What Are The Best Sleeper Couches For Sale?


Are you looking for the best sleeper couches for sale? Then look no further than 5 Star Furniture. We have a wide range of different sleeper couches available for you to choose from. These couches can be bought in different sizes – from a twin to a double size bed.


With 5 Star Furniture, you can find sleeper couches that will work well in your home and for your needs. With these couches it will be easy having overnight guests, you will no longer have to worry about sleeping space or asking guests to bring blowup mattresses. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best sleeper couches for sale at 5 Star Furniture.




What Are The Best Couches For Sleeping On?


When you look on 5 Star Furniture’s website you will see that we have great sleeper couches for sale. You will be able to choose sleeper couches based on your needs. Many people buy these couches for occasional overnight guests, but sometimes people with bachelor pads use them as both their couch and everyday bed.


The couch you buy will depend on what you need it for. Here is a list of a few of the best sleeper couches available on 5 Star Furniture’s website:


1.Sleeper Sofa – folding mattress in a double bed: This sleeper couch opens into a standard double bed. High-density foam was used to produce this durable and comfortable couch. This couch weighs 30 kg and has 1880 x 800 x 850 mm dimensions.


2.Sleeper Sofa – double bed when open: This is a modern sleeper couch with wooden legs and narrow arms. This couch also opens to create a double bed. When upright, this couch is 0.8 m wide and 1.9 m long.


When this couch is used for sleeping, the measurements are 1.3 m wide and 1.9 m in length, with a height of 0.55 m. This couch is similar in size compared to the size of a standard double bed. This couch is extremely comfortable for both sleeping and sitting.


3.Sleeper Couch – double bed size: These sleeper couches for sale open to the same size as a double bed. They have a pillow top layer to create extra padding for the ultimate comfort.


These couches have been designed to have a modern feel and they have curved silver legs. This couch is one of the best sleeper couches as you will not have to compromise on style for comfort.


4.Sleeper Couch – double bed when open (TK range): This is also one of our modern sleeper couches that opens to form a double bed. High-density foam was used to create this sleeper couch to provide extra comfort.


The fabric used for this couch is easy to clean, soft and durable. The upright measurements of this couch are 0.8 m wide and 1.9 m in length. When the couch is open for sleeping the couch is 1.3 m wide, 1.9 m long, and 0.55 m high.




5.Sleeper Couch – almost double bed when open: This couch opens to form almost a double bed and it has a click-clack mechanism. The pillow top layer of this couch creates extra comfort when sitting and sleeping.


The measurements of these couches are 1.8 m wide and 1.9 m in length. When these sleeper couches are open the measurements are 1.3 m wide, 1.9 m in length, and 0.480 m high.


These are only a few of the sleeper couches that 5 Star Furniture has available on our website. If you are looking for the best sleeper couches for sale for yourself or guests, you are sure to find the perfect piece on our website.


Frequently Asked Questions About Sleeper Couches


Before buying sleeper couches for sale, asking questions is important. This will help you find the best couch for your needs. These questions should help give you all the information you need to make the best purchase. We’ll be covering some of the frequently asked questions about sleeper couches as well as providing the answers to these questions.


Can You Sleep On A Sleeper Couch Every Night?


Sleeper couches can be used over a long period, however, a mattress and bedframe will almost always provide a better night’s rest in comparison. With that being said, our sleeper couches available at 5 Star Furniture have been designed to give you a good night’s sleep and the best back support. These couches have been designed to act as both a bed and a couch depending on the situation. When it comes to 5 Star Furniture’s sleeper couches, these pieces have been designed in such a way as to provide people with optimal comfort.


How Much Is A Sleeper Sofa Worth?


Sleeper couches are generally worth more money than regular couches due to their multiple functions. The couches are perfect for creating your lounge into a guest room when needed. The prices of our sleeper couches for sale range between R2 349 and R3 599 but off-sale prices will be slightly higher.


What Are Sleeper Sofas Called?


In South Africa, most people refer to sleeper sofas as ‘sleeper couches’. However, there are many different names for sleeper sofas including ‘sofa beds’ or ‘futons’. No matter the name used to refer to this couch, everyone can agree that this couch is a functional and stylish invention for any modern home.


Do Sleeper Sofas Need A Mattress?


These couches do not have a typical traditional mattress. They do, however, include mattresses that are built into the framework of the piece. These mattresses just need to be unfolded and then folded again after use.




