Cheap Corner Couches for Sale: How to Style Your Couch


Your couch is the centre of all the memories you make in your lounge. It is the comfortable space where you catch up with your spouse after a long day at work, get transformed into a fort by your children on the weekend, and the place you find your pet snuggled up (even when they are not allowed onto the couch). Ensuring that your couch is both practical for your needs and beautifully styled will ensure that you are drawn into your lounge space. In this quick guide, we highlight 7 top tips for styling your couch to make it a focal point and functional. If you are ready to update your couch before you start styling, you can find a range of high-quality cheap corner couches for sale at 5Star Furniture.




Top 7 Tips For Styling Your Couch:


The couch in your lounge is the jewel of the space that will garner the most focus and use, making the styling of your couch essential for the design of your lounge. While scatter cushions and throws are essential for styling a couch, the design does not stop there. To create a show-case couch in your lounge, you need to tie the entire space together with additional styling features. We have highlighted 7 top tips for styling your couch and your lounge to create a beautiful, cohesive, and functional space.


1) Scatter Cushions:


No couch styling guide would be complete without scatter cushions. Scatter cushions are essential to couch styling as they bring in the necessary colour, texture, and pattern to create a triumphantly cohesive design. Not only are scatter cushions critical for the style of your couch, but they are also practical as they provide you with added comfort while you snuggle up on the couch. We have highlighted the four essential styling tips to assist you to select the perfect scatter cushions for styling your couch.


Complementary Colours: The first place you need to start with selecting scatter cushions is the colour. The colour of your scatter cushions should be cohesive with the colour of your couch and lounge, but should also add a splash of diversity and interest. For the best scatter cushion colour combinations, we encourage opting for scatter cushions in complementary colours. Complementary colours prevent you from falling into the trap of being too matchy-matchy by offering bold and contrasting pops of colour. Limit yourself to 3 to 5 complementary colours on your couch to avoid overwhelming the style.


Play with Pattern: Patten is the pièce de resistance of scatter cushion styling. How you pair your patterned scatter cushions is essential for making your couch appear expertly styled. We recommend selecting two patterns that are different but cohesive and keeping a solid colour cushion in between to keep the design fresh and intriguing.


Transform with Texture: Your scatter cushion styling can quickly fall flat if all your scatter cushions are the same type of material and thus have the same texture. Scatter cushions with different textures will keep the style of your couch aesthetically pleasing and demonstrate professionalism in your styling. Choose between knitted, frayed, linen, woven, velvet, or tufted cushion to create a unique array of textures.


Arranging Different Sizes: Different size scatter cushions bring interest and depth to your couch styling. From square to round to lumbar, there are various scatter cushion sizes and styles to choose between. When arranging your different scatter cushion styles, you can play around with the arrangement to achieve different height levels which will draw the eye to the masterful styling of your couch.




2) Throws:


Throws are a must-have for styling a couch. Throws bring in warmth, texture, and softness to your couch, making your lounge space feel welcoming and comfortable. With so many different styles, colours, and patterns to choose from, throws offer an excellent way to personalise your couch style. Once you have selected your throw that is cohesive with your scatter cushions, you can style your throw in any of these three ways.


Folded Over the Couch Arm: The classic way to add a throw to your couch is to have it neatly folded over the couch arm. Fold your throw into thirds and drape it neatly over the arm, allowing half to elegantly hang off the arm with the other half tightly tucked into the couch cushion. This throw styling will achieve a formal and tidy look, making it the perfect pair for colourful and textural scatter cushions.


Draped Across the Corner: If you are striving for a cosy and comfortable design on your couch, then this is the way to style your throw. Simply pick up your throw and gently lay it across the corner of your couch, allowing it to fall and fold as it desires. The cascading throw will make the style of your couch appear effortless and casual.


