Online Furniture Store – Things you should know

Shopping at an online furniture store: things you should know


Say goodbye to stressful visits to the furniture store in search of your perfect piece, and instead, welcome to the easy and convenient virtual trip to an online furniture store, where you can make informed decisions from home, with the click of a button. In just a few minutes of reading, learn about the benefits of shopping at an online furniture store, and why exactly it is fast becoming such an appealing option.


Navigating an online furniture store






Trapesing around a store can get tiring, especially after a long day of work, or during the weekend when you should be taking time off. Making use of an online furniture store presents you with a friendly user-interface, with easy-to-understand categories that aid you in narrowing down your search to the last detail.


Websites show you great deals that you may not notice, or may not even be available, in-store. Search-bars make the process even easier, and being able to directly look for exactly what you’re searching for without having to rely on a salesperson’s assistance can alleviate general levels of frustration.



Benefits of shopping at an online furniture store



There are many benefits that come hand in hand with shopping at an online furniture store, primarily the fact that it can be done in the comfort of your own home, where you are surrounded by your existing furniture and style that you can use as a frame of reference for your potential purchases.



Browsing thousands of categories and collections has never been easier. Unlike a trip to your local furniture store, you will not be limited by your location, especially if you live in a more remote area. Another interesting factor is that you may scroll past something you had no idea you needed, and would not have seen otherwise during a traditional trip to the store.



Available 24/7


For those who are unable to find time to make trips to the store, online furniture shopping is a wonderful option. Unlike physical stores, websites never close. You can browse, pay and secure a piece at any hour, and at your leisure.



You will not feel pressurized by a growing queue or an approaching closing-time. You determine your own shopping times, and can take your time comparing and choosing your pieces. Sleeping on a decision is a great way to make sure that you’ve really considered the outcomes of your choice.
Being able to shut your computer or put down your phone for the night after considering a piece and then opening them up again after a good night’s rest is a great way to make certain that you are not guilty of impulse buying.



“Sorry, we’re out of stock.”



There are few things more annoying than making the trip to the furniture store only to discover that they do not have your dream chair, that you saw on the website, in stock, and that you will now have to settle for less. When shopping at an online furniture store, you will know exactly what is available for purchase, and will never have to make compromises or feel disappointed.



With multiple colour, pattern and material options from which to choose, you can take your time scrolling through potential pieces with a world of opportunities at your fingertips.


Budgeting has never been easier


Maintaining your budget is hard when you come face to face with a huge, gorgeous piece of furniture, with a small price tag that you have to get in closer to see. Comparison shopping is a huge part of budgeting, where one tries to find the most affordable option that still appeals to them and satisfies your needs.



These lines may get blurred when surrounded by countless options and a nagging budget on the mind. When shopping online, you can search for furniture based on your budget options. The pricing is transparent and clear to see, and will help ensure that you stick to your desired budget and save coins where it matters.



More often than not, having the gallery view to scroll through on a website helps shoppers to stumble across a piece that is affordable and suits your visual preferences at the same time. Another appealing aspect is the fact that online stores generally offer more reasonable prices, as they have to compete with other franchises and online platforms. Furthermore, stepping foot in store is a more personal experience, one usually doesn’t find as many discounts and specials as online retailers.



Get creative while online furniture shopping


With the limitless web at your fingertips, you can easily plan an entire look based on references of colour, style and designs found all over the world. With these open in the background, shopping for the furniture to create your desired look has never been easier.



One’s home is filled with things that bring them comfort and joy. It makes sense then why furnishing and updating a home is an important task. Shopping for furniture online means that only one’s imagination is the limit. With countless collections easily found on the store’s website.



The independence of online furniture shopping


If you have ever gone shopping in store, you will have experienced an encounter with some very convincing salespeople in your journeys. We have all been persuaded into buying things that we simply did not need, or did not budget for.



