Once again, amidst the coldest months of the year, we at 5Star Furniture are hosting a fantastically affordable winter clearance sale. With various high-quality and gorgeous products on offer at incredibly reduced rates, we are sure you will find exactly what you need when you buy online through our online furniture store portal. In just a few minutes of reading, to help you on your way, we will show you our best picks for our winter sale that you should keep an eye out when perusing our online furniture store.




Our best winter sale picks to check out on our online furniture store


Although there are a seemingly never-ending selection of products we have placed on sale for your convenience, we have curated a few of our favourites that we believe you may enjoy. Check them out below:


Change up your lounge with the Rex Corner Lounge Suite


For only R5,499 during our winter clearance sale, you can get your hands on this huge set when you check out our online furniture store. The Rex Corner Lounge Suite has beautifully curved arms with fixed seat covers. The arms are decorated with the timeless button technique, giving the piece an air of classiness. Unbelievably, 6 scatter cushions as well as an ottoman, to prop up your legs or a hot drink, are included in the price!


Spending lockdown at home has made many of us weary with our lounge set-ups, and in most cases, we have realised that it is finally time for a change. Instead of spending inordinate amounts of money on several separate seating options, why not make use of our sale and purchase the Rex Suite and bring this popular style of seating into your space? If you are worries about transporting this large suite, fret no more.




The suite can be broken up into 2 separate couches that interlink at the corner – meaning you can get them home and into their ideal space easily with little huffing and puffing. The suite stands strong with 4 brown legs on each of the couch. Large families can delight in the fact that you can comfortably sit 6 people on this gorgeous piece of furniture.


The Rex Corner Lounge Suite comes in several neutral colours, meaning that it will fit in seamlessly to whatever decorations and styles currently reside in your home. The set photographed in this instance is dark grey, and is upholstered in a soft linen. Linen is a durable, flexible and easily cleanable material – which is great for busy families with pets tottering around.


It is always advisable to measure the available space in your living room before purchasing lounge suites. The measurements of this gorgeous piece are as follows:


  • Shorter couch: length of 1.5 metres and a width of 0.8 metres.
  • Longer couch: length of 2.3 metres and a width of 0.8 metres.
  • Ottoman: 0.6 metres all around.


Should you wish to purchase this piece from our online furniture store, you may be relieved to know that not only is it a locally manufactured product, but it also comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee.


Swap your old TV stand for the Cathy Plasma Stand from our winter sale on our online furniture store


Is your TV stand looking a bit shabby and overcrowded? If so, you can change this with the incredibly low price of R1,799 with our winter clearance sale. The Cathy Plasma stand is stylish, modern and will add significant value to your space in terms of your living room’s aesthetic. Its dynamic storage facilities provide ample space for decoders or other media devices such as PlayStations or Xboxes.


The Cathy Plasma Stand is suitable for plasma screens up to 55” in size, and its open back makes it easy to connect unsightly cables hidden from view. The display space besides your screen can be filled with an elegant plant, photo frames, candles or ornaments – whatever suits your fancy. Because of its structure, the stand can be turned in any direction.




The piece is available in single or two-tone colours to blend in harmoniously with the rest of your living room. The model pictured above consists of a rustic, two-town style with a contrasting piece of black/mahogany. It has a length of 1.6 metres, a width of 0.5 metres and a height of 0.6 metres. Be sure to measure the available space before purchasing this great piece through our online furniture store winter sale.


Update your spare room with the Comfort Combo Double Mattress – medium firmness with base


Now that the Covid-19 vaccination rollout is making good headway throughout South Africa, the time for family visitations will soon be upon us – especially now that the Christmas season is rapidly approaching. What better opportunity is there than our winter clearance sale to update that old, uncomfortable and springy mattress in your spare room? This is where the R3, 699 Comfort Combo Double Mattress with a medium firmness and base comes in.




This cosy bed is a whole 1.37 metres wide with a length of 1.88 metres. Should you feel as if your spare room requires a longer bed (if you have particularly tall extended family members) there are extra length versions available for your convenience. If this is the case, please tell us so in your notes when you make a purchase through our online furniture store.


