Many employees are facing the decision between returning to their office or continuing to stay home to work. While going into your business every day has benefits, there are also challenges that can have an impact on your lifestyle. We highlight the top 7 benefits of working from home to help you before you make the decision. When creating a personalised and comfortable workspace at home, the furniture specials at 5Star Furniture have all your affordable office furniture needs covered.




7 Benefits of Working from Home:


The COVID-19 Pandemic increased the need for offices to adapt to allow their employees to perform their work remotely. As COVID-19 restrictions lesson worldwide, many employers and employees are facing the decision of whether to return their work to a traditional office space or not. If you are on the fence about continuing working from home or returning to your office, we have highlighted the 7 benefits of working from home to help you decide.


1) Work-Life Balance:


Many employees did not have a work-life balance before the COVID-19 Pandemic. Spending hours in an office resulted in employees feeling physically and emotionally exhausted as they tried to get the washing done, spend quality time with family, and still prepare for the next day of work in their off-hours. Stress, lack of engagement in relationships, and loss of motivation towards leading a healthy lifestyle were the signifiers of how many employees spent their days feeling as a result of no work-life balance.


The ultimate benefit to working from home is an increase in work-life balance. Working from home generally has greater freedom and flexibility than going into an office every day. You can take a break when you need one, spend your time in between meetings washing your dishes or catching up with friends, or schedule your workload around being able to go watch your son’s cricket match. As long as you are getting your work done, you can have a more flexible, enjoyable, and balanced workday when working from home.


Work-life balance is beneficial for your wellbeing, your relationships, and it can also have a positive impact on your work. Having a sense of balance between your work and your daily life has shown an increase in productivity, fewer sick days away from work, and feeling more positive towards your work. All of these positive impacts of having a work-life balance when you work from home allow you to have a happier and healthier experience in both your work and your life.




2) Healthier Lifestyle:


Long workdays in an office can often have an impact on employee health. Getting home late every day often results in employees relying on ready-made meals or takeaways for their weekly dinners. Lack of spare time after work or simply being exhausted after a day in the office also reduces the amount of exercise employees can fit into a week. All these factors combined can start to take a heavy impact on employee health, resulting in an increased need for sick days or reliance on medication.


Working from home allows for the work-life balance that you can use to lead a healthier lifestyle. In your breaks, you can walk your dog around the block or partake in a 10-minute YouTube Zumba class. You can make healthier lunches at home by ensuring you have access to fruits and vegetables, rather than relying on the Service Station pies next to your office. You can also make sure you are drinking enough water without worrying about your colleagues commenting on your toilet breaks. The flexibility of working from home allows you to make better food and exercise choices that enable a healthier lifestyle.




3) Traffic Is No Longer a Problem for You or The Planet:


One major benefit from working from home is that your only commute is walking from your bedroom to your home office in the morning (with a potential detour passed the kitchen to make a cup of coffee). No amount of podcasts or specially crafted playlists can beat not having to spend hours in the traffic getting to and from work every day. The time you save on the commute can be used to get your work done earlier and then allow for you to attend that yoga class or guitar lesson in the afternoon.


You are not the only one benefiting from driving your car less every day. Instead of your car idling in traffic and polluting the air, you are reducing your carbon footprint by not driving into an office every day. Both you and the environment win when you decide to continue working from home.


4) Still Stay Connected:


Many people feel worried about working from home due to the lack of connection between them and their colleagues or their boss. Luckily, many workplaces have adapted to having a successful online working environment. When you work from home you can still have your daily meetings on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you can get all your work sent through quickly via email, and you can WhatsApp your work bestie when your boss says something hilarious




5) Develop Essential Skills:


With the freedom and flexibility of working from home comes its own unique challenges. You now need to motivate yourself to get up and dressed for work every day, you need to be able to self-regulate yourself if you are taking too many breaks, and you need to train yourself to be fully focused on your work during your allocated work hours and not allow for distractions. At first, it may be difficult, but developing these essential skills will end up benefiting you in the long run.


