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Shopping Smart: Using Astrology to Guide You When Shopping with an Online Furniture Store


Welcome to part 2 of decorating for your star sign! Last time, we took you through the lively luxuriousness of aries’ style, all the way to the sensual simplicity of a virgo’s interiors. Today we’re going to discuss the different ways in which we can navigate the 5Star online furniture store for the purpose of aligning our physical environments with our mental dispositions and innate attitudes.


Discover More About Yourself Through the Study of the Stars, Planets, Sun and Moon


When it comes to star signs, many people are still hesitant about the validity of astrological readings and interpretations. Countless different explanations are possible for each and every person depending on the time and day that they were born. But it has been proven that much like the moon affects the tides and the seasons bring the vegetation to toss and turn into alternate conditions, the stars and planets can also affect people. They sway your preferences, inclinations and tastes when it comes to things like cultivating relationships, shopping with an online furniture store, curating your wardrobe or pursuing your career.


For example, people with Aries as a star sign are born between 20th March and 18th April. They are considered to be energetic, and they are ruled by the planet Mars – each planet creates a certain influence over a person. Furthermore, there are also sun signs and ascendant signs. Birth charts can be incredibly complicated to read, and highly subjective, so be sure to consult different sources and do your research in order to truly understand the deeper meaning behind your star sign.


However, it is of course worth remembering that your star sign will not always be depicted as a complete reflection of your essential character. No, it is rather simply an identifier that you can use to try and understand yourself deeper. Whether it be numerology, symbology or astrology, there are many different ways to decipher how and why we are the way we are. If astrology resonates with you, then let this article guide you through the unique ways in which you can use 5Star’s online furniture store to manifest a lived environment that mirrors your internal landscape.




Astrology Basics: Understanding the 12 Astrological Houses


Before we discuss how the last four star signs should shop with the 5Star online furniture store, we’ll consider the rudimentary pillars of astrology. Astrology is the study of the stars, moon, sun and the planets in our solar system. A person’s star sign is determined by the time a person was born, and the placement of the planets at that specific time. Furthermore, you can come to a better understanding of the stars’ influence by learning more about the 12 astrological houses that represent different areas of a person’s life.


1st House – This house represents the aesthetics and externalities of a person’s life. This house is the house of self, and it is associated with self-perception. The first house determines how we present ourselves to the outside world. This house is associated with Aries, and ruled by Mars.


2nd House – The second house represents how we deal with materialism, possessions and finances. It is commonly called the ‘House of Values’ because it reflects how we conceptualise value and determine worth, whether it be emotional or material. The second house governs how we comfort ourselves, understand pleasure and indulge. This house is associated with Taurus, and ruled by Venus.


3rd House – The third house is related to your intellectual and emotional intelligence. Communication, your intuitive relationships with your physical surroundings, and your familial or community relationships are determined here. This house shows your ability to communicate your intellectual thoughts and transmit your knowledge to the surrounding world. This house is associated with Geminis, and ruled by Mercury.


4th House – The fourth house represents home and family, symbolising the significance of lineage and ancestry. This house contemplates domesticity, maternality, and how these things shape us. These things, in turn, are correlated with sympathetic energies and intuitive nurturing. This house is associated with Cancers, and ruled by the Moon.


5th House – This house depicts the pleasurable aspects of life. Whether it be good-hearted, childish play, creative projects or romance, the fifth house is associated with pleasure and life’s joys. Love, amusement and entertainment are important aspects of this house. This house is associated with Leos, and ruled by the Sun.




6th House – The sixth house is known for its associations with health, well-being and career advancement. This house demonstrates our structures, routines and habits. It shapes how we keep up with our day-to-day activities and maintain order among the chaos. This house is associated with Virgos, and ruled by Mercury.


7th House – This house is all about personal relationships. Romance is particularly associated with this house, but it can also focus on friendships and platonic romance. Some also believe that the seventh house is about cultivating relationships with our enemies too. This house is associated with Libras, and ruled by Venus.


8th House – This house is more mysterious, representing birth, life and the mysteries of sex, transformation and life. The house is associated with spiritual and physical regeneration. Many understand it to have magical connections with the occult. It is associated with Scorpios, and ruled by the planet Pluto.


