It is not uncommon for the average family to want to redesign their home in one way or another every few years, or even months for some. While redesigning the structure of the house may be excessively expensive and inconvenient due to the lengthy process that is involved, there is a vastly more convenient way to remain just as effective at redoing your entire home while still keeping your costs to a minimum. Within just a few minutes of reading, you will have scratched only the surface of the countless furniture specials that 5Star Furniture has on offer for you this Spring season!




What Furniture Specials Are on Offer This Spring Season at 5Star Furniture?


As exciting as it is to be on the lookout for new décor and furniture to redo your entire house, it does come with its own drawbacks. For one, many people just simply do not know where to start looking. Although there are plenty of furniture stores throughout the country, it has become exceptionally difficult to find one that is able to provide its clients with a product that is high in quality, comfortable to use over extended periods of time, aesthetically pleasing as well as remaining affordable, all at the same time. This may seem like a fairly tall order to accomplish across all products, but it is made to look easy when shopping here at 5Star Furniture.


At 5Star Furniture, we have become a widely respected supplier of home décor throughout South Africa, not only for the high-quality products that they are so conveniently able to provide to our clients at handsomely low prices but for the quality of our service as well. Working around couches, beds, and many other pieces of furniture all day, we understand how frustrating and stressful it can be to sort out new bits of décor when moving into a new home or when trying to restyle your current home. This is why our main goal on the job is to provide you with a service that is as hassle-free as is possible, allowing you to pass your stress over to us in order for you to choose from and then enjoy the countless furniture specials we have on offer with a clear mind.


The last thing you need is to feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of furniture specials that we have available, as we provide you with enough options to fill out each and every single room in your house. So why not start with the first room that you, as well as your guests, may see once coming into your soon-to-be newly designed home.


Living Room


When you take a moment to consider how much time we tend to spend in the living room, it is no wonder as to why many families tend to place most of their focus here when working on redecorating their house. While we spend most of our time here, it is also where we tend to host some of our guests from time to time too, meaning that we need to take comfort into consideration while keeping things practical for almost any occasion.




When hosting parties that end up with a few friends staying over, or when you simply wish to fall asleep in comfort while watching a movie, the Levi Double Bed Size Sleeper Couch may be exactly what you need. With furniture specials that allow you to enjoy 13% off of your purchase, this could be the first round of savings you are guaranteed to experience while shopping at 5Star. Coming in 3 different colour choices using tapestry, this is a deep-seated couch that can also fold out into a double bed that provides you and your guests with ample comfort thanks to the soft and flexible materials being used.




As a result of this sleeper couch sporting such a modern look, aided by its subtle stitching, it may be wise to find a suitable coffee table that can continue with the modern trend in order to avoid any clashing designs and aesthetics that could crop up. A striking example of this would be the Oval Glass Coffee Table, consisting of 3 separate levels that allow you to store any small glasses, trinkets or memorabilia without compromising on too much space. In order to withstand some of our heavier drinks and meals, this table comes equipped with 8mm, black stained glass that is tempered for increased durability and strength. You may think this may come at an increased cost, but rest assured that our furniture specials currently allow you to purchase this coffee table at 39% off, a discount not often seen when shopping at other furniture retailers.




To complete the look of your living room while maintaining a modern aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye while still offering you the practicality you need and deserve, you may want to turn towards our Cathy TV Stand. Also coming in a number of different colour combinations, this TV stand’s open design allows you to rotate it either to the back or front while still providing you with the ability to store any of your media accessories, photo frames and more. Alongside the shelving of this unit, its main stand supports flat-screen TVs that are up to 55 inches wide thanks to its wider design. Thankfully, our hefty furniture specials extend far past the living room!




When trying to redecorate your bedroom at affordable prices, you can sleep easy knowing that our furniture specials are still here to provide you with the help you need. Coming at a comfortable cost that is currently at a discount, we have the Siesta Double bed, sporting an innerspring system to ensure that you are given the support you need. To provide you with an extra layer of comfort when you need it the most after a hard day’s work, this Siesta bed comes with a double firm mattress, ensuring that you do not wake up with any unexplainable joint and bone aches. To make things even better for those leaning towards this particular bed, not only does its competitive price include the base and the mattress, but this bed even comes with a 5-year service warranty too!




You just simply cannot have a bed without having a side table to go with it, so why not consider having a look at our Rustic rendition of the Maya Pedestal? Coming with a matching colour scheme to the above-mentioned Siesta bed, these 2 products have become one of our most popular combinations not only for their looks but for their utility as well. Equipped with a single drawer, where the handle is made with a modern silver finish, as well as raised legs to prevent any water damage in the case of emergencies, this product may have everything you would possibly want in and on a side table.




Another one of our more popular items included within our spring furniture specials would be our 2 Piece Walnut Wardrobe, currently being sold at a discount of 13% off. Coming in 3 choices of colour, black, grey, and white ash, this may be the perfect wardrobe to compliment the style that may now be established in your room due to our previously mentioned bed and side table combo. With both pieces of this wardrobe placed together, the total size of this unit adds up to 1.8m in width, a height of 1.7m along with a depth of 0.55m, this may be the one and only wardrobe you need in order to fit all of yours and your partner’s clothing and accessories.


While the furniture specials that have been mentioned throughout this article may only cover your lounge and bedroom, our specials are extended across all corners of the house, ensuring that you are able to start saving your hard-earned money without having to cut corners unnecessarily.


Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for the Spring Season


After staying inside for the majority of the colder months, along with some of us having to remain indoors due to lockdowns and quarantines, it is not difficult to admit that some of our houses have definitely begun to look a bit more lived-in than usual. While quarantines and lockdowns may still be around within the near future, it does not need to feel that way and can actually be made a bit more bearable with some spring cleaning. Although this may not be the most enjoyable activity, the end result will most definitely be rewarding enough.


The best way to get started on such a seemingly daunting task is to place your focus on only a single room at a time. By doing this, along with a checklist, you get to place all your attention on each room equally without running the risk of forgetting about certain areas of the house or feeling overwhelmed when tackling your entire house altogether. Once in each room, however, you can start to organize and clear each space of clutter.


By sorting through your clutter and organizing it into categories ranging from storage, throw out, give away, and so on, you are able to work through the entirety of your house in an efficient and systemic manner. With this comes the opportunity to make a little extra cash on the side, as you may begin to grow a collection of items that can be put towards a yard sale.


To achieve all of this in the most energy-efficient and least time-consuming way, however, is to get the entire household involved. While you may hear a few groans and hesitations coming from the hubby and moody teens, you can liven things up a bit with the help of some music and the promise of a hearty meal at the end of it all. It is also during this time that you can all collectively start a few new cleaning habits to extend the lifetime of your household’s cleanliness too. The added benefit of getting the family involved is that everyone is likely to stumble upon an item or two that brings in a wave of nostalgia, as is the case with practically any spring-cleaning session!


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