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According to research conducted by Business Insider SA, the going rate for freehold property is on the rise across the board in our country. As a matter of fact, data suggests that the price of full title ownership property has increased by an average of 20% over the course of a single year.


Being that we at 5Star are in the business of affordable household furnishings, we are more than well aware of what prospective homeowners have in store for them when they decide to invest in a house. The cheap couches for sale on our website are perfect for people trying to cut household costs in this current economic climate.


The best part is that we still sell quality furniture regardless of the low prices our products go for.


Our catalogue features some of the hottest suburban furniture trends, all of which are bound to serve you well for a very long time.


We describe our furniture as stylish and functional. We do not sell products at exorbitant prices simply because they have a fancy brand’s logo etched into the fabric. With us, you can decorate your living space as you see fit and feel satisfied with the results, all the while saving thousands of rands in the process.


But beyond offering our customers the chance to fulfil their home decor dreams, we also love dispensing useful furnishing tips and tricks to better aid their pursuit of a beautifully put-together household. This is why we have decided to dedicate this article to textiles.


If you are interested in learning how to pick the best fabrics for your home or are keen to catch up on the latest textile trends of 2021, this article is for you. This is an essential read for homeowners on the prowl for a new, fresh aesthetic for their living spaces.


What Do the Experts Say about Performance Textiles?


Echoing values similar to ours, the home decor industry has seen a great deal of emphasis put on functionality. We have seen a strong rejection of fast fashion develop amongst world-renowned interior designers who are now taking into account a world wherein people are getting used to spending much more of their time indoors.


With the persisting pandemic forcing families to work and study from home, the furniture industry has observed a growing interest in decor that is built to withstand regular use. People are beginning to value functionality. As a result, consumers seem to be more interested in furniture that is built to last.


Famed interior designer Penny Morrison is at the fore of the push towards functionality. Morrison’s advice to homeowners is to invest in furniture featuring what the industry refers to as “performance” textiles.


The term is used to describe fabrics that are combined with more durable materials to increase functionality. Aside from just looking nice, performance fabrics can be expected to not get damaged from regular use.


An example of desirable performance textiles given by Morrison herself is that of velvet or linen furniture where the textiles themselves have been interwoven with synthetic fibres which provide the fabrics an additional degree of durability.


Acquiring the performance variant of linen, for example, allows homeowners to place furniture with this otherwise delicate fabric in high-traffic areas of their houses. For families limiting time spent out of the house, performance fabrics are essential to the longevity of their furniture.


As Morrison would argue, performance textiles offer homeowners more versatility when picking out furniture. Linen would typically not be the ideal textile to use on couches meant for outdoor or regular indoor use. But performance linen will not crease as easily from day-to-day use nor will it be as difficult to remove a stain from.


The durability and functional lifespan of performance textiles is without a doubt unrivalled. Textiles are doctored at the fibre level through chemical treatment or interweaving of other materials in order to gain their performance qualities.


Here is a list of some of the many attributes common amongst different performance textiles:


Water resistance – Textiles that would typically absorb water easily can be chemically treated to become more aqua-phobic, allowing homeowners to use these fabrics outdoors.


Stain resistance – Through a similar process, textiles can be treated in order to decrease the absorption rate of messy substances and liquids (think wine) which makes it easier to remove stains from them.


Sun protection – Textiles can be treated in order to have UV blocking qualities, allowing them to be placed in areas that see a lot of sunlight without their colours fading.


Antimicrobial attributes – Textiles can be treated using topical chemicals that prevent pathogens from spreading through their fibres. Should the fabric come into contact with microbes such as mould, bacteria, or mildew, this treatment will prevent these harmful substances from growing and spreading.




Most performance textiles will have more than one of these functionalities, affording homeowners dozens of optional arrangements when setting up their living spaces. Many of the cheap couches for sale on our website feature performance textiles, a further indication of the fact that our products are strong and reliable regardless of the low prices attached to them.


