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It’s very important to keep a particular design scheme in mind while you decorate your house, or else you run the risk of creating a confusing and disjointed space that does not flow fluidly and aesthetically. You want your home to correspond to your style while still being practical, comfortable and inviting. However, determining which style suits you best and then finding the right furniture to bring this vision to life can be quite a daunting task for any homeowner. If you’re in the process of redecorating and you’d like some help with your interior design scheme, then read this article to decipher how to use 5Star Furniture specials to execute a variety of different design schemes, including traditional, industrial, rustic and contemporary styles.


Why Are Interior Design Techniques Important


There are many design styles out there to choose from, and the limitless list of options includes a vast variety of inspiration spanning from many different international contexts, cultures and fashion trends. Each design style is broadly defined by its preferred choice of form, shape, colour, fabric and curation. Lighting, accessories, furniture, texture and materials determine how the style translates into your physical environment, so be careful to make strategic, thoughtful decisions while you browse through 5Star furniture specials.


Using a specific design scheme is a great way to convey your personality and align your lifestyle with your home. It is also a very useful tactic that allows you to curate a specific ambience and atmosphere that directs the resident’s feelings. For example, interior designers decorate beach cottages in a way that matches the rejuvenating effects of the seaside. In order to make residents feel just as relaxed in the cottage as they are on the beach, interior designers interweave oceanic, organic elements into the space by introducing calming blues, rustic seashells and lightly coloured wood throughout the space.


Similarly, in a home office, it is best to prioritise functionality and ergonomics so that the working student or employee is able to work comfortably and productively without distraction. Hence, interior designers focus on the necessities such as the shelving, the desk, the study chairs, bright lighting and minimalist decor. By decorating with a specific scheme in mind, you can attune the space to suit your specified mood or use for the room. The best designers are able to balance practicality with aesthetics in a seamless way – and they do this by focusing on the foundational theory of design.


Using a specific design scheme allows you to create a signature look in your house that is representative of your personality and taste. Your home is a reflection of you, so you should design it in a way that delights you! When you come home from a long hard day at work, what is it that will make you feel comfortable, supported and excited to be at home? Before we move on to how you can execute design techniques using 5Star furniture specials, take a moment to consider this question and think about what colours, textures and moods you like, as well as which kind of activities will be taking place in the room that you plan to decorate.


Using 5Star Furniture Specials To Execute Popular Design Styles


So, without further ado, let’s dive right in! As we’ve said, there are many, many design styles, and a lot of them tend to share common fabrics, forms and textures. Sometimes you might find it hard to verbalise exactly what style you prefer, and often people find that their personal styles cannot always be described by the generalised terms that we’re about to go through. Regardless, you can always borrow your favourite elements from the styles that resonate most with you and use these references to inspire your unique design plans. Once you’ve determined what you like, you can use this knowledge to start browsing through the 5Star Furniture specials that suit you best.


Traditional Interiors


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Traditional design is inspired by European aesthetics from England and France, as they mainly originate from 18th and 19th-century trends. Many people tend to dismiss traditional homes because they associate them with conservative, boring finishes. But in fact, traditional designs can create a cosy environment where bold statement pieces and spectacles are balanced with classical furnishings.


Think opulent furniture, lots of trinkets and accessories, crown moulding, columns, wood panelling, detailed fireplaces and stained-glass windows. Traditional homes often make use of dark, masculine furniture paired with rich fabrics and textures such as velvet, silk, brocade, leather, plaid and paisley amongst others. Traditional homes are generally embellished with antiques and jewel tones, but other common tropes of a traditional home include grand chandeliers, tapestries, oil paintings, heavy curtains and drapery, as well as plenty of bespoke upholstery.


Traditional homes prioritise symmetry and orderly predictability. Room designs remain quite conventional, with dining rooms, kitchens, lounges and tea rooms each serving their own customary functions. Traditionalism is often associated with royalty too, so you can expect to see extravagant, layered design schemes that showcase china sets, silver sets, gold trim, candelabras, crystal vases and other luxurious details that add to the ornate mood.


5Star Furniture Specials for Traditional Homes


  • Wingback Dark Grey Tapestry Chair for only R1,999
  • Roundarm Chesterfield 2 Divisional Seater Couch in Cream Velvet for only R5,699


Industrial Interiors




Since the early 2000s and 2010s, a lot of industrial spaces have been converted to city apartments and lofts in urban spaces. These rooftop apartments, penthouses and lofts have inspired industrial design techniques that pay homage to the turn of the industrial age and urbanisation. These spaces often seem raw and even unfinished at times – but this is all a part of the iconic warehouse feel. High ceilings, exposed brick, exposed pipelines, exposed beams, unvarnished wood and ductwork, steel, metal and concrete characterise the industrial style as these finishes create a newly-renovated look that feels hip but laid-back.


