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Why not celebrate the gift of giving when you buy furniture online? Oftentimes, buying furniture for others can be even more rewarding than purchasing for yourself, especially when you know that it will be put to good use. Although typically seen as quite an unconventional gift, furniture as a gift has a lasting effect, and is certainly not a present that will be placed atop a shelf and forgotten about. Furniture has benefits that will last long after the cake has been eaten, and the candles have been thrown away. In just a few minutes of reading, find out all you need to know about purchasing gifts when you purchase furniture online, as well as some tips and tricks for choosing the best items for different gifting situations.


Buy furniture online as a gift to young adults




Perhaps the person who needs furniture the most is the young adult in your life, perhaps one who has just begun venturing out into the world of university or apartment living. University apartments are notably bare of exciting furniture, and usually just feature the basics. One of the most helpful thing that parents or loved ones can do to help out a young adult in their lives is gifting them furniture, something that they will take with them from apartment to apartment for a good few years.


Naturally, a couch seems to be the perfect gift to give when you purchase furniture online in this instance. Consider purchasing a sleeper couch, like our Firm Sleeper Couch with 3 drawers. Not only will this provide a comfortable place to sit and relax on, but visiting friends and family will now have a good spot to sleep. The 3 drawers are an added bonus, seeing as space in university accommodation or smaller apartments is usually lacking. Perhaps consider a coffee table as well, one that is small enough to fit into a tight living room while at the same time adding flair and function into the space.


Buy furniture online as a gift to the elderly


Whether they be your own parents or the in-laws, there is no doubt that finding appropriate furniture gifts for the discerned elderly is much more difficult than a young adult when you buy furniture online. When it comes to older folk, couches, recliners and accent furniture are some good options, but it is certainly difficult to replace the antique dining room table that your mother has had in her family for generations. Rather than buying something that you like when shopping online, take the time to consider purchasing something that the elderly people in your life actually need in their living space – in order to make sure that the gift is well thought-out and personal.




Growing from pre-teen to teen


The years of “pre-teendom” and “teenagedom” are difficult no matter how confident, or awkward, you may be. It is likely that everyone can remember at least one or two incidents that occurred during those strange years that they would rather forget. Regardless, this phase in your child’s (or relative’s) life is a time of great change, and what could better celebrate this change than a piece of furniture that serves to update their bedroom? Not only will this give the child more confidence during their transition, but they will also enjoy the time spent in their room (and they will definitely be spending more time in there as they grow older).


It is time to get rid of the tiny dresser, covered with hearts or polka-dots, in order to spare your child embarrassment when their new friends come over the visit, or replace the damaged bookshelf that has been used as a climbing wall for the past 12 years. Your child’s room does not need to be extravagant by any means, and requires only the basics if you are on a tight budget and looking to save. Besides a bed and cupboard, consider purchasing a comfortable chair and new bookshelf as two gifts when you buy furniture online. Adding a rug to the space is also a great way to make a bedroom feel cosier.


With age comes new responsibilities – such as increased homework! Your pre-teen may very well tire of doing their homework under your watchful eyes in the dining room or on the kitchen counter, and may seek out the quiet refuge of their bedroom to tackle the task. This is a step in your child’s journey to become more independent, and should – in most cases – be encouraged. This is the perfect opportunity to gift your child or young relative a desk when you buy furniture online, and promote good study habits in the process.




A gift for your spouse when you buy furniture online


The month of your significant other’s birthday may be just around the corner, and the nerve-wracking question of “what will I get them this year?” may already have entered your mind. This year, consider purchasing them a piece of furniture. What better way to show your loved one how much you care than buying them a piece of furniture that they will be able to enjoy? For the partner who adores reading, think about creating them a reading nook, wherein a simple bookshelf, rug and comfortable chair will do.


5Star Furniture’s Suede Wingback Chair is the perfect option, consisting of animal-friendly faux-suede, manufactured from polyester microfibre that has been woven into soft yet durable fabric. This elegant chair can turn into reading corner into a timeless feature of your home. Consider placing a large, leafy indoor plant in the corner to add to the aesthetic. Your significant other will think of you each time they sit down and open up their favourite book.




