Using furniture specials to make a splash in the corporate world

The interior of a company says a lot about its corporate culture. Ensuring that your office has suitable and stylish furniture and decorations is a great step in the right direction of proving your company’s worth and seriousness in the corporate scene. In just a few minutes of reading, learn how to best optimize furniture specials in order to make a splash in the corporate world.




Your main goal is to have anyone who walks into your office to relish in the professional environment you have created. But at the same time, you want to keep costs low when furnishing and decorating your space. This conundrum can be solved to a large extent when you invest in furniture specials and spend as little as possible, yielding great products in the process.


While sleek office chairs and desks certainly play a role in providing a professional atmosphere in the office, surface-level appealing furniture is not necessarily a sign of a very productive and inspiring environment. Sometimes, it is better to opt for unique and exciting pieces that cater to employees and their needs before giving off a superficial appearance of ‘corporate style’ productivity. Fortunately, unique items can routinely be found included in furniture specials.


Furniture specials influencing the work space


Studies have shown that we spend around a third of our life at work. When in the work place, people are expected to live out their best potential, only to go home and do it again, the next day and the next, with only two days’ rest – maximum – at the end of a busy week. Such is the way of the modern job. However, there are ways to make the days easier and more enjoyable, and some are as easy as providing exciting and vibrant facilities for your employees and customers or clients.


The design and furnishing of an office can genuinely influence the way you feel and experience your day. Think about how everyone prefers a window seat in a plane or a car, or how a room full of plants brings you a sense of calm. Whether we realise it or not, our environment plays a huge role in our emotional and mental state. Both employees and employers exhibit a psychological need for a space that is pleasant.


Whether you are an employee or employer, you can utilise furniture specials to make a difference to your work environment in the corporate scene and improve the quality of your working hours.


Utilising furniture specials for basic furnishing


There is no sense in going all out in terms of spending when you buy the base furniture for your office. Items such as desks, office chairs, cabinets and couches are the lifeblood of furniture specials, meaning that you can begin to kit out your space while at the same time sticking to your budget.


There are specific times of the year in particular to look out for furniture specials:


– The festive season: Merry shoppers are known to splurge their end-of-year bonuses on new furniture and household products during this time of the year. Not only do they have time off from work to do this shopping, but at the same time wish to take part in family activities such as refurbishing a home.


Furniture stores are well aware of this occurrence, and therefore use this period to sell as many products as possible included in furniture specials. Keep your eyes out during this period for outstanding deals that you may not find any other time throughout the year.


– Black Friday: Perhaps the most celebrated and anticipated yearly shopping event around the globe, Black Friday is known to produce some of the most incredible furniture specials, if you can only handle the stress of shopping on this day. Many choose to buy furniture online on this day and benefit from furniture specials, so as to avoid endless queues and agitated shoppers.




Using furniture specials to create a break room


The key to satisfied employees is to provide appropriate facilities for their use. A breakroom is absolutely necessary in any office, especially if it is located in a building with no immediate access to an outdoor area. Not every employee can afford a daily coffee and lunch trip during their break. Some wish to relax and eat their own packed lunch in peace. Making the best out of furniture specials in this case is the key to ensuring employee satisfaction.


Without adequate facilities for a breakroom, these employees will end up eating their lunch in their work chair at their desk, which can sow feelings of resentment and decrease overall work motivation.




Creating a break room is as easy as investing in some colourful couches found featured in furniture specials at affordable rates, a coffee table or two, a counter and a microwave. If you have the means, a fridge would certainly come in handy, even if it is a smaller bar fridge type.


Consider painting one or more walls with interesting colours. Blues and greens are scientifically proven to promote feelings of focus, calm or relaxation respectively. The breakroom should be for the use of employees alone, and therefore should not be limited due to what a client or business partner may think of it.


What to do with empty walls


Various industry wizards suggest filling up empty walls with impactful decorations. One great way to boost your own morale as an employer, as well as instill trust from your customers or clients, is to hang your academic or business achievements on the wall for all to see. It is a great feeling to know that you are in good hands, whether a client or an employee.


If expensive oil painting are not in your budget, which is the case for most of us, consider utilising an empty wall as an accent object. Unfortunately, wall décor is not typically featured in furniture specials. So creating an accent object can be done by choosing an interesting and detailed wallpaper that serves not only as a creation to draw the eyes, but also as a conversation starter.