Industrial spaces use neutral colour schemes to create a calm, relaxing environment. Open shelving, dangling light fixtures, abstract art and photography make simple decor, and these are complemented by simplistic, minimalist furnishings. What’s more, these kinds of spaces favour open-plan living, dismissing the need to section off separate rooms and instead prioritising multifunctional living spaces – for example, sometimes decorators will even install an interconnected mezzanine level for a bedroom and keep the lounges and kitchens open-plan.


Industrially-designed spaces can generally feel quite masculine, but they are often balanced with organic pops of colour. Many people use plants to decorate these spaces without losing the factory feel. The foliage adds a pop of colour while still prioritising organic textures and industrial elements. Large open windows and fireplaces make great spectacles in these bare spaces, as they play with light for additional interest and warmth to contrast the cooler materials and fabrics.


5Star Furniture Specials For Industrial Spaces


  • Rectangle Coffee Table in Oak Metal Frame for only R599
  • Study And Computer Desk – White Top With White Metal Frame for only R749
  • Rectangle Kitchen Table With 4 Chairs – Brown – 5 Piece Wooden Look for only R1, 250


Rustic Interiors




These interiors combine farmhouse elements, industrial decor and masculine characteristics to create comfortable, homey spaces that don’t place too much of a spotlight on the finer details and finicky, decorative elements. This no-muss, no-fuss style celebrates organic materials and textures such as wood, stone and metal. Rustic spaces often bring outdoor elements to the indoors, creating a casual environment that feels one with nature.


Rustic spaces shift the priority from aesthetics to functionality. Practical decor is preferred over trinkets and accessories, which is why you’ll find fluffy blankets, books and firewood featuring in the communal space instead of ornate clutter. Neutral tones like brown, white and cream are always best in a rustic space, while plushy furniture adds to the warmth of the space.


In rustic homes, unlike modern homes, you’ll notice that there isn’t too much emphasis placed on symmetry, sharp lines or sleek coordination. Rustic homeowners tend to mix and match their furniture. However, balance is maintained by using a common colour scheme that creates continuity and flow. Central features in rustic homes include TVs, fireplaces, family dining tables and communal coffee tables.


5Star Furniture Specials For Rustic Spaces


  • Sleeper Couch – Levi: Brown Material Double Bed Size for only R2,349
  • Sleeper Couch – Levi Range: Black Tapestry Double Bed Size for only R2,349
  • Lola Couch 2 Divisional Dark Brown Suede for only R1,700
  • Plasma/TV Cabinet – Rustic Grey Furnishing – Range: Rosy for only R1,999


Contemporary Interiors




Contemporary design schemes became popularised during the 1970s around the same time as the rise of postmodernism. Contemporary design schemes are often associated with modern design schemes, but this style is slightly different despite its overlapping elements. Modern design finds its origins around the 1950s, and it focuses on clean, sleek lines and sophisticated functionality.


Contrastingly, contemporary design blends modern elements with postmodern elements to create an ever-changing style that embodies today’s hottest trends. Contemporary design also favours uncluttered spaces with sleek lines and neutral tones. However, contemporary spaces differ from modern spaces in that they don’t hesitate to integrate pops of colour and bold art. Contemporary spaces are often accented with black and white, and they don’t shy away from ornamental decor or eclectic statement pieces.


Contemporary homes balance neutral colours with striking finishing touches. Structural elements and architectural statements like arches, exposed plumbing pipes, exposed beams and raw wood floors add character to these spaces. Plants and modern artworks bring drama to these showy rooms. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon to see steel, metal, marble and other reflective materials in these spaces, creating a sense of splendour.


5Star Furniture Specials For Contemporary Spaces


  • Studio Couch 2.5 Seater: Green Velvet for only R2,599
  • Rex Corner Lounge – Black Tapestry R5,499
  • Set Of 2 Round Nesting Coffee Or Side Tables – Gold Metal Frame With Solid White Marble for only R2,999
  • Round Style Glass Coffee Table CTH213 – Black & White for only R2,999


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Use 5Star Furniture Specials To Bring Excitement To Your Home


Now that you know the rudimentary theory behind some of the most popular design styles, you can approach your interior design plans with confidence. Having the language to verbalise what you want and what you like is half of the struggle, so now you can use this information to accurately convey your preferences and share your visions with your construction team, project managers and any other stakeholders in your home renovation. What’s more, with 5Star furniture specials you can easily and affordably find the right pieces for your home on a tight budget.


With 5Star furniture specials, you can source both the quality statement pieces and the bare necessities that you need to furnish your home. Their quality materials and diverse range of styles make it easy to find what you need without the hassle of having to visit multiple stores. 5Star’s furniture specials’ online shopping and delivery services make it simple and easy for you to add your favourite pieces to your cart and have them delivered at your leisure. Following the simple design tactics outlined in this article, you can easily curate a traditional, industrial, rustic or contemporary space with the right furniture.



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