Cheap Couches for Sale: Get to Know Different Styles of Couches


Identify Different Styles When Shopping Cheap Couches for Sale


If you’re looking for a new couch to rejuvenate your living space and provided added comfort and seating to your home, then you have to consider what kind of design and style you’re looking for. There are many many different kinds of couches available from 5Star Furniture, and sometimes the options can get overwhelming. So it’s important to consider all of your options beforehand, and maybe even do a little extra research before you buy. If you want to know about some of the different styles and cheap couches for sale at 5Star Furniture, then read this article.




Cheap Couches for Sale: Identifying Different Styles and Designs for Every Room




Designed in the 20th century, the Lawson couch is recognisable by its back cushions, which are separate from the actual frame of the couch. It was custom-made for a man named Thomas William Lawson, and it has lived on since by virtue of its stylish and comfortable design. The frame of the couch is angular, with very straight, sharp lines and deep seats. The lawson style couch is considered deep because the back of the couch is equal in length to the seat of the couch, with the arm sitting well below the back.


The corner-blocked frame brings structure to the soft inner cushions, which can be adjusted and even removed to accommodate a nap or a sleepover. The Lawson has particularly loose, large pillows and generally short legs. Overall, the Lawson couch is a simple and comfortable option for any home.




Loveseats are small couches sized for two, offering a snug space for lovers to bond. They are best used in smaller spaces where there is a limited amount of room, as they are only between 100 and 144 centimetres. While loveseats may not be great for the living room, they are often used in hallways, guest bedrooms or studies for extra seating.


In a bedroom, for example, you will often find loveseats placed thoughtfully at the foot of the bed or in the corner of the room. Together with a small table, they can be used to curate a small reading area, or perhaps just a seat to rest on while you sip your morning coffee, converse with your partner or put on your socks. Regardless, a loveseat is a nice touch and an economical way to introduce more seating into the room.




Modular couches are so-named because they are comprised of multiple parts and pieces. Each section or module is moveable, and can thus be arranged and rearranged in a number of different ways. These couches are praised for their adaptability and stylish functionality. They are perfect for families, as they are moveable and adjustable according to the number of family members present.


The sheer number of opportunities that the modular couch presents is very attractive if you’re someone who likes to change up your space often. This couch permits the redecoration of your living space without requiring you to purchase a new seating arrangement. Simply add or remove parts around the base of the sofa to suit your specific needs. The corner lounge suite in grey velvet is one of the cheap couches for sale that is considered a modular couch since it has different moving parts.





Sectional couches are L-shaped seating arrangements that create a nice right angle for you and your friends or family members to lounge on. This is a great couch if you want to stretch your legs out after a long day and watch a good film. In fact, it has ample space to allow two people to lie down head to head. Alternatively, three or 4 people could seat themselves comfortably on this sectional by simply spacing themselves over its surface.


Sectional couches are not to be confused with modular couches – unlike modular couches, sectional sofas generally only have two configurations. Sometimes you are able to remove the extended foot of the L, but more often than not the frame of the sectional is static. Contrastingly, the modular couch is dynamic. Amongst many other cheap couches for sale at 5Star furniture, there are also sectional sofas available now.






If the arms align with the back, the trim is done in a nailhead design, and the upholstered seats are accessorised with large covered buttons, then you’re looking at a chesterfield couch. These timeless couches have never gone out of style. Perhaps that’s because they remain charmingly sophisticated.


Whether it’s placed in the boudoir or the home library, Chesterfield couches are commonly designed and crafted with one of two fabrics: leather or velvet. This grand couch deserves the spotlight, and they always attract it when they’ve been dressed in sumptuous fabrics like swanky leather or lustrous velvet. Buyers who are looking to bring a touch of grandeur into their homes can find cheap couches for sale in the Chesterfield design at 5Star Furniture.




The tuxedo couch is recognisable for its sleek, sharp lines. The high arms are always levelled with the back of the couch, creating a sort of open box to hold your body comfortably in its deeper seats. This couch definitely creates a glamorous aesthetic in a room, as its simple lines appear elegant and effortless.


Tuxedo couches were first introduced in the Art Deco era, which spanned between the 1920s and 1930s. The couch was named after Tuxedo Park in New York. These couches are very good couches to place in your more formal rooms, such as conference rooms, offices or commercial spaces such as boutique stores. These kinds of couches are definitely able to complement modern or contemporary furnishings with their sharp edges and taut cushions.




