Furniture Specials: Where to Turn to for the Cheapest Home Redesigns


It is not often that the average homeowner is able to start making adjustments to the décor and general style of their living space. This could be the result of the sheer amount of effort it can sometimes take to choose between and collect all the furniture and home accessories that you may like, but in today’s economic climate, it is also mostly the result of how absurdly expensive many furniture stores have become in recent years. While these furniture stores may not be going anywhere anytime soon, you can rest easy knowing that we at 5Star Furniture are now running hefty furniture specials that allow you to save money no matter which room you want to redecorate. This brief article will walk you through some of our biggest sales this March, so start shopping today!




Where to Start When Looking to Redesign Your Home?


As redesigning one’s own home has become somewhat of a lost art form, gated away by hefty prices for some and the sheer amount of time, dedication and consistency needed for a successful outcome for others, many people have found it overwhelming once they’re finally able to start their own redecorations. As we at 5Star Furniture remain spoilt for choice on a daily basis through constant manufacturing and importing of new stock, we understand this widely experienced struggle and wish to help you get started as smoothly as possible. While our current furniture specials do extend across all rooms and spaces within anyone’s home, we believe that for anyone to achieve the most pleasing results within their home, it is best to place your focus on only one room at a time.


To some, this may present its own problem, such as deciding which room to start on. Thankfully, the simple solution to this dilemma is to first focus on the room you spend most of your time in, then work your way through each room in your house in descending order. As opposed to buying all sorts of furniture at random, this approach can prevent individual sections of your house from feeling incomplete or disjointed, as newly designed rooms, as well as those that still need attention, are all still decorated with new and old furniture respectively. In most homes in the modern era, the room where most time is spent can often be seen as the living room.


Bringing Some Life Back into Your Living Room with Our Furniture Specials


Besides our bedrooms, the living room is where any average person will come after a long and strenuous day of work. At the end of any hard-working day, it is vital to have a space that is both relaxing to be within but also pleasing to the eye. While you may have an idea of a certain aesthetic in mind, someone else may instead have an entirely different aesthetic that suits them more.


At 5 Star Furniture, we fully understand that each client has their own tastes and opinions, and empathise with those that have struggled to find a style that best suits their tastes when visiting other furniture stores that only showcase a minor amount of aesthetics across their extensive catalogues. We aim to stand apart from these stores by showing that our extensive catalogue of furniture specials remains just as extensive in the many different styles on display across all rooms and spaces within your home. With that being said, let us take a look at a handful of the countless different living room related furniture we currently have on sale.


Starting off with our couches, one of our most widely sought-after options remains to be our Levi sleeper couch. Coming with a discount of 13%, allowing you to save R350 off of this purchase alone, clients are often surprised by the quality that they are still provided with. This couch comes with plenty of cushioning across its design, ensuring that you remain at peak comfort in any position.


When folding this 2-seater couch out into its sleeping position with ease, you are greeted with an additional high-density foam mattress that is as durable as it is comfortable. The entire design is just as comfortable to look at, however, thanks to its incredible and subtly stitched tapestry seen across the couch that add to its sleek and modern design. This design can also be enjoyed in black, grey, and brown assortments, each of which remain solid in build quality thanks to excellent workmanship providing you with a sturdy wooden frame and durable silver legs.




For those that have more extravagant tastes and with space to spare, you may find that our selection of Esme L-shape couches may be a better fit for your living room. Paired with a discount of 8% that allows you to save R500 on a single purchase, your biggest struggle when making this purchase may just be finding an option of fabric and colour that piques your interest the most. This specific couch can be bought in options of black, dark grey and brown, blue and green with fabrics including velvet, tapestry and leather.


While this couch may come in a range of different exteriors, you may be relieved to know that its interiors are always of the highest quality, made with strength and durability in mind through its abundance of brown legs on both couch bases, sturdy wooden design and material that is as easy to clean as it is resistant to abrasion. Despite the hefty furniture specials, we have placed on this range of couches, we are still more than confident in the sheer quality of this proudly South African product, enough to still provide you with a manufacturer’s guarantee of up to 3 years.


