Moving into your first apartment is a thrilling combination of excitement and nerves! There are many factors to consider when moving into your new apartment. You have to find an apartment which suits your lifestyle, decide whether you are going to live alone or with someone, and then furnish your new apartment. Luckily for you, finding affordable furniture is made easy with furniture specials from 5Star Furniture.


Finding the Perfect Place:


The perfect apartment is ideally suited to all your needs. Your needs will be based on your personal preferences and you need to find an apartment that ticks as many boxes as possible. We have a few guidelines to keep in mind when hunting for your first apartment.


Budget: This is the most important (and possibly least exciting) part about finding your first apartment. Take the time to set a realistic budget that will cover all your monthly costs associated with renting an apartment and living away from home. A budget is the best way to ensure you do not end up back at your family home a few months later, broke, and disheartened. 5Star Furniture is here to help decrease your budget for furnishing your new apartment with our amazing furniture specials.


Give Yourself Time: As a first-time renter, you should take the time to enjoy this new experience. Allow yourself adequate time to find the apartment that suits all your needs rather than choosing between average options because you are on a tight time scale. If the ideal place does not pop up immediately, keep persevering and ask for help from friends and family.


Neighbourhood: As a rule of thumb, it is always better to aim for the worst house (or apartment) in the best neighbourhood. There is little you can do about your neighbourhood, but you can sprues up your apartment with décor, paint, and some TLC. Aim for safe neighbourhoods, suit your lifestyle, and feel like a place you can call home.


To Share, or Not to Share, that is the Question:


Moving into your first apartment can be something you want to do all on your own or you may want to share the experience with someone. Here is a quick guide on what you can expect when living alone, and what you can do to make living with a roommate or partner a success.


Living Alone:


Living alone in an apartment can sound like a piece of heaven. You can decorate the apartment to your wildest fancies, you oversee all the decisions you make regarding the apartment, and you do not have to deal with another person’s mood every day. Living alone can also be empowering. This is an experience to learn about yourself and grow.


There are possible downsides to living alone. The expenses fall solely on you which can become highly stressful if your budget is tightly stretched or you face unexpected expenses. This can also be a great way to learn how to budget effectively and change the way you live to be more accommodating for your budget. The furniture specials at 5Star Furniture also help when you are solely responsible for buying your furniture.


Living with a Roommate:


Your first time living away from your family home can be daunting, challenging, and lonely. Living with a roommate helps alleviate these types of stresses. Follow these tips to make staying with your roommate easy and issue-free.


Share the Costs: Living with someone helps with the expenses of your first apartment. You will share the rent, water and electricity costs, cleaning supplies, and any other shared household expenses. You also have the option to share food, which can be cheaper. Sharing food is risky and should be done in a trial period with the option to change at a later stage.


Set Boundaries: When you first move in together, take the time to set house rules that need to be abided by. There will be certain deal-breakers when it comes to what you are comfortable with when living with someone, and the same will be for your roommate. Respect that the space you live in is a shared space.


Compromise: Find a common-ground place between you and your roommate where you both feel that both your needs and wants are being satisfied. This may require you both to compromise on certain aspects. Mutual compromising is also important, because if only one of you is compromising, then this will lead to issues at a later stage.


Living with your Partner:


Moving into an apartment with your partner is a milestone moment in any relationship. Make sure that you are both excited and committed to moving in together as this will add a new dimension to your relationship which will be hard to go back from. Before you pop open the champagne, consider these suggestions to make living with each other a constant honeymoon.


Divide Household Chores: There is no faster way to cancel a lease agreement when you are the only one ever scrubbing the toilet or folding all the long-sleeve t-shirts. Divide the household chores between the two of you whilst keeping in mind each other’s daily schedules. Keep the list easy-going, as the last thing you want after an extra-long day at work is to come home and be in trouble because you forgot to dust the top of the cupboards.


Alone Time: Spending time by yourself, with your own family, or with your friends is extremely important to prioritise when living with your partner. It does wonders for your relationship to have a healthy amount of space. It also gives you two something to chat about when you see each other again.