A Brave New Era for Textiles


Thanks to globalisation and the travelling generation, inspiration for the hottest textile trends comes from all corners of the world. With it being so much easier to access new ideas and exotic materials from cultures all around the world, homeowners find that they have been given license to play around with more courageous and adventurous furnishing arrangements.


Interior designers are encouraging homeowners to step out of their shells of muted tones and opt instead for richer palettes of colour. Today’s trends lean towards styles reminiscent of the school of expressionism. In this brave new world, colour is king.


Many famous interior designers are also insisting that homeowners should be incorporating elements and motifs of the natural world into their living spaces. The call of nature is all the rave right now with the growing commonality of vertical living having led to an increase in the popularity of indoor plants.


It would seem that many top designers have taken an interest in furniture textiles that compliment the inclusion of these natural elements into the living room. For instance, one expert keenly suggests pairing plants with floral-patterned couches that are a few shades darker than the plants themselves.


But the support of the experts is not the primary reason behind the steadily rising popularity of floral textiles. Instead, it is because this method of interior decoration is an easy and proven means through which homeowners can add character and charm to their households.


We find there to be a big movement in favour of patterns in general. Dictated by shifting cultural sentiments going into the next decade, it has become desirable to set living spaces up with textiles and tapestries featuring busy and flowing patterns when the intent is to construct a calming space.


This stands in stark contrast to previous iterations of calming decor that called for monochrome palettes and skinny, minimalist furniture. Nowadays we find such spaces to be clinical and artificial, far to reminiscent of modern office chic – which is totally not relaxing!


Over in Europe, the hottest interior designers are currently the ones pushing for natural and earthy textures. Brown hues and raw materials are dominating this sphere of home decor, perfectly melding the natural world with modern sophistication. We have it on good word that this particular trend is here to stay as a staple for many years to come.


When picking out textiles, consider these insights to better inform the decisions you make. Typically, the chief issue preventing homeowners from following the latest household trends is the expenses involved.




This is where the cheap couches for sale on our website come in. We have an expansive catalogue of affordable furniture to choose from, giving you the amazing opportunity to actualise your home decor goals inexpensively.


The 5Star Catalogue


With warehouses located in Midrand and Pretoria, 5star Furniture provides South Africans with affordable home furnishings that can be bought directly from our web-based catalogue. We are one of the best online furniture retailers in the country because of our amazing products. We deem it worthwhile that we conclude this blog post by discussing what we have to offer our customers.


Among the many cheap couches for sale on our website, our Lola style couches appear to be an incredibly popular option as of right now. Starting at only R1 700, you could buy one of our 2-divisional Lola couches to liven up your living room. Your colour options are grey, black, red, and blue, giving you ample selection when making your decision.


If you are going for a more classy look to your living room, you could take advantage of the ongoing 24% sale on our regal lounge suite. Featuring four couches that offer 6 seats’ worth of space in total, this stylish package of furniture is designed using performance faux leather to emulate the classiness of leather while still delivering in the durability department.


For customers seeking sleek sophistication in their entertainment areas, our Napoleon corner lounge is the perfect fit. Able to accommodate five adults without compromising on comfort, the modernist piece of furniture also features adjustable headrests for maximised personal comfort. You can buy this couch in black for only R8 999.


For the students, we offer an expansive array of ridiculously affordable sleeper couches that are perfect for the constrictive spaces they tend to occupy throughout the academic year. If you have a look at the prices for our sleeper couches, you can see that our costs were designed with the budgets of young adults in mind.


As a matter of fact, the cheap couches for sale on our website are quite popular amongst landlords aiming to furnish their student rental units affordably. The durable textiles with which our furniture is upholstered is also designed to withstand the test of time, lending them the benefit of being a solid investment.


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The furniture you decorate your home with does not have to cost you an arm and a leg in order to give your friends and family room envy when they visit. All you need to do is visit our catalogue, available right here on our website, for access to some of the most stylish decor at absurdly inexpensive prices. Better yet, we even offer a delivery service to our customers at a modest fee.




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