Home theatres are quickly becoming a popular feature in many modern homes. Not only is a home theatre a great way to watch your favourite movies, but it can also be an excellent way to make use of an empty room and increase the value of your home. With our easy step-by-step guide, you can create a home theatre in your house to make countless memories with friends and family. The cheap couches for sale from 5Star Furniture allow you to take your movie nights to the next level with comfortable seating in your home theatre.




Steps To Create Your Home Theatre:


A home theatre is more than just a room with a big TV and a comfortable couch. A home theatre captures the mood and experience of going to the movies, whilst still being in the comfort of your own home. We have highlighted the easy steps you can take to transform a room in your house into a home theatre.


1) Choose a Dedicated Space:


Home theatres are no longer reserved for the rich and famous. Now anyone with an empty basement or spare room can have their own home theatre to make memories in with friends and family. Find a room in your home that is not in use and transform it into your dedicated home theatre. An ideal size space for a home theatre is roughly 6 meters long by 5 meters wide, but you can tailor your home theatre to the space you have available.




2) Control Natural Lighting:


Homeowners often strive to increase the natural light in their home, but in a home theatre, natural light is a major problem. Natural light will affect the quality of the movie on your screen and decrease the enjoyment of watching movies in your home theatre. When creating a home theatre, you need to take every step to prevent natural light from coming into the room.


The easiest option is to choose a space that does not have any windows, such as a basement. If you do not have a basement in your home, you can then use block-out curtains or blinds in your room to sufficiently block the natural light. Make sure to add a door guard to prevent any natural light from slipping in under your home theatre door.


3) Set The Mood:


You need to set the stage for your home theatre by creating a cinema-like experience. The easiest way to do this is by painting the entire room black. While painting the whole room black may be a terrifying thought, this will create a cosy and comfortable mood in the room and ensure an optimal movie-watching experience.


Another way to set the mood in your home theatre is with sconce lights. These lights placed in equal intervals along your home theatre walls will allow everyone to find their seats before the movie in a cinema-like style. Select light sconces that can be dimmed as the movie begins for the ultimate home theatre experience.




4) Insulate the Room:


An ideal location in your home for a home theatre would be an area that is away from your home office or the bedrooms. This way you can ensure that you will not be distracted while you are working if your family is watching a movie, and your movie night with your spouse will not keep your children awake. If this is not an option, you can easily control the sound with acoustic insulation.


Acoustic insulation is the best way to keep noise inside the home theatre, as well as block out any outside noises from distracting from the movie. Acoustic insulation will also improve the experience of watching the movie. Rather than the sound bouncing off your hard walls and ceiling, the sound will be absorbed and thus improve the sound quality in your home theatre.


The easiest way to insulate your home theatre for acoustics is with acoustic panels. Acoustic panels can be easily purchased and then hung on your walls. Acoustic panels also come in various shapes, colours, and patterns, allowing for a personalised touch in your home theatre.


5) Surround Sound:


One of the best aspects of a cinema is the surround sound as it allows you to feel immersed in the movie. By installing surround sound in your home theatre, you can create the perfect movie-watching experience. We recommend hiring expert installers for your surround sound to ensure that the sound is suitable to your home theatre size and that the wiring is expertly done.


6) The Big Screen:


No home theatre is complete without the big screen. You can either select to have a large TV or a projector screen on the wall of your home theatre, depending on your budget. If you choose to have a projector screen, you will also need to purchase the projector and install it in a ceiling projector bracket. If you choose to go with a projector screen in your home theatre, we recommend choosing a smart projector as these projectors can connect to your home network so that you can easily watch Netflix movies.




7) The Perfect Seating:


The seating you choose for your home theatre is critical. Above everything else, your seating needs to be comfortable. No one wants to go through the time and effort of creating a home theatre to not enjoy watching movies in the room because of the seating.


