Buy furniture online and decorate your kid’s bedroom


Creating the special space in which your little one will grow up is a heart-warming experience. Despite this, figuring out the best ways to incorporate style and play in your kid’s bedroom can be a challenge at best. But do not fear, in just a few minutes of reading, learn a few tips to that will make your decoration journey as enjoyable and easy as possible when you buy furniture online.


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Why buy furniture online?


When you step foot in a physical furniture store, you are limited, in most cases, to the stock you see on floor at that current time. This means that you are most likely going to have to make the trek to various stores in order to find what it is that you had in mind. Making sure you buy the correct items for your child’s space is of the utmost importance, since they require a beautiful and functional area in which they can thrive and realise their full potential.


Everyone remembers their childhood room, which stands testament to the influence it has on one’s life. When you choose to buy furniture online, you forgo the disappointment of having to compromise and settle for less than you had originally hoped. The online furniture world comprises of a wide sea of colours, shapes, patterns and more – meaning that you will be spoilt for choice – all from the comfort of your own home.


Having, or expecting, little ones means that a trip to the store for a long period of time has the potential of being a hassling and exhausting experience. Luckily, this can be avoided when you buy furniture online.


Keep these decorating tips in mind when you buy furniture online


Most of us become stumped when it is time to create or decorate a space, especially if that space holds such sentimental and emotional significance as a child’s room. Naturally, you want the best for your little one. Here are some tips that can set you well on your way to transforming a room into a haven that your child will remember for the rest of their life.


Simple is stylish


When it comes to a child’s room, some people believe that less really is more. When you decide to keep a space simple, you save on labour as well as costs. This does not mean that you have to sacrifice style though, perhaps quite the contrary. Minimalism is still in style.


By keeping furniture and decorations simple, you allow your child more room for activities and play space, and nooks and corners to be filled up as they grow and collect things that they hold dear. For babies and toddlers, you can actually save your effort to buy furniture online for later, and fill up space that bothers you with an array of cuddly toys for your little one to befriend.


Design with height in mind


No matter how much time you may spend in their room, reading, soothing and even scolding, remember that the space is for your kids. This means you need to design as if you’re just as small. Try design their space with a teeny-tiny tenant in mind. Small tables, chairs, counters and shelves can go a long way in making your child feel comfortable and at home in their space. Accessible toys and books encourage independence and self-responsibility.


Give old furniture new life


In this light, don’t be scared to give old pieces of furniture a new coat of paint, and essentially, a new life. This is a budget-friendly option and these items can be paired with pieces you find when you buy furniture online, to create a contrasting and interesting space.


Consider choosing a vibrant colour that can make a significant contribution to the space. You can use these as accent pieces to bring the room to life if you feel as if it is looking a bit dull. Remember though to use non-toxic paint, as children tend to have a taste of almost everything they can find, paint included.


Go green


Often underestimated and overlooked, indoor plants can do tremendous things to bring life to a room. Especially a room that houses a curious and developing mind. Children love nature, and everyone fondly remembers times frolicking in the outdoors.


In an age where little ones are becoming more and more dependent and distracted by technology, bringing some nature indoors may do more than you think in keeping their priorities straight. Tending to the plant with your child can also prove to be a most wonderful bonding activity. However, ensure that the plant you choose is non-toxic, so as to avoid any trips to the doctor’s office.

One wall is all it takes


Do you remember begging your parents to paint your room a most… interesting… colour? Only for you to regret it as you progress into your teen years? You can avoid this, while still giving into your child’s whims – and avoid a tearful tantrum. Sometimes all it takes is to give one wall a bit of extra oomph.


Whether it’s wallpaper, a painted mural or simply a bright accent colour, making this change can make all the difference in livening up your child’s space, and catering to their wishes. If you decide on wallpaper, you will pay a fourth of the cost, meaning that your wallet won’t hurt as much. When the day comes that your child outgrows this fancy addition, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make a change.


