Cheap Beds For Sale: A Good Bed Goes A Long Way


With the massive growth in online shopping, it comes as no surprise that many people are now on the hunt for cheap beds for sale online rather than shopping in traditional stores.


One of the many benefits of shopping online for cheap beds for sale is that customers can browse an entire range of products that they wouldn’t be able to see in a store. This means that customers are able to hunt down the best deals and prices for their budgets much more easily than they would be able to in a traditional store. As well as this, throughout the year, 5 Star Furniture holds sales and discounts, giving shoppers even better value for their money.


5 Star Furniture has been offering quality furniture for over 16 years and our range of cheap beds and mattresses covers everything from Single, Double, King and Queen bed bases and mattresses to Bunk beds and a host of beautiful sleeper couches. Keep reading to learn more about our cheap beds for sale and why it is so important to sleep on a good bed.




Cheap Beds For Sale: High Quality, Low Price


In this feature, we will refer to our cheap beds often. Do not let this trip you up though. Cheap does NOT mean poor or inferior quality. In fact, the complete opposite, our cheap beds refer to the very affordable prices we offer on extremely good bed bases, mattresses, bunk beds or our range of sleeper couches.


Here are some other reasons to purchase cheap beds for sale via 5 Star Furniture online:


1. Delivered straight to your door


5 Star Furniture goes further than your usual retailers. Not only do we deliver the product straight to your door but we also offer free delivery as part of the purchase deal. This saves customers the hassle of having to arrange delivery or having to pay extra to have the product delivered. In addition to this, once delivered, we will usually ensure that the bed and mattress are in the correct room before leaving, again saving the customer the hassle of having to move heavy furniture themselves.


2. An amazing range to choose from


5 Star Furniture is not confined by a retail space that one would usually find in a Mall. As an online bed and mattress retailer, we are able to stock a much more extensive range of products than store retailers. Customers can browse the entire range online – filtering products to suit their requirements or simply looking through all the cheap beds and mattresses available. This gives customers a much wider choice of options and they can rest assured that they are able to find exactly the right bed and mattress for their needs and budgets.


3. An easy and convenient shopping experience


One of the greatest benefits of shopping online is the convenience it offers customers. Most of us live very busy lives and don’t have the time to go shopping during the day, however shopping online means that we can do this within the comfort of our own home and at any time of the day or night. Coupled with the fact that shopping online means not having to deal with pushy salespeople or having to make numerous trips to the retail store to ensure that the choice made is the right one.


4. Saving money


By using 5 Star Furniture online, customers can immediately see the prices on all the cheap beds and mattresses we have available. Whilst quality is of the utmost importance, we save you money in transacting online. A bed and a good mattress are extremely important and we understand this.


A bed is the place where you spend at least a third of your day and indeed, your life. Factors like support and comfort are extremely important and the bed you sleep on can have a very large impact on the quality of your sleep. A bed of poor quality can lead to a range of different issues like back or neck pain, restricted movement, bad posture, bug infestation, etc. With the quality cheap beds for sale and mattresses we offer online, we guarantee that they have been tried and tested to make sure that the support and strength of the mattresses are perfect for a good night’s sleep.


Let us look at some of the most important factors to consider when looking for cheap beds for sale:


1. The right support is essential


The worst way to start any day is to wake up in the morning with awful back or neck pains. It is precisely the reason that you should go for a bed that is not too firm and hard as this puts pressure on those parts of your body in particular. A good bed from a quality brand name, such as the ones we offer, will help prevent pain and inflammation in the major areas of the back, neck, shoulder and arms. According to studies that have been done, people who sleep on a new bed and mattress had a far lower risk of back pain and experienced much better sleep quality in general.


Those people who are carrying quite a lot of weight should be extra cautious before choosing a bed and should preferably opt for a foam mattress with a platform bed that has inner springs. Platform beds may work well with a mattress but a classic bed will most probably need an innerspring along with the mattress for the right kind of support.


Our descriptions below the images for our cheap beds for sale will let you know which mattresses are foam and if the bed has inner springs or not.




2. Comfort is a main priority


Comfort is absolutely paramount when one considers what you will receive while lying down and sleeping. Your good night of rest can easily be interrupted due to a number of reasons such as sleeping on a bed that has an improper height which creates an imbalance in the body. This type of problem should not be allowed to persist as it will seriously impact the quality of sleep, especially in the long run and can very likely lead to issues such as wakefulness, daytime grogginess, impaired memory consolidation and a short temper.


An ideal bed should also be paired with pillows and beddings that are made of comfortable and breathable material like silk, cotton or satin. Having said that, having a lot of extra stuff around or on your bed can sometimes make your bed look untidy if not cleaned regularly. By de-cluttering your bedroom and keeping your bed space clean will resolve any issues and improve your bedroom space and peace of mind


3. Choose your mattress carefully


The most crucial element of your bed is undoubtedly the mattress. It is vital to pick a mattress that complements your bed in the right way and evenly distributes your weight. An old mattress that has sagged in the middle or is filled with lumps is one of the major reasons for sleep deprivation among people all over the world. It, therefore, becomes absolutely important that you follow the right steps to get rid of sleep deprivation before things get out of hand.


With 5 Star Furniture’s wide range of different cheap bedsfor sale, it makes it easier to choose the one which is best for you. Do not forget to get yourself a suitable mattress encasement to combat the risk of allergens and bug infestation and turn your mattress at least once every month.


4. Perfect posture


A very important requirement for a great bed is that it helps maintain the right posture for your body. Many people forget that it is not just the way you walk or the way you sit that defines your natural posture but also the way in which you sleep. Having a good night’s rest on a comfortable bed ensures that there is far less strain on your muscles and reduced chances of fatigue.


The natural curvature of the spine needs to be upheld by the bed you are sleeping on so that there the correct amount of circulation and digestion and pain in different parts of the body could be prevented. Even the best of beds can sometimes lead to problems related to indigestion. It is therefore important to follow some preventive tips to help ease your digestive process such as elevating your head, sleeping on your left and avoiding heavy meals before bedtime.


5. Size counts


When one is choosing a bed it is very important to consider the size of your room compared to the size of the bed, along with who is going to sleep on it. At 5 Star Furniture, we offer a range of different options for different size rooms such as Sleeper couches and bunk bed options that obviously take up far less space and can keep the room uncluttered. The sleeper couch option also means it can be utilized during the day as a couch too so is multi-dimensional in use.


One must also ensure that your bed gets an update every time the sleeper starts to outgrow it. While children and the elderly may require a comparatively lower bed, adults would most probably do well with a bed that is at least two feet high. Make sure that the bed you are choosing fits well to the size of the room so that you have space left to put in other essential furniture in the room.




Cheap Beds For Sale: 5 Star Furniture


When you are tired, you immediately think about your bed and that is why a reliable bed is extremely important for your sleep quality. We hope and trust that we have been able to satisfactorily answer the questions of ‘Why buy Online and the Importance of a good bed.’


With all the different choices of cheap beds for sale via 5 Five Star Furniture, it is important that you invest in a cheap bed that inspires comfort, supports your back, has longevity and fits properly in your bedroom. Now you know where to get your cheap bed or mattress so don’t hesitate to go and view our range and purchase one of our excellent beds and mattresses


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