Get Spring Blooming In Your Home With Corner Couches For Sale!


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Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and the trees are green again! Ah spring, is it not just so lovely? Except for the inconvenience of our sinuses acting up, there truly is no better time of year than springtime. The dark clouds of winter are slowly fading out as the bright glimmers of sunshine take up more of the day. One thing that can make your day even brighter, is heading on over to 5 Star Furniture and checking out our sunny spring deals with corner couches on sale! Intrigued yet? Then read this short article on how you can get your home Spring-ready with our corner couches for sale!


Why celebrate spring with corner couches for sale?


First of all, we’re not just offering corner couches for sale. We’re offering cheap corner couches for sale. Seriously, we have the best deals. We want people to live in both comfort and luxury at affordable prices.


Adulting is hard. Not everyone can afford to redo their home every season, and we all have bills to pay. But what if there was some type of store which had unbelievably affordable prices that allowed adults to go wild on a budget? Look no further than 5 Star Furniture Store. We at 5 Star Furniture cater to your financial needs. For this spring we have the biggest sale ever on our corner couches.


Optimism is key in spring. It is flat-out depressing to be scrolling through millions of articles only to find out that life is too expensive for you to be buying a new couch. Well, we don’t want you to be feeling down about finances, so we go out of our way to make sure we provide you with prices that are both affordable and out of this world.


Have you heard those birds on your windowsill going, “cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap”? No? Well, after you check out the deals we have on offer, we are sure you will be hearing that sound loud and clear.


During spring, you probably want your home to be as bright and vibrant as the weather outside. Therefore, we urge you to head on over to 5 Star Furniture and check out our deals. The corner couches on sale come in various fabrics and colours, perfectly suited for any home this season.


Benefits of Corner Couches for Sale


Make space for entertainment. A corner couch is a perfect addition to your home as it allows you to free up space. Pack your living room full of entertainment with all the increased floorspace you gain from installing a couch that hugs the corners. As the dark skies are clearing up, why not also clear out that old double-seater couch which consumes your living space and add a corner couch that takes up less space and makes your home much cosier.


Allow the beautiful sound of chitter chatter in your home. Since corner couches are shaped in an “L” or “U” most of the time, it will encourage your visitors to have a seat and socialise with one another. This means you will be able to listen and engage as your friends and family tell the stories of their most memorable moments in life.


Always be in style! Having a corner couch in your home means you will not only be in style this spring, you will be trendy all year long. Besides, neither you nor we have the money to buy couches every three months as the seasons change.


Make your home extra cosy. There is nothing quite as homey and wholesome as coming home, putting your feet up with a sweet cup of tea, and spending cherished time with your family. Thus, the large size of a corner couch allows you and your whole family to be seated and partake in a wholesome moment all together.


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Make your home ‘the’ home with corner couches for sale:


Don’t you want your home to be ‘that’ home, you know? Okay, well if you do not know what we mean by ‘that’ home, we’ll tell you. We mean that home that everyone always wants to hang out at. With a corner couch, you can make your home ‘that’ home.


Why? Well, because at ‘that’ home everyone feels welcome. Having a corner couch perfectly placed in front of the telly allows for everyone to be sprawled out and cuddling watching the best movies of all time. You can get so much quality time with friends and family that you won’t ever want another couch.


You will always have an extra bed. With a corner couch, you are able to always provide people with extra sleeping arrangements. That is because a corner couch can double as an extra bed where people can sleep when it gets too late to travel home.


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How to let your home bloom with corner couches for sale:


Know what you want. Once you do decide to buy some of the cheap corner couches for sale at 5 Star Furniture, do not buy blindly. At times you go shopping for new furniture, and you may end up far over budget with a bunch of things you do not need, therefore plan out what you would like everything to look like before buying your couch.


Decide on the colour scheme that will represent spring in your home. The colours best suited for spring are some sky blues, vibrant yellows, and flamingo pinks. These colours are all symbolic of or associated with feelings of positivity.


