A first apartment is equally thrilling and overwhelming. On the one hand, your friend or loved one will finally have their own space to live in alone or with a spouse. On the other hand, they will also have to furnish the apartment to cover basic living needs, all while taking on the new expenses of rent, utilities, and the other monthly costs involved. If you know someone renting their first apartment for the first time, we have created the ultimate guide to gifting that will make this experience easier and exciting for the first-time apartment renter. 5Star online furniture store makes gifting furniture for a first apartment effortless and personal.




Gifts for a First Apartment:


If your close friend or a family member has just taken the big jump into their first apartment, a few thoughtful gifts for their first apartment can go a long way to reduce their stress and for you to show your support for their new chapter in their life. We have created an easy guide to a range of gifts that you can give to a first-time apartment renter.


1) Furniture:


Furnishing a first apartment will have the highest impact on your friend or family member’s budget. Gifting a few select furniture pieces can help your friend or family member immediately start enjoying living in their new apartment (without having to sleep on a blowup mattress or sit cross-legged on the floor for dinner). 5Star Furniture offers a wide range of high-quality and affordable furniture pieces that can be the perfect gift for your loved one.




2) Kitchenware:


Kitchen utensils and appliances are an excellent gift to go for as they offer a wide range of options suitable for your specific budget. You can select between larger kitchenware options, such as a deep-freezer, toaster, or kettle, or you can select smaller yet still useful kitchenware items, such as a cutlery set, mugs, or serving platters. Kitchenware always comes in handy and is a safe, practical, and effective gifting option for a first apartment.


3) Personalised Gifts:


There is no better first apartment gift than one that is specifically unique to the style and personality of your friend or family member. We have highlighted a few small, personalised gifts that can be the perfect housewarming present.


Doormat: This may seem like a purely practical present, but doormats offer an excellent opportunity for a personalised gift. You can get a plain doormat printed with either your loved one’s name, a cool catchphrase that is personalised to the person, or “my first apartment”. Every time your friend or loved one steps through their front door to their first apartment, they will think of you!


Framed Photo: Framed photos immediately add a personalised touch to a space. You can either get a photo of you and your family member or friend printed or print a photo of them with their spouse or roommate. This is a small gift that will definitely make your friend or family member smile!


Plants: Plants help a space feel alive, fresh, and homely, making plants a superb gift for anyone. Select your friend or loved one’s favourite indoor plant for their first apartment. If you are worried that a live plant may be too much for your friend or family member to handle, a fake plant is an easy alternative.


Games: Allow your friend or family member to have the apartment everyone wants to spend their Saturday nights at by gifting them a selection of games! From Monopoly to a chess set to Cards Against Humanity, there is a perfect game that can be personalised to the entertainment your friend or loved one enjoys.




4) Cleaning and Cooking Supplies:


A highly practical gift and one which will assist your friend or loved one whilst they adjust to the new expenses of a first apartment is basic cleaning or cooking supplies. Cleaning supplies such as washing machine powder, dishwashing liquid, and cleaning clothes can go a long way in the first few months of living alone. A cooking supplies present can incorporate anything you wish from an array of spices to a batch of frozen meals. This gift lends itself to being a hamper, which is both fun to create and receive!


5Star Furniture Guide For a First Apartment:


Selecting furniture for someone else’s first apartment can be tricky as you may not know the design style they have decided on or what they already have. We have created a basic guide to the 5Star Furniture available on the online furniture store that are excellent options to gift to a first-time apartment renter.




First-time apartment renters are going to have friends and family that are excited to come and visit. While this is a demonstration of love and support, your friend or loved one can feel overwhelmed if all they have is a few spare garden chairs or a beanbag as furniture in their lounge. We have created a quick outline of the lounge furniture on the 5Star online furniture store that will be the perfect furniture gift for a new apartment.


Couch: Couches are an essential piece of lounge furniture, but often fall outside of the budget for a first-time apartment renter. A couch as a gift is a thoughtful and practical present that is perfect for a loved one or family member. 5Star online furniture store offers a wide range of cheap couches for sale that will suit both your budget and the style and size of your loved one’s new apartment.