Wallpaper the ceiling


In the same fashion, applying an interesting mural or wallpaper on the ceiling is another great way to stimulate your child’s imagination, and revamp their room. Applying one of the former will attract the eye upwards, and encourage mindfulness and artistic reveries.


Similarly, consider buying some glow in the dark stickers to brighten up their space in the dark. This works especially well in helping your child fall asleep, and forget the boogie-man they’re convinced lives in their cupboard.


Creativity chalkboard


Tired of your child drawing all over the walls? Look no further than a chalkboard wall for their room. It is something that both entertains and takes up no space. When the day is done, provided they aren’t sentimental over the drawings, you can erase your child’s beautiful artworks in preparation for another day of creativity.




This is not something you can find when you’re shopping a an online furniture store, but is easily purchasable either as a genuine chalkboard you mount on the wall, or better yet, material that you can stick onto the wall itself. This is also a great way to save paper, and essentially help the environment.


DIY Décor


The internet is full of easy and gorgeous DIY décor projects that you can create to add life and character to your child’s room. Kids see the world through an innocent and imaginative lens, which is why decorations in their space are so important in order to stimulate their vivid imaginations.


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You can couple these aesthetic projects with the pieces you acquire when you buy furniture online, and therefore save in decoration expenses. After all, kids aren’t art critics, and won’t frown upon your modest efforts to hang some bunting flags or cut out shapes.


Never enough storage


If one thing is true for children, they accumulate a never ending amount of things. Whether it be toys, clothes, pretty rocks or sticks and books, there is never enough space. For this reason, consider storage pieces when you shop for furniture online.
Cabinets, shelves, dressers and desks serve as valuable containers and surfaces to tame the sheer mass of items collected over the years.


Ensure that you have enough of the former so as to avoid clutter and inevitable mess. Most importantly, don’t be shy to place more than one bookshelf in your kid’s room.
Not only are they a great aesthetic addition to the space, but they foster a good precedent for the importance of reading and learning. Having books on display and within reach is a sure way to pique curious minds.


A quiet place


Everyone needs a safe space to go to when they feel overwhelmed. Sometimes hiding under the covers isn’t enough. Creating a special nook for your child to relax in is a great way to encourage emotional reflection as well as reading and diary writing.




This is a wonderful opportunity for you to create an enchanting haven for your child, full of pillows, toys and comforts to soothe them when it all becomes too much. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be granted entry for a cuddle.


In with the old


To buy furniture online can be fun, but if you are looking to save a few bucks on some items, look no further than your attic or basement. Some old decorations or bedside tables could look beautiful in your kid’s room with a bit of TLC. It is tempting to go crazy and buy the newest and shiniest in terms of toys and games, but don’t forget that special box of your own childhood collections that you saved with this purpose in mind. Break out those boxes, and make it a family activity.


Showcase their art


What better way to encourage creativity than to place your child’s art on display? Showing them that you value their artistic expression is a healthy and encouraged practice, giving them something to take pride in. Consider placing the art in one place, creating a gallery wall, which will undoubtedly contribute to the overall aesthetic and cheer in the room. This saves you from having to look for art when you buy furniture online, and after all, who doesn’t love a sweet and disproportionate family portrait?


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Mapping it out


As well as displaying some sweet artwork, consider finding a map to place on display. Not only does this emanate a vintage feel, but also serves as a powerful and educational tool to broaden your child’s imagination.


You may be surprised at how quickly your child will learn the names of the continents, countries and even their capitals. If you regularly take holidays, in the country or overseas, placing stickers or markers on the spots that you’ve visited is a fun activity.


Texture featuring pattern


Some are fearful when it comes to choosing themes and colours for their child’s space. After all, it will leave a lasting impression, and it is something you need to enjoy yourself, as you will be spending a lot of time, and sleepless nights, in their space too. If you prefer a simpler look with pastel colours, consider a patterned carpet or curtains, or even both, for some playful contrast.


Give your child something to look at! Bright colours enhance the senses and deter boredom. Carpets and curtains can easily be replaced and updated as well with minimal effort, when needed.



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