Covering your cheap couches for sale


In our consumerist society, it seems totally normal to sell or toss out your couch as soon as it starts to look shabby and replace it with a newer, more expensive model to keep up with fast trends. Many of us are guilty of burning holes in our pockets like this – however, there is another way. Instead of splurging on a designer couch with a price tag to kill, you can save money by purchasing cheap couches for sale and covering them yourself, which often yields even more stunning results. In just a few minutes of reading, learn all about couch covers and how to optimise the look of your cheap couches for sale.




Why opt to cover your cheap couches for sale?


The temptation to leave our budget plans in the dust and buy a big, new, shiny couch is ever-present. For many of us this is simply not a viable or financial savvy decision. This is not a death sentence for your creative vision, however. When you purchase cheap couches for sale, it is true you are opting for simpler, plainer designs – but the window of opportunity is open and inviting as a result.


Aside from the obvious money-saving benefits of opting to buy a cheaper couch, you are giving yourself the opportunity to take control over the design of your sofa. Saving money on the inexpensive option means that you will have some of your budget to spare on sourcing a couch cover that suits your needs and vision. There are various benefits of choosing to cover a cheaper couch:


  • Spills and messes can be easily cleaned (this is particularly useful if you have a busy household and furry family members)
  • You are free to chop and change your couch cover at a moment’s notice without high levels of stress and effort
  • You are unlikely to lose anything down the side of the couch (saving you a boatload of frustration when you just cannot find the TV remote)
  • Different materials and types of covers come with their own, unique benefits.


Different types of covers for your cheap couches for sale


From protecting your couch, to giving your lounge a makeover or simply a change of pace for your home, couch covers serve many purposes. Did you know that there are several types of couch covers, all designed with different aims in mind? There are 3 arguably superior types of covers: stretchy, loose fitting and bespoke.


This range begs the question of which sofa cover is the best fit for your needs. No household is the same, and therefore has different requirements that your chosen cover must meet. The following guide should help you in making an informed and confident decision:


Stretchy covers for your cheap couches for sale


We’ll start off with a cover with which most people are familiar. It is arguably the first option that comes to mind when one thinks about couch covers, and for this reason is one of the most common and inexpensive ones. Another appeal stems from the fact that this flexible design need not be tailored to fit your couch, and can be placed with ease and adjusted accordingly when you first try it on.




Stretchy covers best show their resilience when it comes to multiple machine washes, cookie crumbs and drink stains, proving their long-lasting worth despite their cheap price. You’ll want to avoid purchasing one if you are a cat owner however, as it may serve as endless entertainment for your sharp-nailed kitty.


However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows with stretchy covers. Many couch owners who opted for these covers have a host of complaints – mainly that the cover just will not stay put. This means that there will be a lot of tucking involved if you wish to keep the contours of the couch in view (which is arguably the best aesthetic decision).


Those who find the idea of having to tuck and preen the cover after each sitting may turn their heel on this kind of cover completely. To add further insult to injury, the material tends to thin out after some time. All this being said, stretchy covers are the wisest option when it comes to temporary solutions to protect your cheap couches for sale.


Loose fit cover for your cheap couches for sale


Another budget-friendly option is a loose fitting couch cover that may suit your needs better than a stretchy one. Unlike the former, loose fit covers take after their name and take the form of a one-piece fabric that does not stretch and usually has more material than required to fit your couch. It is up to you to decide whether you would prefer a loose cover with ties that can be fastened to the couch, or one without.


Loose covers are often made of duck cotton and are hardy under messy conditions and wear, and are often described to be akin to regular couch materials. In other words, it may feel as if you are sitting on the couch without a cover on. These covers usually comprise of more patterns and colours for your selection whether you decide to purchase on in-store or online.




