When your couch no longer fits your space, becomes faded, or is creaking every time you sit down, it is time to consider getting a new couch. 5Star Furniture has cheap couches for sale that can quickly replace your old couch. We have listed the top seven signs you need a new couch and how 5Star Furniture has the perfect couch solutions.


Cheap Couches for Sale at 5Star Furniture:


An old couch can be uncomfortable or embarrassing, but people often feel forced to live with their couch because purchasing a new couch is too expensive. At 5Star Furniture, you can find great couches which will not break your budget with our range of cheap couches for sale.


At 5Star Furniture, our range of affordable couches comes in a variety of styles, materials, colours, and sizes. You are assured to find a beautiful couch that will suit any lounge space or decorative taste at 5Star Furniture.


We have exceptionally high standards when it comes to the couches we supply. This is why we both import couches and select locally made couches so that we can always provide you with excellent quality at a low value. Do not put up with an old, stained, or damaged couch. Find a couch perfect for your family and home at an affordable price at 5Star Furniture.




Seven Signs You Need a New Couch:


If you see a similarity between these signs and your couch, it is time to purchase one of the cheap couches for sale from 5Star Furniture.


1) Size Matters:


Couches can often have sentimental value. The couch you own may be the first couch you ever bought or was a hand-me-down from a favourite family member. Often, our sentimentality can force us to hold onto a couch even when the size of the couch is no longer functional in the lounge space.


The size of your couch is extremely important for creating a flow in your lounge. Lounge flow is affected when your couch is too big and it protrudes into the doorway, covers the window, or blocks access to areas of your lounge. Selecting a new couch that allows for free movement in your lounge is important for creating a functional space.


At 5Star Furniture, there are various sized cheap couches for sale. It is quick and easy to purchase a couch online or from the 5Star Furniture store that will suit the size of your space and allow for flow with your other lounge furnishings.




2) Cuddles and Claws:


There is nothing better than sitting on the couch, watching a movie, and cuddling your furry pet. Being a pet owner is highly rewarding, but pets can also cause numerous damages to your couch.


Cats are notorious for damaging couches. When you look at the arm of your couch, you see a comfortable place to rest. When your cat looks at the couch arm, they see a perfect scratching pole. As the cat rakes its claws up and down, they leave behind tears in the couch fabric. These tears can then fray or become major holes.




Dogs can also cause damages to your couch. Dogs can cause stains if they jump onto the couch with muddy paws or decide the couch is where they are going to enjoy their greasy bone. Dogs can also cause irreparable damages if their nails get caught in the couch fabric or if they gnaw on the couch.


Pet fur can also become problematic for couches. Although we love our pets for their fluffy tails and tummies, pet fur can be difficult to clean off an upholstery couch. The fur tends to get stuck into the couch material, as well as the material of your jeans every time you sit down.


5Star Furniture has you covered when it comes to choosing a couch suitable for a home with pets. We provide cheap couches for sale in faux suede, such as the Two Seater Lola Couch.




Faux suede is an animal-friendly material made from polyester microfiber. The material is soft so that you will be comfortable, but robust enough to handle pets. Cleaning pet food spills or shed hair of a faux suede 5Star Furniture couch requires a quick wipe and your couch will be looking brand new again.


3) That Sinking Feeling:


After a long workday, many people look forward to sinking into their couch with a drink in their hand and watching their favourite series. The only problem with sinking into an older couch is that you may struggle to get back out.


Old couches that have sagging couch cushions can result in you slipping into a crevice with your knees in line with your shoulders. Couches with limp, flat cushions are not only uncomfortable, but they can also cause muscular strains in your lower back due to a lack of lumbar support.




Lumbar support is providing adequate support to the muscles and skeletal structure of your lower back. Lumbar support is especially important whilst you are in a seated position on your couch, as slouching can place stress on your lower back. You need sturdy couch cushions to maintain your posture.


5Star Furniture offers a variety of cheap couches for sale that will provide lumbar support. Our couches come with firm, plump cushions that will be both comfortable and supportive for your posture. 5Star Furniture couches can be sunk into without placing your body under any strain.


