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If you’re in the market for a new couch, then there are three things you have to consider: comfort, durability and affordability. Picking a couch requires an eye for interior design details and diligent attention to quality and practicality. There are so many aspects to consider, including the framing, the style, the practical seating capacity of the couch and the fabric upholstery. If you want to make an informed choice about the couch you invest in, then read this article to learn how fabric plays a role in the style, usage and affordability of a couch.


Types of Upholstery


The textile industry is one of the largest markets in the world, and it is estimated that it employs more than 25 million people globally. With such a huge market of suppliers, distributors and retailers, shoppers are spoiled for choice with access to the finest textiles from all over the world. Buyers have three options when it comes to fabric types: natural fabrics, synthetic fabrics and blended fabrics.


Before we assess the cheap couches for sale from 5Star Furniture, let’s go through the basics of fabric knowledge; natural vs synthetic fibres. This will prove helpful when you’re shopping, as it will allow you to differentiate between the value of different couches. Knowing the pros and cons of each fabric will also help you to justify how much you’re spending. When looking through 5Star Furniture’s cheap couches for sale, consider whether you prefer natural, synthetic or blended fabrics.


Natural Fibres


Natural fabrics are made from organic fibres and materials such as plants, minerals and animals. When these raw fibres are spun into threads and yarns, textile workers are able to weave or knit the fibres together to create a natural fabric. Natural fabrics are known for their soft, earthy textures.


Examples of Natural Fabrics:




Cotton: This plant-based fabric is composed of cellulose, which is a light, fluffy material that makes up the cotton plant. Cotton is commonly used for clothing such as t-shirts, dresses and underwear, but it is also a good option on a couch as it is resistant to fading and soft to the touch. There are many different types of cotton, such as denim, cotton jersey, cotton poplin, canvas, terry cloth and flannel. This is a durable fabric, but it is susceptible to stains if you buy it in lighter shades.


Leather: Made from cows, leather is probably the most durable and popular upholstery fabric. This fabric is great for busy family homes where pets and kids have access to the furniture, as it is easy to wipe down, vacuum and clean. If the leather is well-maintained using a consistent, cleaning routine and the right products, then this fabric will last a very long time. and it will bring sophisticated, masculine energy to any office, bedroom or lounge.


Linen: Made from the flax plant, linen is known for its breathable, strong and lightweight qualities. It is a hypoallergenic material that is often used for Summer clothing, such as resort wear, poolside garments and dresses. On a couch, linen requires careful cleaning and consistent care because the fabric wrinkles easily and tends to shrink in the wash. To avoid damaging the material, use professional cleaning services and be sure to keep your kids away from the fabric because it is very susceptible to stains.


Silk: Silk is one of the strongest natural animal fibres, and it is composed of the fibroin protein which is produced by silkworms and other insects. Silk is synonymous with luxury as it is shiny, lustrous, durable and incredibly soft. The material’s strength and elasticity make it suitable for both clothing and long-lasting couch upholstery. The sheen of the texture will provide a high-end, lavish feel, so it could be perfect for a boudoir or a dressing room.


Wool: This animal fibre is made from the hair of sheep, llamas, goats and alpacas. This textile is incredibly warm and water-resistant, so it makes a good option for outdoor furniture coverings. This easy-care textile is wonderful if you’re looking for upholstery that provides heat insulation for a house situated in a colder climate. Woollen couches are incredibly comfortable and the coiled shape of the fibres gives it long-lasting strength, as well as an ability to retain its form without losing any colouring.


Jute: Jute is a plant-based fibre made from the jute plant. This textile is coarsely-woven with a rougher feel. It provides a rustic style, and it’s great for outdoor furniture upholstery or indoor living spaces. It is a versatile fabric that can also be used for drapes, headboards, burlap sacks and even floor coverings thanks to its durability.


Benefits of Natural Fibres


Natural fibres have less environmental impact than synthetic fibres because their production processes require fewer toxic chemicals. Natural fibres are also biodegradable, so they are better for buyers with sustainability in mind. Because natural fibres originate from plants and animals, they are very absorbent.


This makes it easier to use the fibres for furnishings or coverings that receive regular usages, such as couches and bed covers. The cellulose structure of plant-based fibres makes natural textiles incredibly long-lasting, and animal-based fibres like silk and wool are recognised for their sturdy staying power.


Synthetic Fibres


Synthetic materials are produced through chemical processes. Textile workers use a spinneret to turn polymers into fibres that produce cheaper, more accessible alternatives to natural fabrics. Synthetic fibres are man-made, and they are generally more readily available because they are mass-produced.