If you already have a couch in mind and would like to see what else our furniture specials have to offer, you may be interested in our wide selection of side and coffee tables. What allows our range of side tables to stand out from our competition is that our options often deviate from other selections in both their designs and their colour choices, all without attracting attention to itself and clashing with the already established aesthetic that may have been cemented throughout the room. The first of our furniture specials that fit this description comes in the form of our oval glass coffee table.




Already equipped with a discount of 8% and savings of R50, this table comes with similarly impressive features that allow it to stand as a reliable and sturdy addition to your living room without having its stylish design be impeded in any way. In fact, this table comes with 2 additional shelves below the base of the table, all of which are made of solid, black tempered glass at 8mm thick each. With dimensions of only 1.1m in length, 0.5m in height and 0.6m in width, the side table is able to become an easy and conveniently movable addition to practically any modern living room.


Similar in its modern aesthetic but far different in its actual design, we have the round style coffee table. Coming with a bigger discount than our last table, 19% with savings of R700 per purchase, this coffee table comes as a set of two of the same design, with one being smaller than the other to provide your living room with the perfect side and coffee table combo. You can rest easy knowing that the quality of this combo is not spread across its two separate components, as each are still meticulously crafted to ensure that its rigidity and strength are built to last while still adding a clean and elegant touch.


This table set’s design sees the addition of a marble top, coming in colours combinations ranging from black and white to white and gold. The frame of this piece is also powder coated and scratch proof, ensuring that you receive a quality product that lasts. It may be safe to say that this stunningly crafted coffee table may be the perfect centrepiece for any lavishly designed home interior.




Which Bedroom Options Are Covered by Our Furniture Specials


Now that you have gone through the effort of designing your living room to best suit your style and character, what better place to get some much-needed rest than your own bedroom. With options ranging from bed frames and mattresses to freestanding mirrors and more, we come stocked with a wide range of furniture specials that allow you to perfectly redesign your bedroom as desired. So, let us jump in with our selection of upholstered headframes to help get you started.


Coming with a sizable discount of 26% and savings of R700, our crowd favourite ¾ sized headboard is crafted block shape with deep buttons and subtle stitching that adds to its comfy yet modern design. The plush padding that has been inserted into the headboard itself allows for the perfect resting point for your back or head after a long day’s work. This piece is also crafted to stand entirely on its own without the need for attachments, allowing you to move it around easily as desired for relocation or for cleaning purposes.




Our current furniture specials also include an upholstered storage box for the end of your bed too. This brown faux suede box allows for extra storage space for blankets, pillows and other bedroom related items. This practicality is paired with a stylish design, crafted with modern faux suede fabric that imitates the look of leather, but without the cracking and peeling that often appears over time. Just as this fabric is aimed to last longer while still providing a comfortable and elegant touch to your bedroom, its build quality is similarly designed to remain sturdy and high in quality throughout its lifetime.


Enjoy More 5Star Furniture Specials When Visiting Us Online Today!


While we may not have been able to cover as many furniture specials as you would have liked, the above sales are only a minute fraction of the wide range of options we currently have on offer throughout our online store. By visiting our online furniture store, you are guaranteed a product that sustains its impressive quality, despite our often-low prices that are decreased even further thanks to regular discounts and sale periods. Our online store even comes with a similarly exceptional delivery service that can transport your order countrywide if you are unable to visit our Pretoria or Midrand branches.


For more information regarding our furniture specials, simply browse through our ever-increasing catalogue of items that are ready for the taking. To place an order, you can purchase your desired furniture through our website or by contacting us via our various showrooms, business or WhatsApp numbers or even through email. You can even contact us through our website directly by filling in the form that can be found on our Contact Us page too.



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