If sunny South Africa is your immigration destination, then you are in for a treat. South Africa is diverse, beautiful, and suitable for a wide range of interests and hobbies, making it a great place to call home. Immigrating can be challenging but furnishing your new home does not have to be. South Africa will feel like home when you buy furniture online from 5Star Furniture.


Immigrating to South Africa:


South Africa is a country that is welcoming and offers a chance for a fresh start in a beautiful setting. South Africa is ideally suited to city slickers, hiking enthusiasts, and water babies alike, making it easy to feel at home. Immigrating to South Africa will be your greatest adventure.


The process of immigrating ranges from exciting to nerve-racking to exhausting. You must leave the familiar behind and thrust yourself into a foreign space, visa in hand, and try and find your new sense of normal. 5Star Furniture wants you to feel like a local before you have stepped foot on South African soil with our fun information on South Africa.




South African Culture:


If you are looking to immigrate to a country with a vibrant range of cultures, then South Africa is the place for you. South Africa is referred to as the Rainbow Nation as each person is given the space to embrace their differences and showcase their pride for their cultures. South African people are dynamic, go-getting, and are often labelled as exceptionally friendly, making immigrating to South Africa an easier and exciting experience.


South African Biodiversity:


From the east to the west coast of South Africa, you will be astounded by natural beauty and diverse wildlife. Waterfalls, mountains, stunning oceans, and wide expanses of flat land on the plateau all make up the beauty that is the South African scenery.


Wildlife is abundant in South Africa and allows for many intriguing activities. You can spend your holidays on safari, your afternoon’s birding, or your weekend’s shark cage diving. Immigrating to South Africa will feel like a never-ending holiday in these beautiful and naturally diverse settings.


Lekker Languages:


South Africa boasts a total of eleven official languages, with a further thirty-five languages spoken in the country. On top of this, South Africa has its own unique colloquialism which you will encounter as you step foot off the airplane. The South African languages further add to the dynamism and vibrancy of this beautiful place, making immigrating to South Africa an exciting change.


Which South African Province to Immigrate To:


It is easy to become overwhelmed by all the unfamiliar area names once you have immigrated to South Africa. Whether you are looking for an area to live in or things to do in a province to get to know your new country better, we have listed our favourite attractions which make each of the nine South African provinces unique and inviting.


Eastern Cape:


Hole in the Wall: The Hole in the Wall, located in Coffee Bay along the South African Wild Coast, is a natural wonder. This beautiful, detached cliff has a cave carved through its centre by waves. Waves roll in and out through the cave into a stunning lagoon, ideal for swimming in the South African summer sun.


Otter Trail: Known as one of the most iconic hiking trails in South Africa, the Otter Trail is undoubtedly a beautiful hike that will give you the full South African experience of striking ocean views and magnificent mountains.




Free State:


Golden Gate National Park: Located at the Maluti Mountains, this stunning area gets its name from the brilliant shades of gold as the sun shines down on the rock face. Enjoy the scenic drive through the Golden Gate National Park, and stop past the quaint Free State town Clarens for a coffee and South African art.


The Naval Hill Planetarium: Enjoy an immersive digital experience where you get the true feeling of being in space at the Naval Hill Planetarium. Located at the Centre for Earth and Space, Bloemfontein, this is the first digital planetarium in Sub-Saharan Africa, making it a unique experience for all South Africans and immigrants alike.




The Cradle of Humankind: Take a quick drive from Johannesburg to step back in time at this world heritage site and experience the wonder of evolution. If immigrating to South Africa, why not visit the place where humankind began.


Apartheid Museum: If you are looking to understand the history of South Africa, the Apartheid Museum located in Gauteng’s capital, Johannesburg, is informative and eye-opening. This museum offers exhibits that capture the uniqueness of the South African experience, making it a must for all international people immigrating permanently to South Africa.




uShaka Marine World: Ideally situated on Durban’s Golden Mile, uShaka Marine World hosts fun for the whole family. Home to Africa’s largest aquarium, this is a great place to be informed on the wonderful marine species which live in the South African oceans.


uKhahlamba Drakensburg Park: This grand mountain range is the greatest attraction of KwaZulu-Natal. There is a vast number of activities to do when visiting the uKhahlamba Drakensburg Park, including hiking, fishing, horse riding, and bird watching. Bring your cameras, as the picturesque mountains will have you wanting to make your family back home jealous of the beauty of South Africa.






Sagole Baobab Tree: Sagole Baobab Tree is the largest baobab tree in the world. At 1200 years old, this tree has earned its right to be admired and respected as a significant symbol of Limpopo. Named the Muri Kunguluwa (the tree that roars) by the Venda people, visiting this tree offers a truly unique and mesmerising South African experience.


Bela Bela Hot Springs: A trip to Bela Bela, Limpopo, is not complete until you have dipped into the many hot springs located in the area. Immersive yourself in a natural phenomenon and enjoy the South African sun.


Western Cape:


Table Mountain: People from all over the world are drawn to Table Mountain, a prominent landmark of Cape Town, Western Cape. Hike (or cable-cart) to the flat top of Table Mountain and experience 360-degree views of the breath-taking Western Cape.


Cape Point: Visiting the southernmost tip of the African continent seems an apt thing to do once you have immigrated to South Africa. The Cape Point also marks the converging point of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, much like the meeting of you and South Africa.


Northern Cape:


Augrabies Falls National Park: Augrabies Falls is a deafening and stunning waterfall located on the Orange River, the largest South African river. This massive waterfall is in a rocky, dry terrain making it an awesome example of the diverse South African landscape.


The Big Hole: When the diamond rush hit Kimberly, the Big Hole was formed. The Big Hole is one of the largest excavations dug by hand in the world, making its overwhelming size and volume more astonishing. The Big Hole allows all visitors to dive deeper into the history of diamond mining which has greatly impacted South Africa.




North West:


Sun City Resort: Sun City Resort hosts hotels, a casino, a golf course, game viewing, entertainment, shopping centres, and the iconic Valley of Waves, a man-made beach and water theme park in land-locked Johannesburg. Relax and unwind after the stresses of immigrating at the Sun City Resort.


Hartbeespoort Dam: If you are becoming a South African local, refer to the Hartbeespoort Dam as “harties” to fit right in. This enormous dam is nestled in the beautiful Magaliesberg mountain range, making a day sipping cocktails on a boat a dream come true once you have immigrated to South Africa.




Sudwala Caves: Head beneath the South African soil and be amazed by the refreshing and stunning experience of the Sudwala Caves. Get to know South Africa inside and out when you visit the Sudwala Caves.


Kruger National Park: It is easy to find any safari destinations in South Africa, but the Kruger National Park is an all-time favourite. While you may be disappointed that lions do not roam your back garden, here you will find them thriving in their natural habitat. The Kruger National Park is home to the Big 5, making it a worthwhile place to experience the wildlife of South Africa.




Furnishing Your New Home:


The last thing you want to do when immigrating is to arrive at your new home, tired after a long flight, and realise you do not have a bed to sleep on. When you buy furniture online before you arrive in a country, you can avoid any last-minute scrambling after all the stresses of immigrating. Make furnishing your home the last thing to worry about and buy furniture online from 5Star Furniture.


5Star Furniture:


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Why Buy Furniture Online from 5Star Furniture?


5Star Furniture understands that there are certain worries which you may experience when you buy furniture online, especially if you are foreign to South Africa. When you buy furniture online from 5Star Furniture, there are many stress-free benefits.


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Make furnishing your new South African home easy when you buy furniture online from 5Star Furniture.



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