9th House – The ninth house indicates wisdom and the pursuit of knowledge. It is associated with philosophy, law, education, religion and travel. This house is correlated with morality and upholding ethics. It is associated with Saggitarius, and ruled by the planet Jupiter.


10th House – The tenth of the houses signals status, success and reputation. Public image and professional achievement go hand in hand here. This house is associated with ambitious attitudes and forward-thinking, goal-driven energy. This house is associated with Capricorn, and ruled by Saturn.


11th House – This house reflects friendship, community, group mentalities and an appreciation for common humanity. It is about how you participate in groups and position yourself within society, both socially and professionally. This house is associated with Aquarius and ruled by Uranus.


12th House – The twelfth and final house constitutes intuition. Some see this house as an indication of secretivity, spirituality and emotiveness. The house is associated with Pisces, and ruled by Neptune.






Libras are characterised by their drive to find harmony and balance. This is reflected in their interiors, as they tend to blend pastels and rich tones to create a well-balanced palette of colours, textures and sensory stimuli. If you’re a Libra, consider using bold accent pieces to accompany and counteract the sweet and light-hearted elements that grace your room in the form of more sentimental pieces. Libras prefer not to overcrowd the space and, similarly, they don’t generally lean towards minimalism.


The tasteful nature of a Libra is reflected by timeless yet hip pieces that are neither flashy nor boring. Decorative throw pillows and framed art will excite their eye for art and beauty, while a grounded focus on comfortable furnishing will keep them satisfied physically. Investing in pieces from 5Star’s online furniture store, such as the bucket tub chair with ottoman in red velvet, is a good way for a Libra to satisfy their more romantic side while still remaining ergonomically practical.






If you’re a scorpio, then it is safe to say that you’re likely driven by passion and intensity. You like your privacy, and so your interior schemes should provide a welcome relief from the outside world and any prying eyes. Your home is your realm, a sanctuary away from the chaos. For this reason, scorpios tend to lean towards darker colours and discreet yet luxurious decoration.


Low-lighting, cosy nooks and an emphasis on the mysterious yet meditative – this is what scorpios want from their home. Through 5Star’s online furniture store, a Scorpio can purchase the perfect ottomans or coffee tables to use for their alter-like displays and shrines. Furthemore, Scorpios can invest in anything that comes in shimmering jewel tones and sumptuous emerald tones. For example, many scorpios fall in love with the upholstered headboard with gold mirror in green velvet.






A person with the Sagittarius star sign is a person who enjoys wondrous adventure and the opportunity to expand their minds through independent travel and optimistic daydreaming. So, it’s important for a Sagittarius to live in a space that can accommodate their desire to play and get creative. A Sagittarius needs to have furnishings that spark their imagination and keep their mind fascinated.


For most Sagittarius people, it’s vital to have a good selection of books, bits and bobs. These are great ways to travel mentally without leaving the house physically. Hence, it will be important for a Sagittarius to have a lot of bespoke storage solutions. A beautiful display of bookshelves will keep them floating through the world from the comfort of their own home.






Sleek and pragmatic, the fierce Capricorn needs a space that can keep up with their goal-orientated mind. Efficiency, manageability and organisation are all vital aspects of a Capricorn’s interior space. With so much to do and so little time, a Capricorn has to feel comfortable to use their space for both work and relaxation. Traditional decor completed with unique customizable features will help the Capricorn feel at home.


They want something understated, yet elegant. What’s more, they want the space to be as functional as possible so that maintenance and upkeep don’t distract too much from their busy life. Darker colours, like burnt orange, browns and greens call to Capricorns, but then again, so do fresh flower bouquets and bright, work-friendly lighting. With 5Star’s online furniture store, a Capricorn can invest in anything from a simple leather couch to a sturdy desk for their office space.


All Star Signs Can Find Quality Pieces from 5Star’s Online Furniture Store


The 5Star online furniture store is the perfect place to locate the right option for you and your unique personal needs, as determined by the alignments of the stars, planets, sun and moon on your day of birth. With more information about these identity informers – such as the 12 houses, their ruling planets and associated star signs – you can go on to do some further research with 5Star’s online furniture store until you find the perfect pieces for your interior space.


This online furniture store is a trusted retailer of quality products being sold at affordable rates. Whether you’re a Libra or a Capricorn, you can undoubtedly locate the best furnishings with this 5Star Furniture, and it wont even require you to leave your home.



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