This is an easy way to regret a purchase that seemed like a really great idea at the time. When shopping for furniture online, the ball is completely in your court, and you are free to make the choice that is best suited for you, without outside pressures.



However, if you are in need of some assistance, the majority of online furniture stores have an easily accessible customer care system, that provides helpful information and if need be, a way to contact a salesperson or correspondent who can solve your queries and concerns.





Now more than ever, online shopping has become increasingly popular, as many wish to stay home to protect themselves from the novel Coronavirus pandemic that has impacted life as we knew it. Shopping for furniture online ensures that you and your family are out of harm’s way.



While stores are practicing strict and rigid hygiene measures in order to promote a virus-free space for their customers, the risk of contraction still maintains when going into public spaces.
With online shopping options, you don’t need to put off your purchases, but can have them delivered to your doorstep at zero risk to your own safety.



“It doesn’t fit!”


Buying furniture online means that you are unlikely to bring home items that do not fit where they should. Before making your purchases, making use of a tape measure to measure your room space will ensure that when confronted with the images and easy to understand furniture measurements on the site, you will experience no mishaps with placing your purchase in your desired spot.


Sitting in the room you wish to fill with your new furniture pieces is a sure way to keep tabs on any factors that may influence the quality and positioning of your new purchases. For example, does your cat stray pass and have a scratch at your chair? Is your dog fond of leaving stray hairs on the carpet? These are examples of things you may not have kept in mind while away at the store.





The wonders of a Wishlist



Making use of a Wishlist while shopping at an online furniture store is one of the many benefits that visiting a physical store cannot top. The Wishlist makes it possible for you to keep tabs on products that you love and need to think about before making that important decision of purchasing.



Going back to compare your different options ensures for wiser and more cash conscious shopping. Furthermore, many sites may notify you if items you have placed on your Wishlist are on sale, a sure way for you to save some bucks where it matters.


What to watch out for when making purchases from online furniture store



Besides the many benefits, there are certain things to watch out for when shopping for furniture online. Because you aren’t able to physically see or touch the piece of furniture or item, you may be disappointed when what you’ve purchased arrives and is not what you expected. However, this can be easily avoided by following these simple steps:


• Do your research – if an item is listed to be made out of a certain material, google exactly what this material feels like, and how it responds to cleaning, for example. This way you will know exactly what to expect.


• Make sure you have read and understood the sizing of the item, so as to avoid any mishaps upon arrival.


• Be careful about the online furniture store you decide to shop from. There are a host of fake websites that lure people in with exorbitant sales, only to scam shoppers out of their money. Checking a site’s authenticity is as easy as making a google search, checking out the URL or phoning the customer service line.





Online Shopping - Making a payment online




Standing in long queues to pay has become a thing of the past, and making online payments has never been easier. These are not the only benefits, however. An authentic online furniture store provides customers with the option to pay by lay-buys, as well as through other credit platforms such as Mobicred and Payflex.


For example, a mattress that costs R1, 999 can be paid through a deposit of R200, and several monthly payment options, ranging from the 3-month plan of R600 per month, to the 12-month plan of R150 per month.


Allowing customers to make such arrangements to accommodate their financial preferences and needs is arguably communicated better online than in person, as one can keep tabs of their chosen route. Oftentimes such offers can go over one’s head in a face to face conversation with a salesperson, so having the different options laid out before you on the site allows for more informed decision making.


Hassle-free deliveries to your doorstep


Having your purchases delivered to you is probably one of the best parts of shopping at an online furniture store. The backbreaking task of carrying your newly bought lounge set to your car, and later into your home, is no longer yours to bear alone.


If you have made a purchase from a trustworthy store, you can rest assured that your furniture will arrive unscathed and in pristine condition at your doorstep, ready to enhance your home. Furthermore, many online furniture stores make free deliveries if your total spent surpasses a certain amount.


You can expect a delivery time of between 2-5 working days. This may seem like a long wait until you are able to view your exciting addition, but the wait is worth the anticipation.

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