Cheap Couches for Sale: Furnishing and Decorating Tips for Your 20’s


Your 20’s are an exciting time in your life. They are the years when you get your first degree or your first job, the time when you start being treated more like an adult, and when you can start taking the steps that will build towards your future. One of the many milestones that you will go through in your 20s is moving out of your parent’s home and into your own apartment or small home. We have created an essential guide that covers furnishing and decorating tips to assist you to make this big step easier in your 20s. Furnish the lounge in your first apartment with the high-quality and affordable cheap couches for sale from 5Star Furniture.




Furnishing Tips for your 20’s:


Your 20s are going to be drenched with self-discovery, trying new things, making mistakes, and growth. One of the best ways that you can allow yourself to start embracing the challenges and rewards of your 20s is to move into your first apartment or small home. Moving out of your parent’s home can be daunting and overwhelming, but is also an extremely important leap to take. To make this process simple and achievable for you, we have highlighted 6 top tips for furnishing your first apartment in your 20s.


1) Plan Ahead:


If you know that in the next year you would ideally like to move out of your parent’s home, you should plan ahead by creating a realistic budget for yourself. Moving out can be expensive and the best way to succeed is to be prepared for the costs. Two important aspects of your first budget for your big move are to allocate funds for your deposit and for furnishing your first apartment.


When it comes to creating a furnishing budget, we recommend doing some browsing around for furniture pieces you need and want. Take the cost of these items, as well as any potential delivery or collection costs, and use them to start your budget. When you are ready to move into your place, you will have the funds ready to get your first apartment into a functional state.


2) Start with the Essentials:


Before you move into your new apartment, you need to have some of the essential furniture pieces ready to go. Having these essential pieces already bought before you move into your apartment or available to be delivered on the day that you move in will make the process easier and more comfortable for you. We have created a checklist that you can print and tick off items as you obtain them to keep you organised with obtaining your essential furniture pieces for your first place.



Room  Essential Furniture Pieces  Bought 
Bedroom:  Bed base and mattress.    
Bedside tables.    
Storage drawers or cupboards.   
Lounge:  Couch.     
TV cabernet.    
Coffee table.   
Dining Room:  Dining room table.    
Dining room table chairs.   
Home Office:   Desk.    
Storage cupboard.   


3) Aim for Quality Furnishings:


While we understand that in your 20s your budget is going to be limited for your furniture, we would recommend that you opt for quality furniture pieces over cheaper pieces of furniture. Investing in quality furniture pieces from the beginning will ultimately save you more money in the long run as you will not be constantly needing to repair broken furniture or replace your furniture pieces. Keep within your budget by only starting with essential furniture pieces and make sure these first furniture buys are of the highest standard that you can afford.


4) Multi-functional Furniture:


If your budget and apartment space is tight, you can combat these challenges by selecting multi-functional furniture. Multi-functional furniture includes sleeper couches for both seating and sleeping, ottomans for storage and seating, dining tables for eating and working from home, and headboards with built-in bedside tables for aesthetics and storage. These practical multi-functional furniture pieces will allow you to spend less and save space in your apartment.




5) Smart Storage:


Brace yourself, your first apartment in your 20s may be on the smaller side. With small apartments comes limited storage options, which can make daily life challenging and reduce the functionality of the space. While you may not be able to afford to install fixed storage or be allowed to by your landlord, you can increase the storage of your apartment with clever furniture pieces. Choose side bedside tables for your bedroom with drawers, find a TV cabinet with extra cupboards for your decoder or games, or place an ottoman in your lounge for storing blankets.





6) Be Selective About Hand-me-Downs:


Once your family finds out that you are moving into your first place in your 20s, they are going to be eager to offer you their furniture pieces that they no longer need. While this gesture stems from a place of love and can be immensely helpful with kickstarting your first apartment furnishing, the offered furniture may not be needed or be to your taste. We recommend being honest with your family members and respectfully declining any unwanted furniture pieces to ensure that your new home is only filled with furniture that brings joy and functionality into your life.


Decorating Tips for Your 20’s:


After the initial sting of putting down a deposit and purchasing your first furnishing pieces, decorating your first apartment may be outside of your budget. You are also most likely going to be renting, which can limit the amount of decorating that you can do. To assist you to create the first home of your dreams, we have outlined a few top decorating tips that are rental and budget-friendly that are perfectly suited to your first apartment in your 20s.


1) Focus on a Personalised Style:


With moving into your first apartment in your 20s comes the exciting opportunity to create a space designed specifically to your tastes. You no longer need your parent’s permission to have a disco ball hanging in the lounge or an entirely black bedroom. You can craft a space that is a true reflection of your personality and style.


When choosing colour palettes, soft furnishings, and décor for your first home, keep your design style at the forefront. If you are bold and creative, play with colours and mixtures of patterns. If you would like to return home to a calm oasis every day, opt for cohesive blends of neutrals and natural elements. You are not decorating a home for your parent’s or friends’ approval; you are creating a space that is comfortable, functional, and styled just for you.




2) DIY Decorating:


In all honesty, decorating a home can become expensive, especially if you are purchasing all your décor and soft furnishing items brand new. One easy way around the cost of decorating is to opt for DIY decorating. DIY decorating can be cheaper and offers an opportunity for a creative project. It may take more time and effort, but you will feel proud of yourself when you come home to your handmade vase brimming with flowers or throw your car keys into your DIY key dish.


3) Go for Removable Wallpaper Over Painting:


One easy decorating tip for transforming an apartment into a personalised space is to change the colour of the walls. The problem with rental apartments, depending on your landlord, is that you may not be allowed to change the paint colour of your walls. If you are allowed to, you may then need to paint them back to the original colour before you leave, adding additional expenses to your move.


One way to get around any restrictions on your walls in your rental apartment is to use removable wallpaper. Wallpaper can instantaneously change a space and you can choose a design that reflects your personality and style. At the end of your tenancy agreement, you simply remove the wallpaper and present the apartment back to the landlord in the same condition.


4) Plants Are Your Best Friend:


If the idea of decorating your apartment is only a possibility in the far future budget-wise, there is still hope of creating a bright and lively space that is a joy to return home to each day. When it comes to decorating on a tight budget, plants are your best friend. Plants add a splash of colour, vibrancy, and natural elements into your space that can immediately elevate the look and feel of your first apartment. Build up your plant collection slowly (or “borrow” some from your mom’s garden) and easily start adding a touch of décor to your home with plants.




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About 5Star Furniture:


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Furnish and decorate your first home in your 20s with the tips in our guide and cheap couches for sale from 5Star Furniture.



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