Delivery for in-store and online sales

We realize that you are anxious to get your items and we are eager to get them to you in the fastest possible time.

The furniture we sell is heavy and bulky and the bottom line is that it takes a little bit longer to move than small and lightweight items such as clothing.

Delivery of furniture is costly. We try to offer a reasonable delivery rate. If you are unhappy. Pop us a mail, phone or visit us and we will try our best to try and get a better delivery/shipping cost. Please note that it might not be possible. 

Almost all of the courier companies in South Africa do NOT handle furniture. This means that the view is limited and from time to time affected by strikes, slow traffic due to load shedding etc. You are always welcome to pick-up at our branch, we will gladly assist and there is no additional cost. 

How long will my delivery take?

We do offer same-day delivery. See details just below.

As soon as we receive your order, we will contact you to make arrangements for a suitable time and date. WHY?!! – furniture is bulky and we know that there must be someone at home to open the house/apartment/flat/room up for us.  

Deliveries may take anything from 2 – 7 days and even longer if you made a special order.  Newly-made custom orders have a 2 – 4 week delivery period, it’s worth the wait! Again, why so long? Loadshedding is affecting manufacturers and slowing the process.

Same-day delivery:

  • Yes, we do offer same-day delivery! Weather permitted – we can unfortunately not handle and deliver furniture in wet conditions;
  • Please arrange with the branch or leave us a note in the comment section. This is not a promise – we going to try and hopefully, we have the required stock. 

  • Please contact us EARLY for same-day delivery. This just makes things easier!
  • Month-end periods are usually busy and we strive to deliver within 2 to 5 days in this period. Furniture is bulky, heavy, and takes time to handle. We will rather take a bit longer in order to get your furniture in good condition with you;

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery costs will be determined during the online checkout cycle. All online orders are dispatched from our branch to your door. If the online system did not calculate the amount we will manually calculate and let you know soonest. Remember; only a small number of courier companies DO handle furniture. These companies do not have an electronic calculation system yet.

Deliveries for online orders of R4 500 or more in a 20km radius of our distribution centres are FREE!

Delivery country-wide (courier clients)?

We do deliver country-wide but please note that furniture is really expensive to ship (outside of Gauteng) due to the size and the volume thereof. Therefore items will be sent with all couriers UNASSEMBLED (where possible); this will save costs and prevent damages.

The Delivery charge differs depending on whether you stay in a “main Centre” or an Outlying/Regional Area. Delivery charges are calculated at checkout. Please make sure you enter the correct postal code and an accurate delivery address. By entering an incorrect postal code you may incur additional charges so please double-check the information you are entering. Unfortunately, we will not be liable for these costs.

More about delivery:

  • We make use of small independent contractors to deliver our products in Gauteng to keep prices down. They are affected by traffic and customers keeping them waiting (or not pointing out that they are on the 10th floor and we are not allowed to use the lifts);
  • Furniture is bulky and heavy items and other than smaller items usually gets shipped item by item. This also means that the shipping cost is much more expensive than for small parcels. We are based in Gauteng and items are shipped from the location closest to the delivery address in order to minimize cost.
  • We only deliver assembled goods in Gauteng. That requires careful handling to ensure that you receive your items in an (almost) perfect condition.
  • Please contact us for a quote on delivery outside of Gauteng. We do have many trusted contractors that we can use.

Things to remember when you pick up yourself:

  • Rope (to faster the item on your vehicle);
  • Blankets to prevent your furniture from scratches;
  • We will gladly assist with loading and pick-up is entirely FREE!
  • Loading and fastening furniture takes time. It is similar to moving house. Please allow enough time for us to load and fasten your furniture properly to ensure that your good doesn’t damage.

Terms and conditions:

  • Delivery for orders of R4500.00 or more in a 20km radius from our distribution points is FREE! Terms & Conditions apply. When the value of the products in your cart is R4500 or more, a free delivery option will automatically appear.
  • ** Working days are defined as Mondays to Fridays. Excludes Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. Should you require delivery on a weekend, please contact us before you complete your order/checkout.
  • ** Please note that delivery times are estimates and although we work closely with our delivery partners to get your order to you as soon as possible, certain factors may cause your delivery to be delayed. Delivery may take longer during peak periods.
  • Should you place an order, and our courier company advises that they do not service this area, we will contact you to advise and arrange, either delivery to the nearest town (if possible) or, a refund. We will always try our best to deliver to your area or as close as we can.
  • We require an exact physical address to deliver. We do not deliver to locations, farms, or where the delivery address is on a gravel road
  • For payment via EFT / Bank Deposits, delivery only takes place once the full payment amount is reflected in our bank account. This can take up to 3 working days – no exceptions to this rule will be made
  • Once your order has been processed, you will be contacted to advise when delivery will take place. Due to the nature and size of our products, it makes it difficult for us to give a definitive delivery time. To get a more accurate delivery time on any specific item, please call us.