The global pandemic has, on numerous occasions since its emergence in South Africa in March 2020, been the reason for the frequent closures of gyms across the country. With no ensured end in sight just yet, who knows how long gym-goers will have to have their workouts foiled? In the wake of these disruptions, many have decided to take their workouts home in the form of home gyms. In just a few minutes of reading, find out how to create a home gym on a budget with the help of furniture specials.


How to choose a room for your home gym


If you have one spare space in your home, it seems naturally obvious to choose this as the room for your home gym. However, if you are not so limited with your options, there are a few features to look out for that will make a room the perfect place for your home gym, some of which include:


  • A tiled or concrete floor (so that it can be easily cleaned and will not absorb liquid)
  • Plenty of windows (to allow for plenty airflow and cooling)
  • Open, uncluttered walls (so that mirrors and hooks can be installed)
  • Plug points (to link up to machines)
  • Good source of light (so that workouts can be done at night)


If you are lucky enough to have covered parking on your driveway and tend to leave your garage unused, this is a great place to use as a gym. Not only should the floor be of the perfect material, but you would be able to open up your garage door while exercising to experience a cooling breeze while you exercise. Once you have found the perfect space, it is time to peruse the world of online furniture stores in the search of furniture specials.


Tips on designing and decorating your home gym


More and more mirrors


Not only do mirrors reflect light and as a result make a space appear larger than it is, they assist in allowing you to make sure you are performing workouts correctly. Many a weight-lifter in gyms adore standing in front of mirrors while working out, whether or not this is for actually self-improvement reasons or vanity is unsure. Regardless, if your budget allows it, think about purchasing a few mirrors to create a wall of mirrors to enhance the look of your home gym room as well as help you improve your form.


Brighten your walls


There is nothing more uninspiring, then neutral, plain walls. They certainly do not get anyone in the mood for a vigorous workout. Designers recommend painting a wall, or even a strip on the wall, with an inviting colour that speaks to you. This splash of colour can really pull a space together, as well as brighten your general mood. Think about hanging several decorative hooks on the space to hold ropes and exercise bands, too.


Having these pieces of equipment on display will help you to remember to use them too.


A friendly floor


The surface on which you perform most of your workouts should be kind to your joints and extend a degree of shock-absorbent. This will help to prevent unnecessary injuries. Naturally, a good-looking floor will also improve the aesthetic of your gym room. One cool flooring option is soft, connecting tiles that come in a variety of colours and can be purchased online. Otherwise, a trusty and high-quality yoga mat should do the trick.


Let there be light


Ensuring that your home gym has adequate lighting is an important part in creating an exercise-friendly space with a positive and vibrant energy. If you have a few different lights in the room, fitness buffs recommend turning them all on for high-energy sessions such as workout routines, and dimming them for more relaxed activities such as yoga.


Music in the air


It is unlikely that you will find anyone who does not enjoy listening to music when they exercise. Up-beat and rhythmic music is known to promote energy and help us stick to a beat when we exercise, often hyping us up enough to get through even the toughest of workouts. When it comes to more relaxing activities like yoga, calmer music has the potential to turn the space into your own zen haven.


With this in mind, be sure to add some sort of sound system to your gym. Free-standing or portable speakers are a great option, as you can use them all around the home and really get your money’s worth after a purchase.


Ample storage


When it comes to home gyms, things can get really messy, really quickly. It is easy to accumulate a ton of exercise equipment that piles up rather fast. Oftentimes, we can run out of space and it ends up looking rather cluttered in a corner. This is the perfect opportunity to make use of furniture specials from online stores such as 5Star Furniture. We offer fantastic storage pieces at affordable rates as part of our furniture specials, such as:


The Grocery Cabinet


Consisting of 3 separate, durable packing compartments, the stylish and modern grocery cabinet featured in our furniture specials would be the perfect solution to any home gym storage woes. The design of the cabinet gives it a “locker” appearance, which is a great aesthetic to match your gym space. With a height of 1.8 metres, a depth of 0.45 metres and a wide of 0.55 metres, the cabinet is perfectly sized so as not to take up too much floor room if your gym space is limited.