If you’re someone who likes to entertain guests or host events and stayovers at your house, then consider investing in a sleeper couch. These couches convert to a bed when you pull out the seat. The space saver is a useful addition to your living room if you don’t have space for an extra guest bedroom. You can buy cheap couches for sale in the sleeper design at 5Star furniture.


Sleeper couches come in many different shapes and sizes, so customers can choose which design suits them and their house the best. Either way, the concealed mattress within the sleeper couch is great for visitors to rest when they come over. This is a great and affordable way to cover your bases with both the sitting room and sleeping space.




When you imagine a camel, the first thing you’re likely to visualise is its sandy brown coat, pursed lips and the hump that protrudes from its back. Similarly, camelback couches feature a raised centre, which creates a small archway at the back of the sofa. The high peak or curve at the back then extends down the line of the sofa to create a continuous line.


These couches are more traditionally designed. They were originally popularised during the end of the 16th century in Great Britain. The classic camelback often features exposed, thinly carved wooden legs, and an exposed wooden frame which creates a border around the fabric-covered seat cushion. The natural curve and ornamentalism of this couch are incredibly distinct, and they will make a unique statement piece in more dignified homes surrounded by antiques.






Low-seated couches have become particularly popular recently, especially since the popularisation of minimalist aesthetics. These kinds of couches have very low backs, where only your lower back will be rested against the couch. They also feature plump cushions that are fastened to the base of the sofa. In some cases, only a portion of the sofa will have a backrest. The napoleon corner loungers in grey are low-seated cheap couches for sale at 5Star Furniture.


Low-seated couches were very popular between the 50s and 60s, and they are called low seaters because the backs are usually lower than 17”. Besides the size and dimensions of this couch, the rest of its design characteristics are largely determined by the buyer – they are available in a wide variety of fabrics, sizes and configurations. However, these arrangements are commonly quite plain in their designs, featuring only one colour. These cosy couches will be great in a casual living room alongside the coffee table, or perhaps near a window where you can sunbathe as you lounge on these plump seats.


Chaise Lounge


The chaise lounge is an ever-popular choice for master bedroom suites and lavish hotel rooms or dressing rooms. They were originally utilised by the Egyptians. They were used as a sort of day bed where they could relax and take shade from the heat underneath palm leaves in 3000 BC.


Thereafter the chaise lounge became trendy among ancient Greeks and ancient Romans, finally lending itself to the french. In 14th century France, the ‘chaise longue” (directly translated as “long chair”) was a common feature in any bedroom, boudoir or parlour during the Rococo period. It symbolised wealth and abundance.






These kinds of couches have loose, soft seat cushions, which are contrasted by firmly rounded and rolled arms that are low in comparison to the back of the couch. They have historically been used in formal spaces, such as parlours, as they bring quite an opulent atmosphere to the room. For more modern spaces, these styles of seats are covered with uniquely patterned fabrics. They are also easy to cover and change up if you get bored with the design.


For more grand homes, they are elevated with sheeny fabrics and ornamental legs. Bridgewater couches were first spotted in 20th-century manors around Britain. They are classic and comfortable, offering plenty of support with their plump cushions, and even more arm space. The 3-seater rex couch from 5Star furniture is one of the cheap couches for sale that suits the Bridgewater style.


Day Bed


Also known as a Divan, this kind of couch was originally seen in Peria, New Zealand. They are open couches without a back to rest on. The open-ended design of the couch makes it easy to place against a wall or a bed.


Divans or day beds are always combined with a plushy selection of pillows. They are comparable to chaise lounges, and they can be used as beds if necessary. Since these divans are backless, they take up less space – however, they are still incredibly comfortable, and a great way to extend seating without blocking off parts of the room.




The cabriole couch features curved lines that create a sort of enclave to rest your body in. The continuous lines curve and flow over the whole farm. It is ornate, and often features embellished bowed legs too. Many of these kinds of couches also have detailed etchings and intricate designs added to the frame for a more regal, antique look.


Traditional cabriole couches feature wooden trims, much like the camelback. Unlike the camelback, however, the arms of the cabriole are equal heights and they curve inward, closing off the outside world and cradling the seated guest well. These kinds of couches can work well in contemporary spaces depending on the kind of fabric used.


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The furniture available at 5Star Furniture is affordable and high-quality. When you buy these cheap couches for sale, you’ll be grateful to have additional seating options in your home that didn’t cost the earth. No, instead you can just lie back and relax on your brand new, stylish couch.




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