Framed photographs of employees in a group setting serves as a great assurance to customers and visiting clients that the people who make up the business are connected and in-sync. For employees and staff, it could serve as a monument for great synergy and teamwork, and a reminder of their value to the company as individuals and a group.


Scented sanctuary


The smell of a space plays a huge role in overall sentiments of all those who inhabit it. Ensuring the presence of diffusers, candles or burners is a great way to maintain a wonderful fragrance in the office, to be enjoyed by all those who step foot in it. No one wants to work in a foul-smelling office, especially if space is limited and human nature kicks in. Applying fragrances to your office is a great combination with furniture specials when you are attempting to create a corporate haven for yourself and your employees.




Some great scents to consider are:


– Cinnamon
– Lemon
– Rosemary
– Vanilla
– Peppermint
– Lavender
– Jasmine


Consider lighting amidst furniture specials


Working in limited lighting conditions can have serious implications for the health, primarily causing eyesight problems, but also ranging to psychological problems. Not all offices can accommodate or have access to huge windows that flood the space with natural light. Because of this, employers need to ensure that each member of staff has access to a reliable and suitable light source under which to conduct their duties.




Research has indicated that brighter spaces and atmospheres assist in promoting evaluative and analytical thinking patterns. Despite this, every member of staff is different, and with this difference comes varied preferences when it comes to lighting.


Try not to sweat if an employee asks you to switch a white lightbulb with a yellow one. Although to the average person it may seem trivial, a wise leader knows that small requests like this can make a huge difference. Some people legitimately suffer from headaches as a result of white/blue light and therefore must adhere to softer yellow light.


A space to call their own


While many corporate leaders prefer uniform decoration and faux ‘personalised’ offices, some offices make an impact with the way in which their employees are able to take their workspace and make it their own. Whether it be quirky desk ornaments, unique desk lights or simply some novelty pens, allowing employees the freedom to express themselves is key in making them feel that you value them as individuals.


At the same time, do not be shy to decline a request to put up a life-sized Lionel Messi statue in their office. Sometimes, something ‘unique’ is actually chaotic. While it is important to acknowledge individual preferences and creativities, one must always take into consideration the customer or client’s point of view when decorating a work space.




Making do with what you have


Not every corporate company can operate in a high-rise office block with panoramic views. For the large majority, we must make do with stuffy offices with minimal natural light and windows. But do not despair, there are ways to improve almost every situation with the clever use of furniture specials:


1. A room with a… reflected… view


Utilising mirrors around an office can effectively create an illusion of spaciousness. While mirrors are not a very common piece featured in furniture specials, if you keep an eye out, you may find a sweet deal ripe for the taking.


Placing mirrors in darker corners also assist in reflecting light, which could bring a positive change to a shadowy office in need of some TLC. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to have your employee’s confidence boosted from checking themselves out every now and then.


2. Bring the outdoors in


Research has proven the beneficial nature of plants to the human’s psyche. Although not a common item featured in furniture specials, plants are usually relatively budget-friendly and are a great way to liven up your office or boardroom.




Many are unwilling to turn down the opportunity for plants due to concerns of high-maintenance greenery that will undoubtedly die from a lack of sunlight. This is certainly not the case. Many indoor plants in fact thrive out of direct sunlight, and require very minimal effort on behalf of their owners.


If you can help it, do not fall prey to the allure of fake or plastic plants. You may be tempted due to their cheap price or promises of no effort, but they lack the authenticity and aura that real plants provide. Looking after plants is a proven form of therapy, and working in an oxygen enriched environment can largely improve concentration and focus as well as reduce tiredness.


3. We… need…air!


There are few things more unpleasant than working in a stuffy office. Whether this is a result of minimal windows or general lack of office ventilation, a stuffy environment is not conducive for a productive work day. There is not much that furniture specials can do to assist in this predicament.


However, to combat such effects, ensure that all windows and means of airflow are open and accessible to the best of your ability. If your office does not receive a blissful breeze, place a fan in front of it so as to encourage fresh airflow throughout the office. Do so to avoid a crew of sleepy, oxygen deprived employees who long to flee the office at the end of the day.



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