Buy Furniture Online: How to Turn Your House into a Home


Buying a new house is exciting, but the true delight lies in the process of transforming your house into a home. When a house is turned into a home, it should feel comfortable, personalised, and instil a sense of joy in you every time you walk through the door. We have outlined the top 8 ways to easily turn your new house into a home. Transforming your house into a home with comfortable and stylish furniture is simple when you buy furniture online from 5Star Furniture.




8 Ways to Turn Your House into a Home:


Home is the place where you have the freedom to be yourself, make memories with your family and friends, and is a space filled with all of the things you love. Transforming a new house into a home that is comfortable, personalised, and suited to your lifestyle can be difficult. To make it easier and quicker for you, we have outlined 8 ways to transform your house into a home.


1) The Right Furniture:


The first step to turning your house into a home is to make it practical and functional for daily life, and that means purchasing the right furniture for all your room spaces. If this is your first house, you may need to increase the amount of furniture you have to fill each room and area adequately. We have highlighted the key factors to consider when purchasing furniture for your home to ensure that every chair, cupboard, and bedside table is the best choice for you.


Comfort: Among many things, your home is your place of relaxation. To ensure this, the furniture you choose firstly needs to be comfortable. A supportive bed will provide you with peaceful sleep each night, a couch cushioned to perfection will make movie nights enjoyable, and an ergonomically designed office chair will make spending long hours working from home easier. Comfortable furniture is essential for your well-being and enjoyment in your home.


Style: One essential characteristic of a home is the specific style you bring to the space. Whether you have decided on modern and minimalist, Scandinavian, or coastal chic, you need to ensure that the style of your furniture reflects and enhances the overall design. Furniture that cohesively connects to your design style will immediately transform the space into a home.


Maintenance: If you have children, pets, or are the regular hosts of Friday night parties or Saturday sports watching events, then you need to consider maintenance as an important factor in the furniture you choose. You want to ensure that the materials of your furniture are durable and easy to clean so that you can keep your furniture looking in excellent condition with minimal maintenance.


Flow: Flow within each room of your home is an important factor to bear in mind when purchasing furniture. The furniture pieces need to be correctly sized to look right in the space and allow for easy movement between the rooms or around the furniture pieces so that you can comfortably live in your home.




2) Kit Out Your Kitchen:


The kitchen is often the heart of the home as it is the space where you create delicious meals and spend time with your whole family at the end of each day. Transforming your kitchen into a space that is personalised and functional is an essential way to make your house feel like home. We have highlighted 2 ways to ensure your kitchen space feels homely.


New Appliances: When you purchase a new home, it often comes with the appliances. In most cases, these appliances are functional but outdated. An easy way to make the kitchen feel renewed is to update the appliances. While this can be a steep investment, new appliances can do wonders for improving the aesthetic of your kitchen and your enjoyment whilst cooking and spending time with family.


Showcase Your Cookbooks: One true reflection of who you are is the type of food you enjoy cooking and eating. Add your personality to your kitchen by displaying your favourite cookbooks. You can have them stacked on your countertop as a decorative display or have a glass door cabinet filled to the brim with your colourful cookbooks.




3) Organised Storage:


When you first move into your new house, it is going to be slightly chaotic. There will be half-opened boxes everywhere, your furniture will be haphazardly placed, and bubble wrap will litter the floor. As you slowly unpack and place all your belongings in the correct space, you may discover that there is not enough storage to adequately organise your home.


A disorganised house can be unpleasant to live in. If you find that you have to hold back your clothing from bulging onto the floor every time you open your bedroom cupboard or that you need to shift your office supplies around your dining table before you eat dinner, you are quickly going to start not enjoying living in your new house. This will make it harder for you to make the house feel like you are home.


Functionality is an essential aspect of transforming a house into a home. Every room needs adequate storage so that all your belongings have an organised space so that living in your home is easy and enjoyable. Adding storage units to each space can be an easy way to ensure your house feels like home.


4) A Fresh Coat of Paint:




A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for transforming a house into a home. Whether the paint on your walls is looking a little tired or the previous owners were huge fans of purple, repainting your house will make a massive impact on making it feel like home. The best part is that repainting a room is fairly inexpensive and can be an exciting DIY project for your whole family to get involved in and begin making those memories that are so important to a home.


5) Create Ambiance with Lighting:


Having the right lighting in your house is essential to creating a homely atmosphere and experience. Lighting can bring brightness to previously dark and dull corners of your home to allow you to enjoy every space of the house. Warm lighting in the form of lamps and pendants can boost the energy of your home even on cloudy days and can help elevate positivity and productivity in your home. A well-lit house will be inviting and comfortable, allowing you to feel right at home.


6) Add Personal Touches:


Adding personal touches to your house is one of the best ways to make it feel like home. When each room is designed to your taste and is filled with your favourite trinkets, you will automatically feel more connected to the space. Personal touches can be as unique as you are, but we have highlighted 3 easy ways to customise your home for inspiration.


Photographs: Photographs are a perfect way to make your house into a home. You can create a wall of photographs depicting your family, your travels, or even your pets. Photographs demonstrate the people that are important to you or your treasured experiences and will be a brilliant way to highlight that this is your home.


Artworks: Art is highly personal and dependent on your unique interests and taste. Filling your house with your curated or created artworks will immediately bring a homely flair to the space.


Customised Initials: This traditional way of making a house into a home is making a comeback. Showcase the people who live in your home by customising their towels, bed linen, or throws with their initials or your family surname.


7) Bring Nature Indoors:


What better way to capture the liveliness of a home than to fill it with an array of indoor plants. Bringing nature indoors is an effective way to immediately make you feel more comfortable, serene, and destressed when you are at home. Scattering indoor plants around your home will bring vibrant pops of green into each space that will always boost your mood and make you feel happy to be home.


8) Signature Scent:


One way to say “welcome home” to yourself every time you walk through the front door is to have a signature scent for your home. A signature scent is like having a perfume for your home as it speaks to the personality and ambiance of the space. Whether you feel calm and happy when you smell a vanilla candle burning or enjoy the refreshing zing of an orange-scented room spray, have a scent that enhances your experience in your space to make your house feel like home.




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