We know that most parents want to give their children the best possible bedrooms. However, with the rising cost of living and the massive cost of prenatal care, medical bills and baby merchandise, it can be immensely costly to decorate a kid’s room from scratch – especially since most of the equipment you’ll have to purchase will be brand new. But there are ways to furnish your space without breaking the bank; for example, buying cheap couches for sale can be a particularly effective way to cushion the room without going over budget. So if you’d like to know more about affordable, sustainable ways to decorate your kid’s room so that they can grow into the space and make use of it for years to come, then read this article to find all of the best deals and cheap couches for sale.




As the time comes for your little one to arrive into the world, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to welcome them. Being a new parent is a difficult task, and being a new mother is especially difficult when you take into consideration all of the changes that your body and your home are going through. From bloating to baby shoes and then home decoration, there is so much to think about before your new family member makes its way into your living space and your life. And when it comes to decorating, there’s a lot that can be said about the importance of curating a relaxing, child-friendly, safe space that is not only a haven for your child but also a functional, organised space for the parent.


With so many new changes and adaptions to be made, the time before birth can be incredibly stressful. A lot of women find themselves suffering from exhaustion, pain and nausea, not to mention overwhelming stress. Whether you’re a single mom, single dad, or couple working together to create a good home, this time is exceptionally challenging. But that being said, it doesn’t have to be a total source of anxiety. No, in fact, it can be a really fun way for you to bond with your co-parent or significant other, and prepare for the oncoming addition of love and light in your life.


Maximise Playtime By Saving Space For Creativity


At first, many parents tend to panic-buy everything they were told a child needs to grow and develop. Comparing themselves with magazine catalogues, they start to bulk purchase every other highly-recommended plushy toy and fluffy ottoman they can see, hoping that it will be enough to fill the space and make their child smile. But in reality, what your child wants isn’t excessive amounts of toys and materials. They really just want a couple of quality items, and some cushioned space to play.


Babies are creative and inquisitive. They don’t need a flurry of abject goods, they just want a few great things to spark their abundant imagination and creativity. Unlike us adults, it’s easy for them to be entertained. Start with the essentials – such as a cot, some drawers for their clothes, and maybe cheap couches for sale – and then let the rest be whimsical and playful. Consider a fun ball-pit, a cushy carpet for them to crawl on, some crib mobiles to attach to the bed, a chalkboard, and maybe even a little playhouse and plushy toy. Most importantly, be sure to emphasise fun – this will help you keep the ambience light while still encouraging them to play, dream and burn off their pre-bedtime energy.


Invest in Extra Storage Space


A kid’s room can easily descend into a mess if you don’t make sure to double up on storage space. From extra nappies to toys, books and games, you’d be surprised by how quickly clutter can accumulate in a child’s room. And don’t fool yourself by thinking that they’re going to cooperate during clean-up time. No, the best thing to do is make sure that you have ample space to hang, fold and tuck all of your things away after a busy day.


Expand your storage space by installing extra hooks, book racks and storage crates in their room so that you don’t have to see all of the mess on the floor at once. Be smart with your space, and buy a trunk that doubles as a window seat. Then consider looking at cheap couches for sale that have a little room underneath them so that you can store some baskets beneath them for miscellaneous items and toys. For example, the 3 divisional sofa in black velvet (divine pleated couch) is one of the cheap couches for sale at R3,999 with enough space below it to store some extra goodies in a basket or three.


Curate a Work Space To Keep Them Busy



Unlike an adult workspace or office, a workspace in a kid’s room doesn’t need fancy appliances or a desktop computer. All they really need is a tabletop, a cushy seat and some art and craft supplies. Providing your kids with a space to colour and create will help them to get in touch with their creative side, and help them learn how to entertain themselves. This, in turn, serves as a great way to enhance their mental development as well as their physical development, as it will improve their fine motor skills and force their brain to focus more intently on the project at hand.


What’s more, by providing them with a workspace, you can give yourself a little extra time to relax and take a break. Instead of constantly entertaining them with playtime scenarios and games, you can let them create their own amusement. This is particularly important, as any parent needs space to rest so that they can recharge their batteries before attending to the never-ending list of chores and tasks. Just make sure to save space for you, as the parent, to sit and watch over your little one, making sure they don’t ingest any colouring tools or hurt themselves.


Keep It Simple, Keep it Safe




A kid’s room should prioritise two key things: play and safety. Every child’s room has to be effectively child-proofed so that your little one isn’t at risk of hurting themselves unexpectedly. For example, the windows should be guarded and the crib should be set up properly so that the child cannot crawl out and away. Furthermore, while playtime will always involve lots of toys, crayons and trinkets, these items are also choking hazards that can be very dangerous. For that reason, it’s important to make sure that while the room is play-time appropriate, it is also secured safely by keeping sharp objects, exposed plug points, glass and choking hazards out of reach.


This is why it’s always a good idea to keep the room furnished with only the necessities and a couple of quality play items that can be easily stored. Essential furniture includes dressers and drawers that are anchored and secured tightly to the walls, a crib or bed depending on your child’s age, and a plushy couch for parents to watch over their kids and bond during playtime. Having a couch in the space is also always nice if you’re worried about your child, and want to stay close to them just in case. In those scenarios, it can be nice to have a TK Range Grey Tapestry sleeper couch, one of the cheap couches for sale at only R3,150.


Keep Longevity and Early Adulthood In Mind When Decorating


A lot of parents make the mistake of decorating their kid’s rooms with very expensive items that are only useable for the first few years of their child’s life. Then, when that child grows up, they have to deal with the expensive feat of redecorating and refurnishing the room from scratch. Although it is plausible to sell some of the initial furniture items you bought but no longer use, this in itself can also be an administrative challenge, and in most cases, you won’t be able to resell the furniture at the same cost at which you bought it. Consequently, you’ll end up paying an arm and a leg for furniture items that only get 3 to 5 years of good use.


To prevent this unsustainable cycle, you should buy furnishing that will prove useful from now until the child’s teenage years. Of course, the decor will have to be child-orientated, and it won’t necessarily last until their early adolescence, but when it comes to couches, rugs, ottomans and storage solutions, it’s better to buy with longevity in mind. These items can last you a lifetime if you purchase them carefully, and you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle in redecoration in later years. At 5Star Furniture, you can find storage, lounge furniture, ottomans and more for long-term use; the cheap couches for sale are particularly ubiquitous buys that will be useful in a kid’s room as well as a teen’s room or even a guest bedroom at a later stage.




Don’t Be Afraid To Incorporate Colour


Children find joy in colourful items, but keeping longevity in mind, it’s important to use colour cleverly. Although they may love hot pink at age 3, it’s unlikely that they’ll be so fond of it in their angsty adolescent years. For this reason, the best way to incorporate colour is to introduce it to the room through decorative wall-hangings, art and small pops of colour in the cushions and throws. This way, when they get older, you won’t have to repaint an entire bedroom from hot pink to cream, you can simply take down the decor and replace it.


Keep the furnishing you buy neutral, such as the cheap couches for sale that you’ll invest in. Then incorporate colour using accessories, so that you can mix up the space easily, and adjust the colour scheme quickly according to your child’s fluctuating preferences. This way, you can have more fun with the space, and you won’t have to worry about long-term commitments to bright colours. As the trends change and your child grows up, you can adapt and evolve the room with them.


Buy Cheap Couches For Sale Today From 5Star Furniture


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