Furnishing your Office with an Online Furniture Store

Furniture through an online furniture store can help you create a beautiful office place without hurting your wallet in the process. In just a few minutes of reading, find out how shopping with an online furniture store can set you on your way to creating your dream work environment.




Why is an online furniture store cheaper?


In the online furniture store industry, prices are highly competitive and constantly changing, depending on the season. The industry tends to reject overpriced and brand-conscious pieces, in favour of reliable and durable furniture that serves customers well in the long-run. Online stores often have bulk deals, meaning that you can get themed sets such as dining room suites, lounge suites or bedroom suites for a greatly reduced price.


Surfing through an online store also means that you can save petrol on lengthy and tiring drives to multiple furniture stores, since you aren’t aware which, if any, of them have that specific piece you have in mind.


What an office needs from an online furniture store


Fortunately, an office can be furnished just with the basics, and still look classy. We have the minimalism style to thank for that, which calls for the rejection of clutter and useless décor. Instead, it favours tasteful furniture and clean space to tie the look together, giving the space a most professional ambience.


What you need also depends on the type of work you will be doing. If you know you will be having customers, clients or employees in the space, there will be more furniture involved than if you are a one person team. Despite this, it is always a good idea to have a piece of furniture on which you can relax during your breaks. Heading inside, if you work from home, or across the road to a café during your break is a sure way to get distracted and slow your roll.


Green is a go


Think about how calm and inspired you feel when strolling through a forest or gazing out over a green mountain. This makes sense, as the colour green has low wavelengths, which promote calmness, restful ness as well as focus.




This is why green is a great colour to help improve concentration. Studies have proven that in the cases of long-term concentration, green is the most efficient environmental colour in which to apply your activity – whether it be grueling excel sheets, long form writing or simply making a number of complicated phone calls.


There has been some interesting research that suggests that people who work in a green workplaces or offices actually have higher levels of job satisfaction. Furthermore, customers, clients and consumers spend more time in offices and businesses that are painted in green.


If green is not your favourite aesthetic, blue is another colour that promotes productivity and focus, especially when it comes to highly intellectual work such as accounting and mathematics. Try to avoid the colour red, as it can be distracting and at times quite overwhelming.


The art of the desk


When shopping with an online furniture store, you will find no shortage of desks for sale – Short, long, tall and low. The best desk for you largely depends on the type of work you will be doing, as well as the number of employees in your office and who need desk space.


If you’ll be working with a computer, consider a desk that is multiplatform so that you can put your keyboard at a lower level than the computer monitor. If you have a laptop, from a physiological point of view, also consider buying an external keyboard. Placing your monitor at a higher level and keyboard at a lower will decrease the risk of developing muscular pain, particularly in the shoulders, neck and arms as a result of frequent typing.


In the case of computer use, also look for a desk that has a wire utility, that allows you to thread cables and chords through and plug then in neatly so as to avoid the appearance of messy clutter.


Corner desks with enough space for two or three employees are a cost efficient option – if you don’t mind the bickering and arguments about the ‘stolen stapler’ that could potentially ensue.


Most desks require assembly, unless you pay to have it done for you. If you choose to go solo, ensure that you have a reliable screwdriver – and your reading glasses to decipher the complicated assembly manual.





Keeping track of time


While some find the ticking of a wall clock incessant and distracting, others find it a comforting symphony that helps them to maintain a working rhythm. Clocks are a good way to track time for the whole office to see – as well as provide an efficient way to keep watch on approaching deadlines without having to frantically check your watch every five minutes.


If your online furniture store doesn’t stock any clocks, it is as easy as visiting Game or Checkers to find a nice ticker.


A (comfortable) place to sit


Office work usually involves hours sitting in a chair – which typically leads to added pressure and stress on the spine. For this reason, you may want to invest in a good chair to avoid back problems, a chair that is ergonomic.


This refers to something that is designed for comfort and efficiency especially in the working environment. An ergonomic chair would ideally promote poster while at the same time supporting the lower back.





If you choose to invest in such a chair, ensure that it comes with the following features:


Adjustable seat height: this ensures that you will be able to raise or lower your torso in order to maintain a sustainable posture as you go about your desk work.


Lower back (lumbar) support: the ideal chair should curve in a way that supports the lower back so as to deter slouching and in turn, back pain.


Arm rests: they provide a great place to rest your arms and take pressure off of your shoulders as you sit in front of your computer.


Swivel: a good desk chair always features a swivel function as well as wheels. This means that you can move around to grab items you need without having to strain your neck or stand up to do so.


Padded seating: this takes pressure off the buttocks and coccyx while you work, allowing you to sit and focus for longer periods of time without having to stand up and stretch often.





Luckily, an online furniture store usually has extensive stocks of office chairs, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your workspace.


Sitting area


Having a sitting area is essential if you will be hosting clients or customers in your office. Making customers stand as they wait is a sure fire way to invoke their wrath and make your job even harder. Your online furniture store will undoubtedly have several sales pertaining to couch sets and individual pieces.


In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, consider purchasing a bigger couch, or an affordable set, so that you will be able to ensure adequate space between each sitting customer. Refrain from silk, cotton and leather couches that can be easily damaged, and instead think about buying a piece made of polyester. Couches of these materials are easier to clean, and more durable to wear and tear than others. They are also more resistant to sunlight damage if they are placed next to a window and receive frequent sunrays.





Light it up


It’s easy to forget how important lighting is in maintaining energy and productivity. If you’re working in a low light environment, eye strain, headaches and long term sight issues are some negative impacts that could come as a result.


Try and maximize the existing and natural light, by letting light in through the window. If working at night, ensure that you have a reliable light source, especially if it is white light , which maximizes productivity.


Delicious smells


We often underestimate the impact that certain smells can have on our productivity and general satisfaction in a specific space. If a room smells musty or unpleasant, we may want to get out of there as soon as humanely possible. This is not a great way to spend your working day, and that attitude often leads to general workplace dissatisfaction.


Buying diffusers or candles are excellent ways to keep your office smelling delicious, much to the gratitude of your employees and potential clients and customers. Peppermint is a well-used scent that refreshes and energizes, while citrus smells are known to de-stress and uplift the mood.


Going green(er)


Studies have proven the beneficial nature of plants to the human mind and general wellbeing. Adding greenery to your workspace is as easy as visiting your local nursery, and choosing an indoor plant that is as low effort as possible (in case you forget to water it for a few days).


Not only to indoor plants promote oxygen, but they are also gorgeous points to look at when you’re feeling particularly uninspired and bored. Adding interesting pots and vases in which to place your plants is a cost savvy way to decorate your office at the same time. Looking after a plant and watching it thrive is a deeply satisfying experience and a worthwhile hobby outside of your working hours.




Search your online furniture store for storage facilities, such as shelves, aesthetic boxes or chests. There is no easier way to induce stress than having multiple files lying all over the place with no place to put them. For desktop storage, it is important to have tubs or holders for stationary if desks do not come built with drawers.


Tidying up your space with storage facilities makes your space appeal more professional and neat – a bonus for you, your employees and your clients.



The best times to shop at an online furniture store


There are certain times of the year where shopping at an online furniture store will yield you the greatest deals and bargains. The festive season, for example, ensures sales for those doing last minute shopping or preparing some new pieces in anticipation of their in-laws visiting town for Christmas and New Year.


Another time one will find great deals is during November, also known as the month of ‘Black Friday’, arguably the biggest online shopping event of the year, worldwide. Do not miss this event, as you could score some quality pieces for a ridiculously low price.


Keep a look-out for month-end specials, which are also a common occurrence when you choose to shop at an online furniture store.



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