with wooden legs. Unfortunately, you will not be at home all the time to keep an eye on what your dog is doing.
  • Buy couches that are made from pet-friendly materials such as microfiber, faux leather, and leather. Leather is easy to clean and the microfiber is durable. Look into materials that cannot easily be pulled apart by the nails of cats.
  • To reduce the amount of hair that is left behind on your couches regularly bathe, brush, and cut your pet’s hair. Vacuuming your couches regularly will also help with pet hair build up.
  • Unfortunately, no matter how often you groom your pets, their hair will always shed. If you want to avoid pet hair standing out try colour coordinate your couch covers with the hair colour of your pets.
  • When taking your dogs out for walks they may get dirty along the way. To avoid getting this mess inside your home, consider keeping towels in your entryway to quickly wipe them down before going inside and potentially jumping on your couches.
  • If you would like to keep your pets off your couches altogether, buy a nice pet bed. This may help replace their favourite spot on your couch. Place their favourite toys and blankets in their new bed.
  • If you would prefer to keep your pets out of certain rooms in your home altogether make sure to keep the doors closed. Sometimes it may be easier just to keep pets out of certain rooms rather than move them off your couches every few minutes.
  • Cheap couches with removable seats are easy to clean. These couches have cushions with removable covers that can easily be thrown into the wash, dried and placed back onto the couch.
  • Keep lint rollers and packing tape nearby. This is one way to quickly get pet hair off your clothes before heading out of the house. It is very frustrating noticing that your clothes are full of pet hair after you have left your home.


Cheap Couches for Sale: How to Keep Your Couch Looking Brand New


After buying cheap couches for sale from 5 Star Furniture, your next goal may be to keep your couches looking brand new for as long as possible. Luckily, there are a few ways you can try and achieve this.


Start by using a vacuum cleaner at least once a week to prevent dirt build up on your couches. If you have leather couches make sure to use the brush attachment for the vacuum cleaner rather than the regular one to prevent scratching the material.


If you would like to get into the small crevices of the couch, make sure to use the appendage attachment of the vacuum cleaner. Before you begin vacuuming wipe down your couch to remove larger pieces of dirt and any loose dirt.


Cleaning or washing your couch covers regularly is also important, however, before you throw your couch covers in the washing machine make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions first.


You can find these instructions on the tags that are inside the cushion covers. These tags should have the exact instructions on the best way to wash the couch. If you cannot find these tags, contact the manufacturer.




If you find any spots on your couch, do not worry, just simply spot-clean your fabric couch with vinegar and water. Mix equal parts water and vinegar into a bowl. Apply the mixture with a clean cloth onto the spots you want to clean and continue to blot the stains.


Baking soda can be used to remove odours. Sprinkle baking soda onto your couch and leave it there for a few hours before vacuuming everything up. This will help significantly with any bad odours coming from your couch.


If you would prefer to use detergents make sure to use mild detergents such as laundry or dishwashing detergents. Continue blotting the stain until you are happy with the outcome. After cleaning your couch make sure that it is completely dry before using the couch again.


This will prevent excess moisture from making its way into the fabric. Excess moisture can result in the growth of mould. To avoid this, follow these two steps


  • Wipe down every surface on the couch with paper towels to soak up all the remaining liquid.
  • Place fans near your couch or allow your couch to dry for a few hours before using it again. If you can keep all your doors and windows open while the couch dries do so.


Cheap Couches for Sale: Tips for Protecting Your Furniture While Moving


When it comes to moving to a new home, your furniture must be handled with care whether you are doing this yourself or hiring professional movers. When you arrive at your new home the last thing you want to see is that your furniture has been damaged.


If your furniture is not properly protected or handled with care, upholstery can rip, glass can be broken, and wood can be scratched. To prevent these things from happening all you need are a few extra supplies.


Cardboard boxes, tape and blankets may do the trick but if you want your furniture to have extra protection you will need a few more things. You will need to buy bubble wrap, plastic stretch wrap, plastic bags that can be sealed, couch and mattress protectors, and corrugated cardboard sheets.




After you have collected all the necessary materials the furniture preparations can begin. Before wrapping your furniture, take a few minutes to clean and dust everything. It may sound surprising but dust and other dirt can scratch your furniture during your move.


Once everything is dusted and clean start removing pulls, wheel casters, or knobs from your furniture. Remove all the drawers from your dressers and desks. This will make moving desks and drawers easier. Pack smaller items into the removed drawers for extra packing space.


Next, dismantle any furniture that can be dismantled. Where possible remove the legs from couches and tables and remove bed frames completely from beds. This makes furniture lighter, easier to move and can prevent a lot of damage.


This will help you avoid scratching furniture against walls and door frames, and will prevent any damage from happening to your old and new home. After all this has been done, you can begin packing your furniture.


Bubble wrap and plastic stretch wrap are some of the best ways to protect your furniture from damage. Bubble wrap should be used to protect wood and glass furniture and plastic stretch wrap or protective covers should be used to protect upholstered furniture.




Old blankets can also be used to protect furniture from scratching against moving truck walls. Blankets can be placed between the walls and the furniture. Having an idea or plan of how you are going to pack the moving truck can also help prevent damage.


Boxes should be placed along the back of the truck. Try to stick to boxes that are the same size, they should also be sealed and packed tightly together to prevent movement. The heaviest boxes that do not have any fragile items should be placed at the bottom.


After the boxes have been securely packed larger items such as dressers, beds and tables can be packed into the truck. More boxes can be placed on top of all these items for extra packing space.



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