The cabinet is made from pressed wood and comes in a variety of colours, although the white model, pictured above, is bound to match any piece of décor or colour pallet in your home gym. This locally made piece sports modern, silver handles and has legs that raise it from the ground so as to prevent any potential water damage. This piece, featured in our furniture specials – which costs only R1,799 – is the perfect place in which to store your favourite gym equipment, which can be neatly arranged in categories within.


The storage box


Another one of our exciting furniture specials, the storage box, or chest, would be a great addition to a home gym if you are going for a more eclectic look. Not only is it a practical storage solution for your home gym equipment, but it is a highly decorative item which will enhance the space and make it more inviting. The deep buttoning design further adds to its appeal.


This piece is also raised from the floor to prevent any water damage, and it is made out of faux suede fabric. This makes it seem to be leather in appearance, but upon closure inspection and to the touch you will realise it to be cosy and soft and run no risk of cracking or peeling. It is also very easy to clean.




The chest is 1.4 metres in length, 0.46 metres in width and 0.58 metres in height, making it small enough to not dominate the space but also an effectively sizeable storage solution. You can get your hands on this stunning piece, included in our furniture specials, for only R1,929.


Consider colours carefully


We have already mentioned some of the benefits of adding a splash of colour to your home gym. However, there are some interesting ways to achieve what is known as a “natural high” through specific colours. For example, blue is said to psychologically inspire us as we exercise and help us overcome the desire to give up. This is a great colour for someone who wishes to focus on fast-paced, high-impact workouts in their home gym.


Alternatively, for those who wish to bring in the restorative and calming power of nature to their space, consider a green colour. On this note, should you be more oriented to practicing yoga or pilates in your home gym, try to bring the outdoors in. You can do this by purchasing some gorgeous pot plants to breathe real life into the space.


A place to rest


No home gym is complete without a comfy spot to sit down after your intense workout and enjoy a bottle of cool water. This is another opportunity to save money and make good on our furniture specials. We offer a variety of cosy couches and chairs at 5Star Furniture, many of them included in furniture specials, such as:


The velvet big-tub chair


Perhaps one of the most visually pleasing pieces included in our furniture specials is the velvet big-tub chair. Not only is this the perfect spot to perch and relax after an intense session, but it will also add an air of joviality and vibrancy to your space. The chair is 0.85 metres in height, 0.8 metres in length and 0.85 in width. Its reasonable size makes it a great seating option that will not dominate the space.




Should you be looking for a more neutral colour than the orange model pictured above, this gorgeous piece also comes in black, brown and grey.


The studio chair


Another beautiful seating option included in our furniture specials is the popular studio chair. This is another stylish and comfortable piece that can add even more value to your home gym, and be the perfect spot to take a breather after an intense session. One feature of this piece that makes it so stylish is its modern, square design. Another, is its square legs or elegant silver legs – between which you can choose when you order the chair. It is made from a soft, velvety, durable and easy-to-clean fabric.




What equipment do you need for your new home gym?


Essentially, the equipment you need for your home gym all boils down to the type of exercise you perform within. For example, if you enjoy a boxing session a few times a week, then you will undoubtedly need a boxing bag. The same applies if you adore weight-lifting, and will then need to purchase some weights from your local supplier. You need not purchase all your equipment out-right, especially if you are sticking to a budget for your home gym.


However, we have compiled a short list of some of the most popular pieces of work-out equipment that you may wish to consider for your home gym:


Resistance bands


Large elastic bands, also known as resistance bands, are a popular choice for home gym users. They are effectively used to create tension between your muscles and ultimately are a great asset for a full-body workout.




Potentially the most popular pieces of home gym equipment, weights can be purchased for relatively affordable rates in a variety of cool colours. They can be integrated into almost any workout routine.




Another favoured type of equipment, kettlebells are awesome tools to utilise when doing exercises like lunges and squats in order to enhance your workout.





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