Cheap Couches for Sale: Know When to Buy A New Couch


Are you looking for a new couch for your home? Buying a new couch can sometimes be expensive, however, you can find cheap couches for sale online. Online furniture stores often have many sales on their products.


5 Star Furniture has many cheap couches for sale available on our website. Take a look at the variety of couches available on our website to find the perfect couch for your home. The couches on our website can be purchased in various colours and they are incredibly affordable.




Cheap Couches for Sale: How to Make Couches Pet-Friendly


Purchasing a new couch can be very exciting, but if you have pets it may be stressful trying to keep your couch clean. It can be difficult to keep pets off of furniture, but if you prefer having your pets sit with you on your couch, there are different ways to protect your couches.


One way to protect your couches would be to purchase furniture protectors or washable covers. You know where your pet’s favourite spot is to sleep. Cover this spot with a protector that you can easily wash when needed.


Ensure that you have at least two of these so that, when one is being washed, you can use the second one. There are covers that are made specifically for pet hair and dirt. This will be the best option for effectively keeping your couch clean.


Additionally, choose upholstery that is durable. There are certain materials that are more forgiving when it comes to pet hair and dirt than others. Leather is the best option for this. Pet hair can easily be whipped off with a damp cloth or vacuumed without damaging the leather.


Leather material is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. However, leather and pets do not always go well together. Pet nails can leave unflattering marks all over your couch and cat scratches can break off parts of your couch entirely.


Moreover, microfiber can also be used as a pet-friendly material for couches as it is also easy to clean and it does not hold odours like cotton and linen. Cotton and linen will have to be vacuumed and cleaned on a regular basis, unlike microfiber and leather.


Wool is also a no-go when it comes to acquiring pet-friendly furniture. If your pet leaves marks on your wool furniture, this may result in the need for immediate attention. This will require you to clean the stain with a gentle detergent, however, if wool gets too wet this may lead to it stretching.


If you decide to buy cheap couches for sale that are not made from pet-friendly materials, your best option would be to give your pets their own spots to relax. The best way to do this would be by buying them their own comfy bed.


Buying them a comfortable bed and placing it in a spot they enjoy will be the easiest way to keep them off your couches. Placing their favourite toy or blanket on their bed can also be a way to ensure they relax on their bed instead of on your new couch.


Have a look at 5 Star Furniture’s website to find excellent cheap couches for sale. There are so many couch options available on our website, therefore, you are guaranteed to find something that will fit perfectly into your home.


Cheap Couches for Sale: How to Design Your Home According to 2022 Trends


If you are unsure about how to design the interior of your home, a simple way to do this is by following 2022 trends. This is one way to find different ideas you would like to incorporate throughout your home instead of starting the design process with no ideas of what you like.


There are eight design elements that have become popular in 2022. These design elements include different shades of green, curved lines, layers of texture, warm neutral colours, mixing vintage and new, the decline of the home office, biophilic designs, and locally sourced furniture.




Different shades of green have become a popular way for people to incorporate nature into their homes. Green is slowly becoming a more popular colour in homes as opposed to the formerly popular blue. Green is seen as a very comforting colour as it reminds people of nature.


An easy way for people to incorporate green in their homes is by having a green couch that can be used as a focus piece in lounges. 5 Star Furniture has cheap couches for sale on our website. You will be able to find the perfect green couch to incorporate into your lounge.


Furthermore, more people want to bring the feeling of nature into their homes, this is often done by using biophilic designs. These designs aim to bring nature indoors by using natural colours, materials, and plants.


People have incorporated walls that are covered in plants and different types of plant hanging installations to achieve this. It is believed that this trend has become so popular due to people wanting to reconnect with nature.


Additionally, curved lines have become very popular. Harsh angular and geometric shapes, patterns and architecture were popular in the past but soft wavy lines have started replacing these trends.




Soft lines, curves and arcs have been incorporated into wall and couch designs. 5 Star Furniture has many different types of cheap couches for sale that have curves, arcs and soft lines. These couches will fit in perfectly with the interior design trends of 2022.