Communicate: This is the key to any successful relationship. Communicate your feelings about your experience of living together openly and gently. It is important to highlight the things which annoy you, but do not forget to bring up the things which you appreciate them doing in your shared apartment.


Furnishing Your Apartment:


You have found the ideal apartment, decided on whether you are living with someone or alone, and now all that is left to do is furnish the apartment. This is the fun part. Furnishing your apartment is where you get to explore your design style and possibly have more freedom of choice than you did when living in your family home.


Furnishing an apartment is also easier as there is less space to fill. This allows you to find unique furniture pieces which work well for you and your space. Finding great furniture specials perfectly suited to your first apartment is at your fingertips with the online 5Star Furniture store.




5Star Furniture:


5Star Furniture has been providing furniture for the last sixteen years. We aim to provide you with mostly locally manufactured furniture from small enterprises. This ensures that each piece you own is not going to be found in every home, but rather is individual and unique to your space.


5Star Furniture Specials:


First apartments come with steep initial costs. The deposit is due, there are move-in costs, and then you realise that you still need to furnish the entire place to make it liveable. You also do not want to end up in the position where every family member dumps you with their unwanted furniture items and your apartment goes from your stylish home to an antique store.


Great furniture means furniture which captures your style, is practical in your apartment space and makes you feel like you are home every time you walk through the door. At 5Star Furniture, our furniture specials make affording the furniture of your dreams a reality. 5Star Furniture is here to make furnishing your new apartment easy. We have listed all essential furniture you will need for each room in your apartment, paired with some amazing furniture specials, to make your furniture shopping for your new apartment a breeze.




Your lounge area is the space where you are going to kick off your shoes and relax after a long workday or use it as a space to entertain your friends on the weekend. Furnishing your lounge to suit your needs is easily done with 5Star Furniture specials. We have listed all the furniture you need to convert that space in your apartment into your ideal lounge, which can all be found at 5Star Furniture.


  • Couch
  • Additional Seating
  • Coffee Table
  • Plasma Cabinet


When it comes to finding additional seating for an apartment, we are loving the choice of an ottoman. Ottomans are great for apartments because they are small and can be easily moved around to accommodate your guests (or rest your feet on while you watch a movie). There are many ottoman styles to choose from at 5Star Furniture so that you can match them to the style of your lounge.




Most apartment kitchens come fully furnished, but sometimes we need a little extra storage for those pots and pans we inherited from everyone who found out we were moving into a new apartment. 5Star Furniture specials are a great place to find kitchen cabinets that can be incorporated into your kitchen for extra storage.




Dining Room:


Most apartments do not have a specified dining room space. We suggest incorporating a small dining table just off your kitchen to have a place to eat or to host small dinner parties with family or friends. 5Star Furniture often has great dining furniture specials. We are loving the modern, two-toned style of the kitchen table with four chairs as the perfect dining addition to your new apartment.




Home Office:


If your work life has changed from going into an office every day to working from home, why not create a space which is perfectly suited to conducive work? Your job will have certain office equipment requirements, but we have the basics covered for you.


  • Desk
  • Desk Chair
  • Storage


5Star Furniture has great furniture specials available for storage options. Neatly store any work-related items in any of our office cupboards or drawers, such as the Small Oak Book Case or the Two Door Cabinet.






Your bedroom is your oasis at the end of every day. Furnishing a bedroom deserves extra attention to make sure it feels cosy, comfortable, and inviting. These are the basics we suggest to adequately furnish any bedroom.


  • Bed – Mattress, Bed Base, and Headboard
  • Side Tables
  • Wardrobe (if your apartment does not come with built-in cupboards)


Luckily for you, all these items are available at 5Star Furniture. There are many furniture specials for bedroom furniture which means that you can afford furniture for your bedroom to make it fit for a king (or queen).


If you are looking for a one-stop-shop bedroom furniture piece that is compact and ideally suited to a small bedroom space, the Venus Headboard is a must-have. The Venus Headboard acts as a headboard for your bed, has space for storage and hanging clothing, and side drawers. The Venus Headboard separates into four pieces, making it easy to transport to your new apartment.





Make your first apartment the home of your dreams with 5Star furniture specials. 



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