Cheap Couches for Sale: How To Choose the Right Couch For Your Lounge

Cheap Couches for Sale: How To Choose the Right Couch For Your Lounge




If you are a first-time couch buyer or are looking for a new couch to replace your current one, you may feel distressed by the never-ending amount of couches you have to choose from. With our handy guide on how to choose the right couch for your lounge, we take away the guesswork and stress of purchasing a new couch. We cover everything from size to material to cost so that you can confidently purchase a couch suited to your needs and style. With 5Star Furniture, finding an affordable and stylish couch perfectly suited to your lounge is easy with our cheap couches for sale.


How To Choose the Right Couch For Your Lounge:


You may initially think that the process of finding a new couch will be effortless. In reality, the plethora of couches for sale online and in-store in various sizes, colours, and patterns may have you feeling daunted and overwhelmed. Suddenly, the old couch you have or the beanbag you have been sitting on does not seem so bad anymore. We are here to take away your stress so that you can quickly and easily find the perfect couch for your lounge with our guide to choosing a couch size, style, material, and cost.




The most important aspect of selecting the perfect couch for your new lounge is size. We have highlighted the aspects you need to take into consideration when deciding on a couch size to make this process easy and quick. From orientation to accessibility to the lounge furniture you currently own, we consider everything for your new couch purchasing process.


1) Orientation:


A harmonious lounge that contributes to easy usability and practical functionality is determined by furniture orientation. Before you decide on what couch size you would like, determine the space it will be positioned in. Will the couch be against the window to be in direct line of sight to your kitchen or will it be nestled in a corner against the wall? The orientation of your couch in your lounge will then impact the seater size and accessibility, so take time with this step.


2) Shape of Lounge:


When determining the orientation of your new couch, you need to pay special attention to the shape of your lounge. A rectangular lounge compared to a large square lounge or an L-shaped lounge will require a different orientation for your couch and impact the size of the couch you can fit in the space.


3) Seater Size:


The seater size will be determined by the number of people living in your home or the frequency of the number of guests you have over. For a young couple, a two-seater couch is perfectly suited, whereas a five-person family may need to consider a three or four-seater couch with additional single chairs. The number of seats you will need daily will impact the size of the couch you can have in your space.


4) Measure:


Now it is time to measure! First, you will need to stand in the space you desire for your new couch to be positioned in the correct orientation and location in your lounge. An easy way to measure for a couch is to place tape on the floor in the footprint of the couch size you desire.


When taping out a space for your new couch, there are two aspects to keep in mind. The first is the relationship of the couch size to the surrounding furniture in your lounge. Does the size of the couch work well against the scale of your other furniture? Will your lounge feel cramped with a couch this size with the other furniture, or does the couch feel awkwardly small? Ask yourself these questions as you compare your taped footprint to the rest of your lounge furniture.


The next thing you need to consider is accessibility. You need to be able to have easy access to your couch and easy access to your coffee table or side tables whilst seated on your couch. When the size of the couch is perfectly suited to your other furniture and you have easy accessibility, the space will flow. Now you can measure your taped-out couch footprint and you have the perfect size for your new couch.






Style is extremely important to consider when purchasing a new couch for your lounge. Making sure that it cohesively merges with your existing design theme without sacrificing practicality can be difficult. Follow our guiding steps on style to make sure that you continue to fall in love with your new couch every time you walk into your lounge.


1) Design Theme:




Is your home minimalist or Art Deco? Do you gravitate towards natural materials and earthy textures or find yourself enthralled by anything sleek and glossy? The overall design theme of your home needs to be reflected in the style of your couch to create a cohesive flow. Your couch will be the star of your lounge as it will be the piece of furniture everyone will notice and use the most. Ensure that the story of your design theme is beautifully narrated by the style of your couch.


2) Use:


Pay careful attention to the intended use of the couch when deciding on the style. If your couch is intended for a formal lounge where you will only entertain guests rarely, then you can place more emphasis on the style of the couch. If your couch is intended for the family lounge and is going to be laid upon with your feet up while you watch movies, then comfort and durability will need to be prioritised over style. That being said, comfort does not mean unstylish as you can find the best of both in many couches.




The material offers an opportunity for creativity and to showcase your personality. It is important to remember that while the material colour is important, a couch is one of the most commonly used furniture pieces, so you want to make sure the material you choose has longevity. Balance colour choice with practicality with our guide to selecting the material for your new couch.


1) Colour:


The colour of your couch material is your moment to allow your personality or design style to shine. You may be inclined to a neutral couch with high-end materials, or a fun and cheerful couch in a bold material to truly draw the eye. The material colour of your desired couch is where you can create harmony between the other furnishings and décor items in your lounge.




2) Functionality:


Your family dynamic will determine what type of material will be a functional fit for your couch. A family with small children will have to take spilled juice, food crumbs, and the odd crayon stain into account when selecting a couch. A new relationship in their first apartment will not have these problems to consider, but you may be entertaining a lot and will therefore need a material that is effortless to keep clean.


Luckily, most couch materials have been designed with advancements to increase functionality for keeping them clean. Leather or pleather couches are excellent functional material choices as they are easy to wipe down, while polyester or rayon fabric couches prevent staining. The choice is up to you, and you can always discuss your functionality needs with the salesperson before making your couch material purchase.


3) Durability:




The material you choose for your new couch needs to be durable. After all the time and effort you have put into perfecting the size and determining the style, the last thing you want to deal with is a couch material that tears easily or fades in a few months. Make sure that the material you choose will be suited to the amount of use your couch will experience. Any polyester, rayon, acrylic, or pleather material is an excellent choice for durability in a couch.




Now that you know the exact size, style, and material you desire for your new lounge couch, it is time to allocate a budget that you are comfortable with. When determining your couch budget, it is important to remember that while purchasing high-quality furniture initially will be more expensive, you will be saving money in the long term. Craft a budget that is reasonable but also allows you to purchase a durable couch you can enjoy for a long time.


We understand that after all the effort you have put into deciding on the perfect new couch for your lounge, it can be disheartening to not find one available in your budget range. With 5Star Furniture, you can have the couch you desire with our glorious range of styles, sizes, materials, and designs, all at an affordable rate with our cheap couches for sale.


Cheap Couches for Sale at 5Star Furniture:


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When it comes to finding the right size couch, we understand that you may be deterred from considering cheap couches for sale at an online furniture store. This is why we ensure that the exact measurements are incorporated into the details of every couch we supply. This way you do not have to stand in a showroom with your tape measure at the ready, but rather from the comfort of your home, you can easily peruse our cheap couches for sale.


From bold and bright to textured and neutral, our wide range of couches available in various materials in our cheap couches for sale range ensures that you find the exact couch to suit your stylistic and functional needs. You do not need to sacrifice style for durability and practicality with the cheap couches for sale at 5Star Furniture.


At 5Star Furniture, we promise continued quality and longevity for all our cheap couches for sale. 5Star Furniture is both an online furniture store and has a showroom based in Midrand, Pretoria so that if you are located nearby, you are welcome to come and view the exceptional quality of your desired couch in person. If a statement couch that suits your practical needs is what you require, then 5Star Furniture has you covered.


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