Estimate your financial budget. When you get looking for corner couches you may become overwhelmed with the variety of couches you would like to buy. Perhaps now you may be tempted to buy the chocolate brown leather corner set which is over budget, instead of the burnt orange velvet one which is more in your price range. We encourage you to stay within or under budget as you would then be able to spend more money on décor.


Keep things affordable. We know decorating can be so much fun and sometimes when you are buying things, one item leads to another, leads to another, and leads to another. Because what good is buying the corner couches for sale if you can not buy the ten decorative pillows that would look so good with them? While decorating is important, why not try to save your money for the extra entertainment perks that come with the new couch.


Try out the couch before you buy the couch. At 5 Star Furniture, we want you to choose comfort and quality first. Thus, before buying one of our couches we urge you to please have a seat and feel at home on the couch. Now, we know our couches are comfortable, but please do not stay seated.


You need to get up, go to the checkout point, and buy your couch before other strangers get to sit on your couch too! We also have an online store which allows you to read reviews on our furniture so that you know other people have rested well on the corner couches for sale before you buy it.


Invest in a corner couch with a strong frame. You do not want to seat all your guests on your brand-new sofa, and then all of a sudden everyone is sitting on the floor. Therefore, at 5 Star Furniture, we provide you with the strongest and best quality frames you could ask for. Everyone will be happily seated and chattering with one another.


Choose the plush cushions. Plush cushions equal maximum comfort. Not only will it feel like you are seated on a cloud, but you will be able to sit for hours on end while enjoying your favourite book or movie without your behind going numb.


Choose the right fabric. You cannot just buy a new couch without paying attention to what fabric is best suited for your home condition. By this we mean, in spring the kids and your dog are playing outside and eating ice cream again. Then, disaster strikes as they come running into your home with their mud-clad feet and sticky fingers as they crawl on the couch to watch afternoon cartoons. Thus, if this is your home condition, we recommend the leather couches. Otherwise, any fabric is suitable, as at 5 Star Furniture, our couches are easy to dry clean and wash.


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Know what will fit. Do not buy just any large couch because you like the amount of seating space it offers. First, take into consideration where the couch will be placed and how big the space is in which the couch must fit.


Spring Decorating Ideas for Corner Couches for Sale:


After buying the corner couch, the fun really starts. Because now, you get to decorate it! Winter colours tend to be very dark and gloomy but the colours of spring represent a bright new beginning. So let the light in by opening some curtains and adding some beautiful pastel scatter cushions on your corner couch.


Add a fluffy carpet for extra cosiness. After sectioning off the living spaces of your new couch, you can add a fluffy round bright coloured carpet in the centre. This will show the happy glow of springtime right in the centre of the room.


Throw in a side table somewhere. Many times the addition of a side table behind the couch makes the room seem more modern, and with the load-shedding schedules of today, let’s go ahead and throw in some lamps and a centerpiece décor candle as well. The lighter and brighter the room, the better.


Don’t just focus on the sofa itself, focus on the room around it. You don’t want a show-stopper sofa all alone in an empty room, do you? So why not get creative and add a few pictures or paintings on the wall? You can even double up on cosy by adding a throw blanket here and there.


If you like to be trendy, add a theme to the room. Maybe you would like your room to represent Monica’s apartment by adding yellow picture frames, some orange pillows and purple walls. Or you can make it seem more sophisticated and elegant by going for a white, black and grey theme. There are no limits in being creative with corner couches.


Corner Couches for Sale Spring Deals:


Our spring deal sale is on for the duration of November at 5 Star furniture. You can save up to 7% on a Rex Lounge Leather Suite and a Two-tone rex orange cream and brown corner couch. The deals are blooming, so get your wallet chirping by heading on down to our online store or our physical branches while stocks last. Hurry, time is of the essence here!



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