When choosing your seating, you can stick to the classic cinema style of rows of single seats or have two or more couches placed in the room. Your quantity of seating will depend on the size of your room and how many people you would ideally like to have over for movie nights. When planning your seating, keep in mind that there needs to be adequate space between the first seats and the screen, as well as enough room for your friends or family to comfortably move around.


8) Consider Tiered Levels:


One of the greater novelties about going to a cinema is walking down the steps to find your correct seat. You can achieve this effect by creating tiered levels in your home theatre. Not only will this capture the nostalgia of going to the movies, but it will also optimise the viewing experience for your friends and family.


To create tiered levels in your home theatre, you need to first measure the space and work out how many levels you can have while still allowing for a comfortable distance from the screen. To create the tiered levels, you can either build your own platforms, buy pre-built movie risers, or hire a specialist to craft a personalised set of platforms for your space. Choose an option that works with your budget and preferred time frame for the completion of your home theatre.




9) The Finishing Touches:


You can go to town with the finishing touches in a home theatre. Popcorn is a major component of going to the movies, so you can consider investing in a popcorn machine for your home theatre. Classic cinema designs always have a red velvet curtain positioned alongside the screen, which you can incorporate to enhance your home theatre experience. Find finishing touches that make the space feel enchanting so that you always feel the magic of going to the cinema when in your home theatre.


5Star Furniture Cheap Couches for Sale for Your Home Theatre:


The 5Star Furniture range of cheap couches for sale allows you to create the personalised and comfortable home theatre of your dreams. From single-seaters to large couches, we have it all in our cheap couches for sale range. We have created a list of our top three favourite seats in our cheap couches for sale range for a home theatre, but with our wide selection, you can easily find the perfect seating for your preferences.


Single-seaters: Our cheap couches for sale range incorporates a glorious range of single-seaters. For an elegant play on the leather movie seats, we have the Wingback Chair in various shades of sleek suede that you can position in rows in your home theatre. The 5Star Furniture Wingback Chair is luxuriously comfortable and easy to clean, so any stray Astros that fall in the crevice are not a problem.


Couches: If you are looking for smaller couches to place on the tiered levels of your home theatre, the 3 Seater Studio Couch is the perfect option. The red velvet material is an ode to the classic velvet curtains found in cinemas whilst still being modern and stylish. Three people will comfortably fit on each of your Studio Couches, allowing you to invite friends and family over to watch movies.


Sleeper Couches: In our extensive range of cheap couches for sale you can also find sleeper couches for your home theatre. If you are looking to take comfort to the next level, why not put your feet up on the Sleeper Couch whilst watching a movie in your home theatre? If you have ample space in your home theatre, the Caitlin Sleeper Couch will be the ideal choice.




When you consider the price of movie tickets plus the popcorn and Slush Puppie, going to the movies for a fun Friday night can be a pricey outing for a family. With our cheap couches for sale range, you can enjoy having comfortable seating in your home theatre at an affordable rate. Once you have invested in your home theatre and your selected 5Star Furniture seating, your largest ongoing cost will be the snacks!


Alongside our cheap couches for sale range, you can find all the other necessities for your home theatre furniture. We have TV cabinets for storing your DVDs or other technical equipment and small side tables to place in between your seats for cool drinks and snacks. We have all your needs covered for your home theatre so that you can quickly begin enjoying your new entertainment space.


About 5Star Furniture Cheap Couches for Sale:


At 5Star Furniture, you will always find affordable seating with our cheap couches for sale range. We ensure that we have couches and single-seating suited to your budget by selecting small, local furniture suppliers that offer optimum quality at budget-friendly rates. We strive to save you money always with our cheap couches for sale.


Another bonus to the cheap couches for sale at 5Star Furniture is our quick and effortless delivery service. No matter where you are in South Africa, we can deliver your selected couches or single seats from our cheap couches for sale range to your home. Your couches or seats will arrive fully assembled so that all you have to do is position them in the perfect place in your home theatre.


Create a cinema experience in your home with a home theatre and comfortable cheap couches for sale from 5Star Furniture.



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