6) Increased Potential for Saving:


Ironically, you tend to have to spend a lot of money whilst trying to earn money when working in an office. This is a result of the many hidden costs involved when you work in an office. We have listed two of the ways that you can reduce your expenses when you work from home and therefore increase your saving potential.


Fuel: Not only do you not have to spend hours in a car everyday thrusting exhaust fumes into the atmosphere, but you also get to save on fuel expenses. With the ever-increasing cost of fuel in South Africa, working from home is a budget-friendly decision.


Office Outfits: Depending on your industry and office requirements, you may have to have a professional wardrobe to be acceptably dressed in your office, which can be a high cost to your budget. Even if your office does not require you to wear professional clothing, you will still need to regularly invest in new clothing that is suitable to wear around your boss and your clients. When you work from home, you can wear your sweatpants or your gym tights (as long as you have a crisp collar shirt on for your Zoom calls).


Another major benefit of working from home is that you can save each month on your tax. Home offices generally allow for increased tax deductions. You can allocate a percentage of your rent or mortgage costs related to the space of your home office, your home office supplies, your Wi-Fi, and certain food costs to your tax deductions each month.


7) Craft Your Ideal Workspace:


Did you have a tiny desk with no window and a talkative colleague next to you in your office? Gone are the days of making do with the cheap office desk, wonky wheely chair, and distracting office environment. You can craft a workspace that is perfectly suited to your needs and style when you work from home.




You have free reign when it comes to the number of photographs of your pet cat you want on your desk, the number of pot plants that surround your office, or how colourful or plain you want the space to be. You can blast the music or have noise-cancellation headphones without worrying about being rude. You can create a personalised home office ideal for ergonomics, inspiration, and productivity when you work from home.


Set Up Your Home Office with 5Star Furniture Specials:


You can create the personalised, comfortable, and fully-equipped home office of your dreams with the 5Star Furniture office furniture specials. From a diversity of desks to cabinets in various sizes perfect for your storage needs to chairs created for extended comfort whilst you work, you can find the ideal office furniture for your home office at 5Star Furniture.


We understand that setting up a home office can be expensive and that this is a major deterring factor for choosing to continue working from home. We continuously offer furniture specials on our office furniture range to ensure that you can always afford to create a home office that will meet all your requirements. There is no need to have your documents, laptop, and pencils sprawled across your dining room table anymore with the 5Star Furniture office furniture specials.


Affordable office furniture with our furniture specials does not mean low-quality with 5Star Furniture. We source furniture that uses quality materials and is made to last for our furniture specials. Once you have created the perfect home office with 5Star Furniture’s furniture specials, you can trust that you can continue working in your space for as long as you decide to work from home.


The best part about selecting 5Star Furniture’s office furniture specials is that you can get your furniture delivered to your home. We have a reliable delivery service that will deliver your furniture pieces intact within a quick time frame. There is no need to worry about missing a deadline because you have no office furniture with 5Star Furniture’s furniture specials delivery.




About 5Star Furniture:


At 5Star Furniture, you can find furniture specials for all your furniture needs. From your bedroom to your lounge to your kitchen, you can find the perfect furniture piece for any space in your home. Simply browse our furniture specials range, place your order, and enjoy a quick delivery of your fully assembled furniture to your home with 5Star Furniture.


We source our furniture range from a wide range of furniture suppliers. Our furniture suppliers are local, small businesses that are dedicated to quality craftsmanship. By choosing local suppliers, we can offer furniture specials so that you can always afford to upgrade your current furniture or furnish a new home with 5Star Furniture. We also constantly source new suppliers to keep our furniture range fresh, exciting, and full of furniture specials for you to enjoy.


At 5Star Furniture, we prioritise offering you a great service. We will take every step to ensure that you can find affordable, high-quality furniture on our online furniture store and in our Midrand and Pretoria-based showrooms. We will always assist you in a friendly and professional manner so that you enjoy your experience with 5Star Furniture. We are even able to accommodate your furniture customisation needs, in quieter months, should you have any desired changes to your selected furniture piece.


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