Furnish your Salons with an Online Furniture Store


Creating a small business can be hard. Decorating and furnishing it without burning a hole in your pocket can be even more difficult. Luckily, there are ways to get around this predicament when you shop for pieces at an online furniture store with which to fill up your space. In just a few minutes of reading, get some tips on how to create a beautiful space for your business affordably with an online furniture store.


Why furnish your small business through an online furniture store?


Let’s say you’re a new entrepreneur. Whether you took the time to prepare a complicated and time-consuming business plan to present to investors, or worked for years to save enough to buy a premises and purchase a business license, there is always large expenditure involved. With these challenges in mind, many entrepreneurs feel at wit’s end when they realise they have a location with an empty space, and minimal financial resources with which to fill it aesthetically. Some may even pause their business launch because of this.


This setback is not always necessary though. Buying furniture through an online furniture store is an affordable and easy process that caters to those who are oftentimes too busy to traipse around a store and sift through expensive, brand-named furniture. The world of online furniture is a competitive one, meaning that there are thousands of stores all vying for the customer’s attention, trying to attract them with the best deals and pieces.




This is the perfect scenario to take advantage of when you choose a reliable online store and spend as wisely as possible while still reaping the rewards of your purchases. There are many types of small businesses that rely heavily on store aesthetics to both attract and maintain a base of loyal clients or customers, meaning that although you can furnish your space at lower costs when you shop at an online furniture store, there is still the matter of employing an effective style and decoration process that best suits your space.


Furnishing a hair salon through an online furniture store


Rooted in its very nature, the hair and beauty industry is all about appearance and aesthetics. Unfortunately, this means that like a book, your hair salon will be judged primarily by its appearance, and then by your services. The online world of social media and websites now also requires visual imagery of your store looking its best to attract new customers.


This all stands to show that you have a task ahead of you in making your hair salon look as good as it possibly can. You need to make sure that you are conveying an image of sophistication, hygiene and your very own message as a brand.




Who you are and what you are about


Your hair salon interior needs to make a statement that sets you apart from other salons.
There are various ways to do this, but there is one important thing to keep in mind. You must create, design and furnish with the customer in mind. Yes, it is your business and your space, but you cannot thrive without a loyal clientele who feel catered for and appreciated.


Leading salons often start off with displaying a picture of their ideal client coupled with some price points. This picture needs to be well thought out, with a model or person who truly knows how to avoid the classic ‘fake smile’ that everyone can pick up. Try making your model laugh before you snap the photo. If you hire a professional photographer to take the image, they will know what to do. However, this is usually quite a costly process.


Seating is arguably the most important aspect to consider when furnishing a hair salon. Not only does the client spend the entirety of their hair cut in a seat, but they need somewhere to perch on while they wait for their appointment. You are advised to keep this firmly in mind when you are browsing an online store. Fortunately, seating in the form of chairs, stools and couches are what an online furniture store does best – and oftentimes they do so with unbelievable sales.


Couch suites are almost always on sale somewhere on the web and in your local vicinity. Your ultimate choice in this case needs to be based on both comfort on style. Sometimes, you will need to forgo purchasing the cheapest possible option in this instance. Even so, an ‘expensive’ couch bought from an online furniture store is likely inexpensive when you compare costs with big name furniture stores that charge a (metaphorical) arm and a leg for a similar purchase.


Buying storage facilities from an online furniture store


Next up on the list of important items needed in your hair salon are storage units. There are few things worse than walking into a salon with brushes, hair dryers, scissors and combs laying all over the place, giving the appearance of clutter and disorganization. Storage cabinets or sets of drawers are some other pieces that an online store does best. They are a must for any hair salon, and can often be purchased at affordable prices when you know where to shop, and where to click.


Pick a theme


One of the easiest ways to ensure a cohesive style and aesthetic is to pick a theme for your hair salon. Themes encompass a wide variety of palettes, ideas, and recurring motifs. For example, some hair salons choose to employ a vintage ‘steampunk’ theme, which comprises copper accessories and faded, stylistically damaged or scuffed furniture and wooden pieces.




