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As South Africa continues to bear through its coldest months of the year, it is no wonder that people across the country are now keeping an eye out for new furniture that is affordable while sustaining a high level of quality. Luckily for you, doing this has never been easier, especially if you decide to shop at South Africa’s leading online furniture store, 5Star Furniture. Within just a few short minutes of reading, we can help you decide on your next favourite lounge suite at a price that is only a fraction of what can be expected elsewhere.


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What to Expect When Browsing through 5Star Furniture


If you happen to be reading through this article on an old couch that is just barely able to support you while remaining comfortable throughout extended sittings, then you already know what not to expect when browsing through 5Star Furniture’s digital catalogue of high-quality couches. While our store may be known for its endless selection of couches and chairs meant for your living room, this is far from the only form of furniture that can be anticipated. In fact, 5Star Furniture is able to dress virtually any room in your home with a variety of different styles to suit your desired aesthetic.


The products found on this online furniture store can help bring the various rooms in your house to life, which includes the lounge, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, home office as well as your storage unit too. With the different uses and capacities that these rooms cater to, we provide a wide selection of products that can help match the uses and capacities of each room. This will allow you to live in a home where none of your various pieces of furniture are able to appear out of place in the slightest.


However, it is sometimes due to this impressively large selection alongside the unmatched quality seen across all our products that it is often assumed that our store is filled with prices that very few people would be able to afford on a clear conscience. Thankfully, you can rest assured knowing that our prices have been able to remain as competitive as ever, allowing you to feel comfortable when making your purchase. As you read this article, 5Star Furniture is hosting a Winter sale that allows you to make the most out of your purchase.


How You can Redesign Your Bedroom


One of the main reasons behind why our online furniture store has become so widely coveted throughout the whole of South Africa is due to our never-ending selection of high-quality products. Our wide range allows us to help you make drastic, but sometimes necessary, changes to the style of your house, no matter which room needs the most attention or what aesthetic catches your eye the most.


By placing your focus on our bedroom furniture page, you’ll immediately be made aware of how much freedom is provided to you, all in terms of the products themselves, their colours, sizes as well as their styles too. These qualities even extend across all age ranges, ensuring that you can always get the product that you need at the prices you want. This can be confirmed by looking at the various products that we provide to those looking to redo their bedroom, which includes beds of all sizes, ranging from king-size beds to bunk beds, as well as various drawers, wardrobes, headboards, pedestals, and side tables too.


What may undoubtedly be the most important part of any bedroom is the bed, a product that should be deliberately thought over by any buyer as it is not only the centrepiece of the room but also where we spend most of our time in life. In fact, it is currently estimated that we as humans spend nearly half of our entire lifetimes in bed. With this in mind, it is no wonder why so many people take the necessary amount of time to think about which bed would best suit them.


While this may be a difficult choice to make when browsing through almost any other online furniture store, this is a choice made easy when shopping at 5Star Furniture due to our abundance of hefty discounts, allowing you to get started much sooner for much cheaper. What better place to start than our Comfort Combo Firm King Size Mattress?


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At precisely 1.83m in width and 1.88m in length, this king-size bed is large enough to give you, as well as your significant other, the space and comfort needed in order to attain a quality night’s rest. This is supported by the fact that this bed is expertly constructed without the use of any innerspring. In their place, there are instead three separate but equally important layers of high-density foam, which also includes memory foam, a crowd favourite when it comes to high-quality mattress support.


What allows the price of this already discounted bed to appear even cheaper upon further consideration is the fact that it has a mattress with comfort layers being placed on both sides. This allows you to turn the mattress over whenever it is necessary, increasing its lifespan dramatically without seeing the quality of your sleep deteriorate over time.


To go with your bed, we even provide a large selection of matching headboards. While our acclaimed online furniture store does stock your everyday headboards with padding that allows you to relax in luxury while resting your head, we also stock the coveted Venus headboard too. Widely considered to be one of the most impressive and feature-rich headboards to be sold in South Africa, this product sports storage space aplenty via its 2 drawers and 7 doors, located all across the product itself. Sold with built-in mirrors on either side too, it is clear to see why this headboard has become so widely sought after by homeowners across the country.


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You cannot have a bed without a matching bedside table to go next to it. A popular choice of side table that is regularly bought from our online furniture store is our Black 3 Drawers Pedestal.


With measurements consisting of 0.5m in width, 0.4m in depth, and 0.7m in height, this set of drawers can work perfectly as your bedside table, a pedestal, a TV stand, or even as a storage cabinet too. Built to last with outstanding quality in mind, this proudly South African 4 drawer set comes fully assembled to ensure that you are not left frustrated while putting this product together, something that is often experienced when shopping at almost any other online furniture store.


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Shop at Our Online Furniture Store to Help Bring Your Living Room to Life


The centre of any home is the living room. It is where our friends come to hang out, where our families spend time together after work and school, and simply where we all like to park off after a long and stressful week. By keeping this in mind, we strive to help make your living room the place to be when you need comfort and relaxation amongst all else. This is made readily apparent when looking at our large selection of lounge suites, TV stands, coffee tables, and general accessories too.


To start things off, we recommend that you take a look at our Esme corner lounge suite, which comes with 6 additional scatter cushions at no extra cost. Assembled into an L-shaped design with a length of 2.31m and a width of 0.8m, this stunning suite will provide you with enough space to spread your legs in peace, even if you are chilling alongside your family, close friends, or even both. Coming in a light grey colour with a high-quality tapestry that is flexible, easy to clean, and modern, many of our treasured clients struggle to consider buying practically any of our other lounge suites.


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Alongside our range of lounge suites, we also provide a selection of accessories to help bring it all together. This includes ottomans, scatter cushions, and side tables, all of which range in their own selection of colours.


While it is always nice to be in a living room that is pleasing to the eye while remaining comfortable for everyone present, it is rare that the couches and side tables steal the show. This is often seen by our expertly crafted TV stands as well as the TVs that reside right above them. Our TV stands can be bought in a number of different flavours, each sporting their own colour schemes, sizes and uses too.


While our online furniture store does currently sell smaller, basic units that provide no other use other than a place for your TV to rest on, we also sell a number of larger stands that provide ample storage space for your all your living room needs. One of our more popular selections would be the Oliver Two Tone Stand.


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Built at 1.6m in length, 0.5m in width, and 2m in height, the Oliver Two-Tone stand supports flat-screen and plasma TVs that are up to 55” wide while still providing you with more than enough extra space for you to fill with your collection of movies, gaming consoles, photo frames and far more. This is made even more impressive by the fact that this stand provides multiple display and storage options for your TV and accessories respectively, while still coming in a number of different colour schemes and combinations to help you match the style seen in the rest of your living room without even the slightest bit of hassle.


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The information presented in this brief article is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many different products that we have on offer, all of which are sold at nothing but the lowest prices currently possible. Our already reduced prices have recently seen additional reductions in the form of our Winter Clearance sale. Never before has it been as easy to redo the various rooms in your house from the ground up as it is today, made possible by the heavily reduced prices on our high-quality products.


By browsing through the items seen in our winter sale catalogue, you may find it difficult to continue shopping anywhere else. Our online furniture store stocks products that will help you fill out your bedroom, living room, home office, kitchen as well as your storage room at handsomely discounted prices. To make things even better, any and all online orders of R3999 or more within a radius of 20km from our distribution centre come with free delivery, which itself will take only 4-7 days to reach your doorstep. Place and order for peak relaxation via our revered online furniture store today!



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