How Long Do Sleeper Couches Last?


This will depend on how the sleeper couches were constructed as well as the materials used. A good quality sleeper couch should last at least 7 years. The longevity of these couches depends on the quality of the couch and how often the bed of the couch is used.


Sofa Beds Or Sofa Sleepers?


A sleeper sofa is a bigger option and provides a comfortable place for people to sleep and relax. Sofa beds are easy to unfold and fold, which is perfect for small spaces, but without any pillows, these couches are not ideal for sleeping.


What Should I Look Out For In Sleeper Couches For Sale?


Here are six quick tips for buying only the best, high-quality sleeper couches. These six tips include:


  1. Test the couches first to make sure that it’s comfortable
  2. Measure the couch before purchase to make sure that it fits within your space
  3. Look for hardwood frames to ensure you’re buying a sturdy structure
  4. Make sure that all inner mechanisms have smooth edges to avoid injury during use
  5. Check the quality of the mattress for maximum comfort
  6. Look for high-quality open and close mechanisms for easy use


What Makes A Couch A Sleeper Sofa?


A sleeper couch is defined by its function – able to serve as both a sofa for sitting on as well as a bed for sleeping on. Sleeper couches are essential for when family or friends stay over. They also make a perfect place for your kids and their friends to have a sleepover. These couches are often a lot more comfortable and easier to set up compared to air mattresses or camping stretchers.




These couches can be placed in your lounge, guest room, or office and can be opened whenever you need extra sleeping space. This is exactly why they are called sleeper couches. Sleeper couches for sale include foldable mattresses inside their frames and they can be converted into beds when needed. These mattresses will either be popped out or they can be folded out.


This is done by using special mechanisms and they usually sleep about two people. Depending on which sleeper couches for sale you buy, the mattresses’ type and size, and the mattresses’ comfort level will vary significantly. The fact that sleeper couches look exactly like normal couches but can also be opened to make a bed when necessary is amazing. They are perfect for saving space. These couches can be bought in a variety of different styles.


The style that you choose will depend completely on your personal preferences. The shape and size you choose will depend on the size of the room you would like the couch to be in. Much like when buying any piece of furniture, you should measure your space before to ensure that the sleeper couch you buy will fit perfectly. It is also important to remember to make sure that there is enough space for you to open the sleeper couch. There should be enough space to open the bed extension as well as enough space to comfortably walk around the room.


Why Buy Sleeper Couches For Sale?


When it comes to buying sleeper couches for sale, there are many reasons as to why this would be a good purchase. We could go on forever about the many benefits of sleeper couches, but for now, here are five great reasons to get yourself a sleeper couch:


Sleeper couches for sale are great space savers. Whether you live in a big or small home, a sleeper sofa is one way to use the space you have effectively. This will prevent you from wasting valuable floor space.


Many people choose to buy these couches because they save space due to their dual functions. They are also stylish and offer a practical place to sleep and sit. These couches are handy for people that have smaller homes where space is limited.


Sleeper couches are cost-effective. These couches have a two-in-one function. For the price, you are getting a bed and a couch, it feels like a buy-one-get-one-free deal. This is a big reason why these couches are extremely popular.


They are generally a bit more expensive compared to a basic sofa, but you should keep in mind that you are essentially getting two pieces of furniture. This will allow you to save on furniture costs. These couches can also easily be moved from one room to the next as you expand your home.

A person painting a couch




Sleeper couches are functional and versatile. While a basic couch offers individuals a place to sit and relax with guests, and a bed offers a place to sleep, a sleeper couch offers individuals both of those. This is a best-of-both-worlds scenario.


These couches give individuals the option to relax on the couch during the day and sleep on the converted bed at night. These sleeper couches not only provide seating for your guests but also provide an extra bed.


Sleeper couches are comfortable. Some of the first sleeper couches did not have the best reputation for being comfortable. Luckily, with the changes that have been made to the way couches and beds are produced, things have changed.


With the combination of modern technology and materials, the quality and designs of these couches have improved, and they are now extremely comfortable.


Sleeper sofas are aesthetically pleasing. With these couches, it is no longer necessary to have an old and unappealing mattress in storage when friends or family come to visit.


There are so many sleeper couch options available, it may take you a while to decide. On 5 Star Furniture’s website, you will find a sleeper couch that perfectly compliments your home. Don’t hesitate to take a look through our catalogue and pick out the perfect sleeper couch for sale today!