However, like its stretchy cousin, this type of couch cover comes with its own unique struggles. Interior designers advise that when shopping for loose covers, ensure that your couch is similar in build and style to the one in the advertisement or on the shop floor, as having the incorrect fit can render it useless or bizarre-looking on your couch. Loose covers may also provide some headaches when it comes to excessive tucking, especially after a long evening binging Netflix and shifting around on the couch. The experience may be similar to that of a night spent with an annoying sheet on a mattress that is too big and keeps unfurling across the bed (much to your horror).


Another unfortunate characteristic of a loose fitting couch cover is wrinkling. Yes, like your favourite work shirt, your loose cover will develop wrinkles at some point or another. You may want to keep an iron handy. Despite this, the loose fitting cover is probably the best cover to use in order to keep your couches clean and safe from damage. They are resilient and if kept out of direct sunlight, should serve you for years.


Bespoke (tailormade) couch covers


We have left the priciest option for last, and as expected, it is the most aesthetically pleasing option. Bespoke covers are designed specifically for your couch, and tailormade to fit your desired look, similar to reupholstering. There is a possibility that if you do some investigating into pricing and acquire some quotes on couches you are eying out as potential purchases, you could keep within your budget when you make your final decision.




If this is the case, you can enjoy high-grade fabric that can be removed and machine-washed with great ease. No need to worry about tucking and turning and ironing. These covers tend to feel thicker and more comfortable than other types of couch covers, and are resilient to wear and tear with frequent use.


DIY sofa tricks


Purchasing covers for your cheap couches for sale is not the only way to give your space a breath of fresh air. There are several cost effective methods, tricks and touches to update your couch without excessive effort on your behalf:


Trick the eye


Giving the illusion of change is almost as effective as making that change, in some cases, furniture related at least. You may be surprised by the difference a few small touches can make. For example, a low-lying couch with a straight back and modern vibe can be altered to look more traditional by simply applying some continental pillows lined against the backrest.


Placing and pilling pillows on the floor next to an armless sofa transforms the couch into an eclectic sectional sofa. While merely adding some differently patterned or coloured cushions to your couch will make a world of difference, you can try placing patterned or vibrant throws or blankets along the back of the sofa to effectively shift its aesthetic.




Alter the height


Some may argue that this is easier said than done, but there are a few nifty ways to make your couch appear, or even physically ensure that it becomes taller or shorter. Home décor buffs insist that adding to or decreasing the height of a sofa makes a massive impact in relation to its presence in a room, and effectively making it feel like a new piece of furniture.


Perhaps the easiest way to accomplish this is by removing the legs of the couch and letting the base rest on the floor – in this instance you’ll never have to worry about dust gathering underneath again. On the other hand, you could install legs or alternatively use a stack of wood or eclectic crate (provided it is secure and won’t fall out beneath you) to increase the height. Many furniture stores and online sites offer different types of legs for your couch if you decide to attempt the former.


Keep in mind that you will need to adjust the height of coffee tables and side tables accordingly to fit in with your new look. Consider moving a carpet or plant from another part of the house to in front of the couch to complete the new look.


Take a chance, make a change


Have you thought about changing the position of your cheap couches for sale? You probably have, and may have decided against it. But every chance not taken is an opportunity lost and after all, you can always move it back again… so long as you don’t put your back out in the process.


We often underestimate the power that moving around furniture in a space has to transform the area or room. Think back to when you were a child and delighted in moving the furniture in your room around every few years, or observe your children doing the same. Remember the feelings of excitement and surprise.


The last resort: Update the upholstery


If none of the above suggestions appeal to you, we have to face the fact that perhaps a sofa cover is just not going to do it for your cheap couches for sale. As a last resort, although a relatively costly operation, consider having your couch reupholstered if you can manage the fees in your budget.


Some careful research may find you an inexpensive company that can do a great job for you, so do not despair. Where a couch cover offers a less tailored appearance, reupholstering will transform your entire couch to your desired pattern and palette design, leaving you with a fresh and seemingly brand new piece of furniture.



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