Plasma Stand: While you can precariously rest your new TV on a stand of left-over packing boxes, a plasma stand is a better and safer alternative. A plasma stand gift will ensure that your friend or loved one can spend their evenings lounging on the couch, watching their favourite series, and taking in their new lifestyle in their first apartment. 5Star Furniture offers a variety of plasma stands perfectly suited to gifting to a new apartment renter.




Coffee Table: There is nothing worse than visiting a friend’s new apartment and they have nowhere for you to place your cup of tea except on the floor. A misplaced foot can send the cup of tea flying with the cup shattering and your friend feeling disappointed that a cup is already missing from their newly-purchased tea set. A gifted coffee table is an excellent way to avoid any catastrophes whilst visiting, and allow your friend to put their feet up after a long workday!


Home Office:


If your loved one or friend works remotely or freelances, they are going to need to create a home office in their first apartment. Office furniture is a superb gift that can assist your loved one with getting back to work while they slowly unpack the rest of their apartment. 5Star Furniture offers a wide range of office furniture pieces that are both practical and stylish. From computer desks to chairs to cabinets for storing office supplies, 5Star online furniture store has your home office furniture gift covered.




Apartments are often known for one thing: lack of storage. Gifting storage to your loved one for their new apartment will make their life easier and the functionality of their apartment efficient. We have highlighted a few of the storage options available on the 5Star online furniture store that are perfect for a first apartment.


Upholstered Storage Box: One way to add an elegant finish to the bedroom while having some hidden storage is an upholstered storage box. The 5Star online furniture store offers a host of various styles that will suit the design theme of any bedroom. With 5Star Furniture, you can gift both practical and stylish storage for your loved one’s new apartment.


Drawers Cabinet: If your loved one’s apartment is short on bedroom cupboards, a freestanding drawers cabinet can be the ideal piece of furniture for storing clothes, beauty products, and other personal items. 5Star Furniture provides you with extensive choices of drawers cabinets so you can find one suitable for your loved one’s bedroom and storage needs.




Grocery Cabinet: Often in smaller apartments, there is minimal storage space for groceries. This can result in groceries being jammed and squashed in alongside the pots and pans or next to the Tupperware. A 5Star Furniture free-standing grocery cabinet is compact and highly efficient for easy storage of groceries in an apartment.


Why Buy Your Furniture Gifts from 5Star Online Furniture Store?


5Star online furniture store is the first choice for effective and reliable furniture gifts. 5Star online furniture store offers an excellent variety of local and imported furniture suitable to any space in your loved one’s new apartment. We have highlighted the top benefits for you when you chose to gift your friend or loved one furniture for their new apartment from 5Star online furniture store.


1) Quality:


When you are gifting furniture to a loved one or friend for their first apartment, you want to ensure that the furniture is of the highest quality. The last thing you want is your gifted couch or dining table collapsing after a few weeks of use! You also do not want your friend or loved one secretly selling your gifted furniture pieces because they are uncomfortable. At 5Star Furniture, we ensure the combination of reliable quality and comfort in all our furniture pieces available on our online furniture store. Your gifted furniture piece will be with your loved one through all of their apartments and homes!


2) Affordable:


While gifting furniture is a practical and perfect gift for a loved one’s new apartment, it can also severely impact your monthly budget. With 5Star Furniture, you can find the ideal furniture gift for your loved one’s new apartment at an affordable price. We strive to bring you the best of both worlds with quality furniture at an affordable rate on our online furniture store.


3) Delivery:


When you purchase your furniture gifts from 5Star online furniture store, you can get these items delivered fully assembled to your loved one’s first apartment. This is an excellent way to save you time and effort, while also surprising your loved one when a delivery van arrives at their new home! The 5Star Furniture delivery system also makes gifting a loved one who has moved to a different province easy as we can deliver to anywhere in South Africa.


4) Personalised:


While we do not manufacture furniture, we can customise selected furniture into your desired colour or size. If you know the design style your friend or loved one is planning for their new apartment, you can gift them furniture that is personalised to their design with 5Star online furniture store. We strive to offer you a service that will assist you in gifting the perfect personalised present to your first-time apartment renter.




5Star Furniture online furniture store is an effortless option for gifting furniture to a first-time apartment renter.



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