Should you be looking to add to your partner’s “man-cave,” few things can be as thoughtful as a new sofa and television cabinet to breathe some new life into the space. Their personal, relaxation time will become even more special – thanks to your ingenious gift-giving when you buy furniture online.


Gifting furniture during the festive season


December – a month during which many South Africans celebrate religious holidays or simply enjoy some well-earned time off – is the perfect time for gifting furniture. But what makes furniture such a great present during this season? Most gifts, although given with good intent, end up being viewed as having no use or meaning. Furniture is both practical, pleasing to the eye (if you choose wisely) and enjoyable to use. Choices can be tailored to best fit the preferences of the person you are gifting, meaning that the gift could never be considered “impersonal”.




We all need furniture in our homes, meaning that furniture gifted will never go to waste. Many of your friends and relatives are likely sitting with some decades-old pieces that they simply do not care to replace, either due to budget restraints or simply comfortability and resistance to change. There are so many of us who just “make do” with what we have, forgoing upgrades until it becomes absolutely necessary – oftentimes only when we see literal stuffing falling out of a torn couch.


As a result, receiving new furniture is usually a pleasant surprise, an effect we all hope to achieve when practicing the art of gift-giving. Do not worry if your budget is limited this December, however, as there is no obligation to gift a loved-one with a massive and intricate piece of furniture. There are plenty smaller items for you to consider, such as feature shelves, small tables and office chairs.




The best place to find furniture for gifts


Well-known for hosting incredible sales, offering discounts and various payment plans, the world of online furniture shopping is the perfect one to traverse when looking for furniture to buy as a gift. When you buy furniture online, you are free to check out multiple stores, categories and pieces without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. At the same time you are browsing, you can conduct research and check out reviews to make sure that you make the correct purchase.


In most online furniture store scenarios, delivery options are available. This is the most opportune element when it comes to buying furniture as a gift, since deliveries can be used as well-executed surprises. However, should you wish to wrap something up – especially if it is a smaller item – you may need to have it delivered on the down-low. For bigger pieces like couches, mattresses and tables, you may wish to ask a neighbour or friend if you can keep it in their homes until the moment of gifting arrives. This is the easiest way to keep a large piece of furniture a secret.


It should come as no surprise that if you leave your purchasing to the last minute, especially during the festive season, the delivery is likely not to arrive on the day of the holiday. To avoid disappointment, simply print out a picture of the item, and show it to your loved one on the relevant day. The item should be deliverable on the next available shopping day.


Buy furniture online as a wedding gift


When one considers the perfect wedding gift, it is usually cutlery sets, ornaments or “Mr” and “Mrs” pillows. These gifts are a thing of the past. While you may not have considered dining tables, mattresses and couches as good wedding gifts before now, you may be surprised to hear that these types of gifts are on the rise. There are many reasons why furniture is the perfect wedding gift.


When shopping for newlyweds, try to find out which pieces of furniture they already have, and where they may be lacking. Pieces like dining room tables and elegant couches will never go unappreciated, especially since they will undoubtedly be well-used. Picture gorgeously-laden dinner parties, quiet romantic suppers and perhaps one day, messy breakfasts with little ones. The use of your gift of furniture has unending possibilities. Another fantastic wedding gift is a headboard to highlight the bed as the focal point in a space.


As a sanctuary where newly-weds can spend time, talk and relax, the bedroom is sacred, meaning that any piece of bedroom-oriented furniture gifted will be much appreciated – especially if done in good taste. It is becoming more and more popular for wedding registries to request different types of furniture, which will make your job of finding the perfect furniture gift even easier.


Buying furniture online with 5Star Furniture


As one of South Africa’s trusted online furniture stores, we at 5Star Furniture stock only the best pieces, many of which are perfect gifting options. With our impressive range, spanning from our newly-added outdoor catalogue, to our home office options, there is no shortage of gifting opportunity when you purchase furniture online with us.



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