Examples of Synthetic Fibres


Acrylic: Acrylic is a sort of fabric that can imitate natural fabrics like wool at a lower cost. It is great for heat insulation, which is why it is often used for fake fur jackets, coats or bedding. Acrylic is made with polymers that have been produced with acrylonitrile chemicals.


Rayon: This semi-synthetic fabric is produced using wood-pulp plant fibres in combination with synthetic chemicals like carbon disulfide and sodium hydroxide. Rayon is sometimes used to imitate silk, and popular versions of rayon include lyocell and viscose. Rayon is generally blended with other fibres to create more durable upholstery that resembles organic fabrics. Rayon tends to shrink in the wash and it is susceptible to wrinkling – however, it is an affordable alternative to other natural fibres and it makes a practical cover for casual, everyday family furniture.


Polyester: Made from coal and petroleum, this durable fabric is stain-resistant. Polyester resists damage better than natural materials, and it is very comfortable to sit on and easy to clean. However, this fabric is less breathable than its natural counterparts and it tends to get a build-up of static that can make it more susceptible. This fabric might not be the best upholstery for family lounges or Summer homes, but it will work for the office or the tea room.


Benefits of Synthetic Fibers:




Synthetic fibres are far more affordable and cost-effective compared to natural fibres. Because they’re mass-produced, it is easier to source these fabrics, replace them or repair them. Moreover, synthetic fibres are generally waterproof and extremely stain-resistant, making them low-maintenance.


Cheap Couches For Sale From 5Star Furniture


Shopping for a couch for your home can be extremely stressful. A couch is the kind of high-cost item that is meant to last you for the years to come. It’s a long-term investment that will be in constant use, so it needs to be of good quality in order to withstand wear and tear. As a buyer, you have to decide what kind of environment you want to place the couch in.


Ask yourself the following questions before you buy:


  • Who will be using the couch? For example, will your couch provide seating for family gatherings, bedroom relaxation or remote-work sessions?
  • What ambience do you want to create?
  • Do you need a couch that’s resistant to stains or water?
  • Do you want something trendy or timeless?
  • What colour and fabric will best suit your vision?
  • What type of fabric is most affordable for you?
  • What type of fabric is most practical for your environment?


Not all of us have the budget for large, one-off investments. Fortunately, there are some beautiful, cheap couches for sale at 5Star furniture. 5Star Furniture’s cheap couches for sale are the perfect compromise between style and price. 5Star Furniture has couches in tapestry, velvet, leather, linen and faux suede.


Cheap Couches for Sale: Available Fabrics


5Star Furniture’s has cheap couches for sale in various dimensions. Sizing ranges from single-seaters, 2 seaters and 5 seaters. These well-priced, quality products combine practicality, affordability and durability. There are a variety of colours, fabrics and styles available to suit your particular vision. Below is a list of the available fabrics that are applied to 5Star furniture’s couches.




Velvet – 5Star Furniture stocks two cheap couches for sale in velvet: the Studio Couch 2.5 Seater in Orange Velvet and the Rex Couch 2 Seater in Grey Velvet. While velvet is commonly associated with romantic opulence and dark colours, it can be easily styled to suit a fresher, more modern look in brighter shades of orange and grey. Velvet is easy to clean using a vacuum and stain repellants, and it is usually woven from a blend of synthetic and woven fibres, thereby making it hard-wearing.


Tapestry – This soft fabric is highly resistant to abrasion, easy to clean, and simple in style, making it a wonderful alternative to more sumptuous textiles like velvet and suede. The Single-Seater Wing-Back in Dark Grey, the Blue Corner Lounge in Dark Brown, and the Corner Lounge Suite Sleeper Couch are all made with tapestry fabric. This is a woven, synthetic fabric that is often recognised for its artisanal history and traditional aesthetic.


Faux Suede – The Lola Couch 2 Divisional Sofa in Dark Brown and the Blue Corner Lounge in Dark Brown offer all of the sophistication of leather without breaking the bank. These faux suede couches are great for any office space, man cave or family room. The synthetic fabric is more resistant to stains and water damage than real suede, so this fabric is definitely family-friendly.




Leather – The Napolean Modern Leather L-Shaped Lounge in Black is a real steal at only R7,999. The real leather provides a sleek finish and a luxurious sensation of elegance. Additionally, the natural fibres are eco-friendly, biodegradable and long-lasting. It’s usually very rare to find cheap couches for sale in natural fibres, so this is a rare opportunity for young professionals to snag a luxury item of this size on a tight budget.


Now that you know some of the elementary details of textiles, fibres and fabrics, you can better discern which fabric is the best for you, your couch and your home. With such good prices, you have the wiggle room in your budget to pick and choose your fabric choices according to personal preference instead of financial constraints.



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