Other salons choose to go for more universal themes such as the classic ‘black and white’ or even ‘pretty in pinks’. Whatever you decide, make sure to scour applications such as Pinterest and Tumblr for ideas and recommendations. Also, keep in mind that your theme needs to keep your target market in mind at all times.


Furnishing a nail salon using an online furniture store


Those entrepreneurs opening their own nail businesses know that they will face various obstacles in their endevours. One major problem will likely be figuring out how to furnish the tight space while avoiding the feeling of being cramped while inside.




Beautiful yet comfortable seating


Like most small beauty salons, seating is of the utmost importance. Since your nail technicians, or technician, will be seated for the majority of the day as they work, you need to ensure that their seating is ergonomically appropriate. This refers to the way in which a chair or seat supports the body. If a chair is designed with ergonomics in mind, it means that should be comfortable to sit in for long periods at a time.


Every furniture store has its selection of chairs and seating options, but it is up to you to find a chair that will both fit in with your aesthetic or theme, fit adequately under the work surface while at the same time prevent back and neck pain in your technicians.


How to make your nail salon appear spacious


Let’s face it. Most nail salons, especially new start-ups, exist in relatively tight and pokey spaces. Not to worry however, as there are ways to create the illusion of space:


• Make use of mirrors wherever possible: Mirrors reflect light and the interior, and thus do well to both brighten a space and make it appear larger. In another sense, people love looking at themselves in the mirror, some cannot help it, so this is a way for your clients to pass the time while you or your technicians are working on their nails.


• Utilise natural lighting: One way to make a space feel small is by allowing it to remain dark. If you are fortunate enough to have windows in your nail salon, do not cover them up with blinds or curtains. Let that light through!




• Simple is best: If you are operating within a small space, rather err on the side of caution when it comes to decorating and designing. Too much colour, pattern and artwork can become quite overwhelming in limited space. Rather opt for a timeless and pleasing palette such as pinks or creams.


Create a statement piece for your nail salon


Whether it is a large logo, business name or piece of artwork, it is always a good idea to have a statement piece in your nail salon, even if it’s a DIY creation. In doing so, you are giving your clients something to remember you by, so that the next time they decide to visit a nail salon, you are among the top titles that come into mind.


Statement pieces come in many shapes and forms. Some salons utilise interesting or bizarre lighting fixtures, while some employ the use of LED lighting or detailed abstract artworks. Whatever you decide, know that a statement piece goes a long way to set you apart from your competition.


Storage and shelves


Ensuring your salon has ample storage and shelving options are of the utmost importance. You do not have to fork out serious cash to do so either. When you shop from an online furniture store, you will notice that most of their kind offer accessible deals on storage cabinets, cupboards and shelving – meaning that your purchase will not necessarily break the bank.




Having an array of floating shelves work wonders for nail and beauty salons. They serve as display opportunities for nail polishes and products that customers can view and browse from during their treatment. A big part of beauty work is hygiene, and for this reason, your salon will always have a surplus of cleaning materials, chemicals and tools stocked up. For this reason, you will require ample storage space in which to keep them tucked away neatly.


Making space tips


In the instance of a very small space, having cupboards and shelves are not always appropriate. Here are some tips on how to store items effectively as well as how to create an illusion of space:


• Most nail salons need at least one chair for clients to lounge in during a pedicure. This alone takes up a lot of space. However, the space between the chair and the wall is a great space to store materials, cleaning supplies and other items out of view without the appearance of clutter.


• Many small salons do not have windows, which makes the space seem even tinier. Do not fret, however, as there is a creative solution. Decorators advise those in this situation to make use of long, thin mirrors, and mount them on the wall with drapes on either side, to create an illusion of a window. We already know that mirrors reflect the interior and light, but the drapes contribute to the timeless aesthetic of a nail salon.


• Reception desks with a hollowed out interior are also great spots to hide away unopened boxes and a surplus of materials. Fortunately, your local online furniture store should stock a plethora of desks for your choosing.


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