How does a lay-by work?

  • To start a lay-by you need to pay a deposit of 10%. Example: If the item costs R1 000, you need to pay R100;
  • The rest of the amount will be payable over a 3, 6, 9, or 12-month period;
  • Once the full amount is paid, then you can make arrangements to pick up your furniture.

Benefits of a lay-by

  • Your pay NO interest!;
  • The price you see is the price that you pay;
  • You can lay-by your furniture while you are building your house and collect it when you are ready.

What things do I need to open a lay-by?

  • Your deposit money;
  • A valid cell phone number.

Can I open a lay-by if I am blacklisted?

  • Yes!!
  • NO credit check for a lay-by;
  • NO id needed.

Can I make my deposit and payments online?

  • YES!!;
  • When you selected the products that you want to buy and check out, we will give you the lay-by option;
  • After paying the full amount you can collect your lay-by at one of our walk-in stores 

Terms and conditions of the lay-by

If you purchase via the lay-by payment method, you automatically agree to the following terms and conditions of a lay-by with 5 Star Furniture. 

We require a minimum deposit of 10% of the full amount of the furniture item(s) that you want to buy.

Please note that you must pay your lay by monthly (meaning every month). Payments can be paid in-store, EFT, or at any Shoprite or Checkers. Please use YOUR cell phone number as the reference when you pay the amount into our bank account. We will allocate your payment to your account and you are welcome to request a statement. Payments do take 2 working days to reflect.

The furniture that you bought on lay-by will be marked, kept aside in storage, and taken care of by 5 Star Furniture for the duration of the lay-by period.  Once you paid the lay-buy in full delivery arrangements can start.  Both own pick-up or the delivery offered by 5 Star Furniture may be used and are for your account. You are welcome to pay your lay-buy at your own pace – the moment that the full amount is settled your furniture may be delivered. Fully paid lay-by must be collected within 30 days after the final amount is settled. A storage fee of R20 per day will be added to your account and will accumulate.

If we did not receive payment for 2 consecutive months, we, unfortunately, need to cancel your lay-by. nonpayment without any arrangement leads us to assume that you do not want to continue with the lay-by, and we act accordingly.  In this unfortunate event, we will refund the following amount: monies paid to date minus 1% of the purchase price to cover our administrative and storage costs.

The refundable amount will be valid for 6 months after the cancellation date and will thereafter default to a non-refundable amount.