4) Faded Fabric:


Has your denim couch become a mottled shade of baby blue? Is your red couch now a dusty shade of pink? Couch fabrics can become faded when exposed to direct sunlight, heat, excessive cleaning, and general wear and tear.


A couch with faded fabric can drastically bring down the aesthetic of your lounge. No matter how well you decorate or which scatter cushions you choose, your faded couch will bring down the style of your lounge.


Purchasing a new couch will pump new life and vigour into your lounge. At 5Star Furniture, you can find cheap couches for sale that will improve your lounge space without affecting your monthly budget. We make sure our couches are affordable so that you can always feel proud of your lounge rather than feeling embarrassed when guests see your faded couch.


5) Creaky Couch:


If your couch squeaks, cracks, or pops, when you sit down, it is time to invest in a new couch. These sounds typically signify that your couch has internal structural damage. Damage can range from cracks in the wooden frame to weakened metal springs.


When replacing an old couch, people often opt for the cheapest couch without considering the quality. Quality couches will have mechanisms that are made to be durable and have longevity and will therefore save you money in the long run.


At 5Star Furniture, you get the best of both worlds. We offer cheap couches for sale that are both high-quality and have a low price. You can trust the durability and quality of our couch mechanisms whilst enjoying a new couch at a low value.


6) Style Change:


That floral print couch that once suited your Traditional decorative taste will no longer suit your new modern design style. Your decorative tastes can change, and your couch which once was the star of your lounge can start holding you back in the past.


Rather than telling guests that your decorative style is eclectic, you can rather purchase a new couch that will flow better with your new lounge style. At 5Star Furniture there are various couch style designs that you can choose between.


If you are looking for cheap couches for sale that will be timeless, 5Star Furniture has you covered. Our Rex Lounge Suite in dark grey is a couch that will never go out of fashion and will always blend with your decorative tastes.




7) What is that Stain?


Couches that do not have protective coverings can quickly become stained. A meatball can roll off your fork, a friend can spill a splash of wine, or your children can decide that your couch is their new colouring book. As the years pass, that small stain here and there can transform your couch into a mottled mess. There is no need to live with a stained couch when 5Star Furniture is around. 5Star Furniture has a range of cheap couches for sale that have easy to clean materials.


What to Do with Your Old Couch:


After buying one of the cheap couches for sale from 5Star Furniture, you need to figure out what you are going to do with your old couch. We have listed a few viable options to get rid of your old couch.




If you have decided to purchase a new couch because your old couch no longer suited the size of your space or your current style, you can sell the couch. There are numerous online websites where you can quickly and easily find a buyer for your couch. Plus, you can use this extra cash to take off some of the costs of purchasing a new couch.


If you are selling a couch that has a few stains or damages, it is important to make your buyers aware. Upload accurate photographs of your couch so that buyers can make their own decision.




You could also donate your old couch. There are numerous charity organisations and students that would highly appreciate a free couch. This way you allow someone else to enjoy using your couch.




If you have a friend or family member in need of a couch, you can gift them your old one. We recommend getting the couch professionally cleaned before you give it away as a gift. If the couch is badly damaged or stained, you can turn it into a personalised gift by getting the couch reupholstered to suit the style of your friend or family member.


Throw It Away:


You can also throw away your old couch. You should only consider throwing the couch away if it is damaged beyond repair. There are companies you can hire to collect larger furniture pieces and take them to the landfill for you.


About 5Star Furniture:


5Star Furniture is your one-stop furniture shop. We stock every item of furniture you need to transform an empty house into a home. We are based in Pretoria, but our online store ensures that everyone in South Africa has access to furniture from 5Star Furniture.


We are renowned for our amazing furniture specials, such as our cheap couches for sale. We ensure that every furniture piece is affordable for a wide range of budgets so that everyone can enjoy the comfort and quality of 5Star Furniture. Get rid of your old couch and enjoy the benefits of buying a new, affordable couch from 5Star Furniture.


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