Double Throws Vertically Across Couch: For double the style and luxury, you can layer two throws on your couch. This throw styling includes folding the two throws neatly into thirds and positioning them in layers vertically across your couch, starting from the top corner to just past the centre of the couch base cushion. Double throws will increase the texture and depth of your couch and the vertical line will elongate the size of your couch.


3) Rug:


Tie your couch styling together with a perfectly paired rug beneath the couch. A rug will help ground your couch and your design, as without a rug your couch may feel lost in a large swathe of space in your lounge. Pair your couch with the perfect rug with these two top styling tips.


Pick a Suitable Size: The important aspect to emphasise when choosing your rug is selecting the perfect size. A small rug will make your couch look awkward in the lounge, while an oversized rug may make your couch feel like it is floating in space. Choose a rug size that fits your couch with enough space to create a border to elegantly frame your styled couch.


Neutral Always Works: Rugs come in so many different colours, patterns, and textures, which can quickly become overwhelming to decide between. We recommend opting for a neutral, slightly textured rug as this will work with any couch style you have.


4) Behind Your Couch:


It is important not to forget about the space surrounding your couch for an overall style, specifically focusing on the wall or area behind your couch. If your couch is positioned against a wall, you can hang a large artwork above the couch and pull colours from the artwork in your scatter cushions to create a synergistic style. Alternatively, you can have black and white pictures to allow the colours in your couch styling to pop.


You can still style behind your couch if your couch is not positioned against a wall. Use a sofa table and place decorative pieces that will draw the eye to your styled couch. These decorative pieces can include a lamp, a vase brimming with flowers, oversized frames, or pot plants.




5) Lamps:


One important aspect to incorporate into your couch styling is ambiance. You want to create a styled couch that is beautiful and draws people in to sit down and enjoy the space. One easy way to create an ambiance around your couch is with an oversized lamp positioned on the side of the couch. The lamp will cast a glowing light onto your couch and will bring warmth into your lounge, making the entire space feel connected and comfortable.


6) Side Table Décor:

Styling your couch with one or two side tables positioned alongside the arms is both practical and a perfect moment for design. You can use your side tables to bring décor into the overall aesthetic of your styled couch and enhance the design style you have selected. If you have opted for a floral and feminine design in your couch styling, you can artfully place candles in different hues and a stack of books on your side tables. If you have gone with a modern style, you can use geometric-shaped décor pieces and an angular vase.


7) Plants:


Complete your couch styling with an array of plants positioned near the couch and around the lounge. Plants bring in a fresh and natural feel and will be cohesive with almost any design style you have selected for your couch styling. You can have a couple of smaller pot plants dotted around the couch or one large plant to draw the eye to your styled couch.




5Star Furniture Cheap Corner Couches for Sale:


Before you start investing in a collection of scatter cushions, plants, and a large rug that cohesively blends with your couch, it is important to decide whether your current couch is worth the effort. If the cushions are faded, the legs are scuffed and stained, and there is a suspicious stain on the couch arm, then it may be time to replace your couch with a new, fresh, and functional one. At 5Star Furniture, you can easily find cheap corner couches for sale that you can then style into the show-stopper piece of your lounge.


5Star Furniture has a wide range of cheap corner couches for sale. From L-shaped cheap corner couches for sale to modular cheap corner couches for sale, you can find an array of shapes and sizes in our collection of corner couches. Our cheap corner couches for sale range from modern to traditional, allowing you to select the perfect design to then begin to style.


5Star Furniture offers you cheap corner couches for sale in a plethora of materials and colours. Whether you are drawn to the Rex Lounge Suite in dark brown faux suede to pair it with soft beige throws and a woven rug or the Esme Lounge in green velvet to pair excellently with your plants and complementary colour scatter cushions, we have the perfect corner couch for your styling.




We understand the importance of a styled couch to draw attention and increase functionality. This is why with a select collection in our cheap corner couches for sale range, the corner couch will come with a few scatter cushions. With 5Star Furniture, we take every step to ensure you receive quality corner couches for sale that are designed to be the perfect fit for your home.


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