Another trend that has become popular over the last few years, not just in 2022, is warm neutral colours. Preferences for the colours used in homes have started changing. People no longer go for bright white, steely grey or other cool neutral colours.


The warm neutral colours that have started replacing cool neutral colours are beiges, creams and nude colours. People have also started incorporating colour shades that are earthier and richer which include camel, rust and taupe.


These colours have been used for walls and upholstery to bring a feeling of comfort into homes. Interestingly, blush colours have also become popular. Variations of the neutral colours mentioned have been made with undertones of soft shades of pink to warm up homes.


Moreover, when looking at all the 2022 trends, texture was mentioned often. People have been searching for different ways to incorporate textures such as fur into their homes. Buying cheap couches for sale is one way to do this.


On 5 Star Furniture’s website, we not only have various different colour options but texture options as well. We have many couches available in velvet, suede and leather with different embellishments to add to the texture of our couches.


Another amazing trend is using both new and vintage furniture in homes. Vintage furniture can be found at thrift shops and charity shops. This is a great way to save money and take some pressure off of the environment.


Vintage pieces can be refurbished to fit in with any new pieces you have in your home. These pieces can be painted or kept exactly the way they are. This is another way to bring different textures into your living space.




Lastly, home offices were popular in 2020, not due to design choices but because this was necessary in order for people to comfortably work from home. However, two years later this has changed due to people moving back to their job offices.


Purchase cheap couches for sale on our website to convert your old home office into a relaxing living space. This space can be used as a reading room or a game room. Another great way to use this room could be as a guest room.


Cheap Couches for Sale: 15 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Summer


Decorating your home for different seasons can be fun. There are so many ways to decorate your home for summer after winter has ended. If you want to make your home look simplistic and minimalistic, here are 12 ways to achieve this.




  1. Start by decluttering your home. The first step would be to remove visual weight around your home. This would include large circular mirrors and replacing them with rectangular ones. Circular items often appear heavier than rectangular items.
  2. After decluttering the next step would be to incorporate practical items as a part of your decor. This is one way to reduce clutter. Items such as blankets that are used every day should be part of the decor to make them easily accessible instead of hiding them away.
  3. Incorporating plants into your home will give a sense of summer and freshness. Using plants as decor in different rooms is also one way to add different pops of colour and it can make your home feel cosy.
  4. Buy fresh flowers or cut fresh flowers from your garden to use as arrangements. If you would prefer to not be committed to watering indoor plants, buying flowers and placing them in a vase on your dining room table can still give the same effect.
  5. A summer-decorated home can be achieved by using lighter colours around your home. This can be done by changing the colour of your walls, repainting furniture, or using lighter coloured throw pillows on your couches.
  6. Bold colours are also recommended after lighter colours have been incorporated. These bold colours include yellow, lime green, red, coral, tangerine, and pink. These colours can be incorporated by using dishes, pillows and linens.
  7. The next step is to soften the textures in your home. Transition from heavy wool that is often incorporated during winter to softer linen blankets. Making this transition will also make everything in a room look softer.
  8. In winter people often layer with blankets to give their homes a cosy feeling, however, summer is the time to ditch layers and go for a minimalistic look. During summer it is only necessary to have one blanket on your couch or chair.
  9. To lighten up your home during summer opt to lighten your window coverings. Replace heavy curtains with linen or cotton drapes. Changing the colour of your curtains from a dark to light or neutral colour is another way to achieve this.
  10. Another great idea for summer is to create an outdoor living space. Bringing the feeling of being outside to the inside of your home can be very relaxing. This can be done by opening up your windows and curtains.
  11. Nature-inspired art is another way to bring summer into your home. These art pieces may include botanical landscapes or forests. However, these art pieces can be used all year round.
  12. Rearranging your furniture for summer is also great. You can create more open spaces in your home. This can also be done by swapping around decor from different rooms. This is also the easiest and most inexpensive way to give your home a new look.

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