Cheap Corner Couches for Sale: 14 Different Couch Designs Explained


You may think purchasing a new couch is simple until you discover the many different types of couch designs in varieties of sizes, materials, and colours. We are here to make the process of finding the perfect couch for your needs and style easy with our guide to the 14 different couch designs. We explain the unique characteristics of each couch design so that you can effortlessly choose the perfect couch for you. If you are looking for an affordable corner couch, 5Star Furniture has a range of cheap corner couches for sale that will be the perfect touch of comfort and style for your lounge.




14 Different Types of Couch Designs:


The design of your perfect couch is dependent on your needs and the style in your lounge. You may need a cosy and comfortable couch suited to snuggling with your partner at the end of the day or maybe you would prefer a large couch to fit all your friends on while you watch the Saturday rugby games. We have briefly outlined 14 different types of couches with their design characteristic to help you find the best couch for your requirements.


1) Corner Couch:




Corner couches have an L-shaped design that allows the couch to fit snuggly against the corner walls of your lounge. Corner couches can also be equal in length on each side of the couch, offering you additional seating for this large couch. Corner couches are typically modern in design and are an efficient use of space if you have a smaller-sized lounge.


2) Sectional Couch:


A sectional couch is comprised of individual couch units that are pushed together to form a whole couch. A sectional couch is typically comprised of a larger and a smaller couch unit, but can also be made of many smaller couch units. These couches are typically available in an L-shape or U-shape, allowing you to find a sectional couch to perfectly fit your space. Sectional couches were designed to seat many people, making them the ideal choice if you have a large family or regularly host events at your house.


3) Modular Couch:


Modular couches are often confused with sectional couches. A modular couch is also comprised of individual units but allows for higher flexibility in the configuration of the couch compared to a sectional couch. You can arrange a modular couch in the exact design that will suit your needs and lounge design. Modular couches generally have a clean and contemporary design, making them the perfect touch of practical simplicity for your lounge.


4) Loveseat Couch:

A loveseat couch is a name for a smaller couch with plush cushioning. Couches are generally designed to seat a minimum of three people, whereas the loveseat couch is designed on a smaller scale to comfortably seat only two people. Loveseat couches are ideally suited to couples who live in a smaller apartment, but can additionally be used as extra seating in a larger lounge. Due to the small size, you can choose an exciting colour or patterned material to make this couch a statement piece without overwhelming the entire style of your lounge.


5) Sleeper Couch:


A sleeper couch is a multifunctional couch that provides you with seating and an additional bed in your home. At the base of a sleeper couch, there will be a foldable bed frame that can be folded out and the back cushions can be used to create the mattress on top of the bed frame. Sleeper couches differ from a futon, which is a couch that has a hinged backrest that folds down into a mattress for sleeping. Sleeper couches are versatile and functional, making them a superb choice if you need extra space for guests to stay over.




6) Chaise Couch:


A chaise couch is a long, single-seater couch designed for reclining. The backrest of a chaise couch is positioned at one end of the couch and tapers off towards the other end of the couch, usually in a curved and elaborate design. A chaise couch will often only have one armrest. Famously known as “the fainting couch” from the Victorian era, this couch will be an elegant piece in your lounge space with a historical charm.


7) Daybed Couch:


A daybed couch is a unique combination of a couch, a chaise couch, and a bed. A daybed is typically made out of wood and features a wide base with a comfortable cushion perfectly suited to lounging with a good book and a cup of tea. Day beds can either have a solid backrest or be completely open at the back depending on the specific design. Daybeds are the perfect couch option for a covered outdoor space for relaxing or a large, open lounge for additional seating.


8) English Roll Arm Couch:


The English roll arm couch features plush cushioning, a low seat with short legs, and low armrests that are rolled in the traditional style. The English roll arm couch gained its name from its wide use in country manors in Britain during the early 1900s. This couch has remained a popular couch choice due to its extreme comfort and its ability to seamlessly blend with lounge designs, making it an ideal couch choice for most homeowners.


9) Lawson Couch:


The Lawson couch, named after Thomas Lawson who configured the design, has a seat depth that is equal to the height of the backrest, has low armrests, and follows a minimalist design with the use of straight lines. The signifying detail of a Lawson couch is that the back cushions are detached from the couch. The Lawson couch is simple and comfortable, perfectly suited to a Sunday nap on the couch or hosting guests for a movie night.


10) Chesterfield Couch:


A Chesterfield couch has high rolled arms that are the same height as the backrest, a tufted upholstery with deep buttons, no back cushions, and nailhead trim. A traditional Chesterfield couch will be covered in dark leather, but modern Chesterfield couches come in a variety of materials and colours. The unique design of Chesterfield couches originated in the 1700s and will bring a sophisticated style to your lounge whilst still being practical and comfortable.




11) Mid-century Modern Couch:


Mid-century modern couches have clean, curved lines that are minimalist in design. Inspired by the Mid-century Modern Movement, the design of these couches is contemporary, sleek, and generally rectangular. Simple and highly functional, the unique design of a mid-century modern couch will be an eye-catching piece in your lounge.


12) Rattan Couch:


A rattan couch is a woven couch made traditionally from the Rattan plant that is intricately woven to form a couch. Soft, plush cushions will be added to the rattan couch to make it comfortable. Rattan couches, with companion single-seaters and coffee table, are often used as outdoor furniture. Today you will most commonly find Rattan couches made from a durable resin plastic weaved in the same rattan pattern.




13) Bridgewater Couch:


A Bridgewater couch, also known as a birch-arm couch, is typically a three-seater couch with a laid-back profile. The defining characteristic of a Bridgewater couch is the low, slightly rolled armrests that do not extend the full width of the couch seat. A Bridgewater couch is simple and elegant in its design and features extra cushioning to ensure ultimate comfort and relaxation.


14) Tuxedo Couch:


A Tuxedo couch is a rectangular couch with clean, sharp lines and high armrests that are equal in height to the backrest. The backrest is also higher than traditional couch designs and meets the couch base at a 90-degree angle. The Tuxedo couch is a product of the Art Deco era and embraces the extravagant elegance of this design movement. The Tuxedo couch is highly formal and is thus perfectly suited to a second lounge for entertaining guests or for adding an element of grandeur to your lounge space.


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