So what is it exactly that makes this bed so worthwhile and gives it its place on our list of top picks? We will tell you:


  • The bed has no innerspring, but instead has 3 whole layers of high-density foam (as well as memory foam) which is what makes it so incredibly comfortable.
  • The bed has a medium firmness, which sleep experts argue to be one of the healthiest firmness for our bodies.
  • It has 6 legs instead of the common 4 that give the base even more support.
  • It has a turnable mattress, which is known to increase the lifetime of a bed.
  • The bed is covered in a beautiful and elegant white, circular knit fabric that not only looks good – but also adds durability and comfort to the piece.
  • This bed is sure to impress even the most stern of in-laws and back-pain ridden relatives. In purchasing the Comfort Combo bed when you buy furniture online, you will also be contributing to the local economy – as this piece is locally made by a leading manufacturer with decades of experience: Quality Bedding. Further, this bed comes with a 10-year service warranty from the manufacturer.


Update your storage space with the gorgeous 4 Door Wardrobe in Grey


Running out of storage in your bedroom? Or is your cupboard simply a bit worn out and squeaky? We have just the solution, and for only R2,999 you can purchase the large and elegant 4 Door Wardrobe when you buy furniture online from our winter sale. This spectacular piece is spacious with 4 doors and 6 drawers which move seamlessly and smoothly on steel runners.


The wardrobe has ample hanging space as well as packing space in which to fold your clothes, store bedding and even toiletries. The piece is divinely decorated with flowers and slanted lines, featuring modern silver handles as well as handy mirrors in both the middle doors. No need to worry about your private items, as the doors are lockable and come with keys.




The wardrobe has a height of 2 metres, a width of 1.6 metres and an inner depth of 0.5 metres – giving you plenty space to store things within. If you dread assembling items when you purchase them from our online furniture store, you need not fret, as assembly is included in the initial purchase. However, should you desire, the wardrobe can be delivered in a flat pack. You should indicate this desire when you check out your item through our online portal.


The wardrobe is manufactured in sturdy super-wood, with both the inside and outside coated in the same colour to keep the aesthetic present when open. The smooth coating of the interior also ensures that your clothes and items in the wardrobe will not snag on small pieces of wood. This piece would be a fantastic addition to any bedroom, and if positioned carefully, will appear to be an inbuilt cupboard.


Swap out your average dining room table and chairs with the Black Glass Dining Set


Have you found your family growing over the past few years? Are you expecting an influx of guests during the festive season? If this is the case, you should check out the gorgeous Black Glass Dining Set featured on our winter clearance sale. For only R2,999, you can receive this beautiful piece with 6 luxurious chairs included!




These chairs consist of sturdy, black steel frames and are covered with the durable PU fabric of the same black. The table, whose surface is made from black tempered glass, is 18 millimetres thick and is 1.5 metres in length and 0.9 metres in width. This size makes it large enough to comfortably seat and serve 6 people while at the same time fitting nicely in a space without dominating the room. Due to the materials used in crafting the table and chairs, it is also incredibly easy to clean.


Upgrade your kitchen with the 4 piece Kira Kitchen Set in mulberry brown


Due to the frequent closure of restaurants during the Covid-19 pandemic, you are likely to have spent much more time in the kitchen preparing meals than ever before – especially if you are a foodie who enjoys the dining experience. Your increased presence in the kitchen may have caused you to realise that your space is outdated, crowded and looking a bit shabby. If this is the case, we have just the solution for you. Included in our winter clearance sale is the 4 piece Kira Kitchen Set, and for only R7,999, you can change the look of your kitchen significantly!


This large piece consists of 4 pieces that are ready-made, with a middle piece that fastened to the cabinets on either side of it. This means that every single piece is standalone and requires no kind of drilling or sticking to the walls. This is particularly helpful if you are renting and are not permitted to make holes in the wall.




The set pictured above has a mulberry brown finish and features modern handles in the shape of squares. There is even a grocery unit, whose door slides gracefully open on a smooth track – making it an excellent addition to a kitchen that is lacking in space. Before you purchase this wonderful set when you make the choice to shop with our online furniture store, ensure that you measure your kitchen space, seeing that the set is rather long.


It has a width of 4 metres, a height of 1.9 metres and a depth of 0.5 metres. Its marble preparation station makes it a dream to clean, and if properly cared for, this set will serve you for years to come.


More pieces included in our winter clearance sale when you buy pieces from our online furniture store


The products listed above are by no means our only beautiful pieces. Be sure to check out the 5Store clearance sale feature on our site while it lasts for more unbelievable and affordable products!



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