Grand millennial style is a trending design style for homes, especially for millennial homeowners in their 20s and 30s. Dubbed the granny-chic style, grand millennial style is all about having the elements you would find in your grandmother’s home updated to a modern standard that will make your home feel personal and comfortable. In this guide, we outline what grand millennial style is and how you can easily achieve a trendy grand millennial style in your home with our 8 tips. Embrace grand millennial style in your home with select furniture pieces from 5Star Furniture when you buy furniture online.




Grand Millennial Style:


Grand millennial style has recently arisen as one of the most trending design styles. Grand millennial style was aptly defined by Anna Shiwlall as “an Insta-meets-grandmother look”. From patterned wallpapers to embellished frills to clutters of décor, imagine everything you would have found in your grandmother’s house but brought into the 21st century in this design style.


Grand millennial style has evolved as a push-back against the sleek and minimalist aesthetics of Modern and Contemporary design styles. Millennial homeowners feel that these designs can sometimes feel cold and impersonal in a home. The desire to create a home that is cosy and personalised is where grand millennial style stemmed from.


Grand millennial style is more than just a way to decorate your home. The true inspiration behind grand millennial style is an aim to craft feelings of comfort and nostalgia, synonymous with how you would feel when walking into your grandmother’s house. Walking into a grand millennial style home should feel like being embraced by your grandmother, while still having the modern flair and functionality that is important to millennial homeowners.


How to Achieve Trendy Grand Millennial Style in Your Home:


Grand millennial style is perfectly suited to homeowners who want to showcase their individuality and highlight their skill at refreshing traditional design elements. From bold combinations of patterns to florals to pairing vintage pieces with modern furniture, the design style encourages adding a fresh twist to the design items your grandmother would have loved. We have highlighted 8 easy tips for incorporating grand millennial style into your home to capture the feelings of comfort and nostalgia.


1) Patterns:


The quintessential characteristic of grand millennial style is patterns. You will find patterned wallpapers, cushions, couches, bed throws, and rugs scattered around a grand millennial style home. The patterns are typically chintz, toile, and treillage as an ode to traditional patterns.


Choosing two or three patterns that work together but are still distinct in their style is the perfect way to bring trendy grand millennial style into your home. Grand millennial style is your opportunity to go bold with patterns on the floor, walls, and ceilings, or wherever your creative whim takes you.


2) Analogous Colour Scheme:


Grand millennial style is all about an analogous colour scheme. Analogous colours are comprised of three colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel, like green, yellow-green, and yellow or violet, blue-violet, and blue. Imagine a home inspired by the colour scheme of a rock rose succulent or early morning sunrise. Like your grandmother’s house, the colours your choose should be on the more muted and softer side of the colour spectrum to create a comfortable and cohesive home.


3) Floral Prints:


Floral prints are a highly popular aspect of grand millennial style. Bringing it into the 21st century, you can embrace floral prints in a modern way while still capturing the grand millennial style. Traditionally the floral prints on the cushions in your grandmother’s house would have been small and intricate, whereas the trendier version would be to go enlarged and bold. Pair these large floral prints with vases of flowers and billowing pots of indoor plants positioned throughout your home for a truly trendy grand millennial style.




4) Solid Wood Furniture:


A major component of grand millennial style is solid wood furniture to mimic the dining table or rocking chairs you would have found in your grandmother’s house. Your wood furniture is also typically dark-stained to capture the traditional designs. The benefit of having the depth of the dark wood furniture makes is that it makes for the perfect backdrop for bold patterns and can ground a room that is sprinkled with vintage décor pieces, fringed cushions, and ruffled curtains.


5) Creative Thrifted Pieces:


Rather than buying all of your furniture brand new, you are encouraged to showcase your inherited furniture pieces in grand millennial style. Alternatively, you can hit your local charity shop or thrift store and hunt around for one or two vintage pieces to pair with your modern furniture. Anything with ornate woodwork, grand details, or gold touches will be the perfect vintage furniture piece to bring warmth and nostalgia into your grand millennial home. The idea is to blend old furniture with your new furniture cohesively.


The fun part about grand millennial style is that your individuality and creativity are encouraged. Painting a thrift furniture piece the same colour as your walls for a monochromatic flair or embellishing the back of a cupboard with wallpaper is some of the ways that you can bring these traditional pieces into grand millennial style.




6) Gold or Brass Fixtures:


The majority of current design styles are leaning toward gold and brass fixtures, and grand millennial style is no different. These previously traditional metal colours for fixtures are being embraced for their warmth, sophistication, and vintage qualities by grand millennial style. You can swap out your kitchen cupboard handles for brass knobs, install an ornate gold chandelier in your dining room, or add gold faucets with a slight patina to your bathrooms for the grand millennial style vintage flair.


7) Delftware:


Delftware is a common décor piece that you will find around a grand millennial style home. Delftware includes vases, figurines, ceramic tiles, and plates that would have originally been crafted in Delft, Netherlands. The signature design of Delftware is a blue and white colour scheme with ornate painted pictures or patterns.


Delftware used to be an extremely popular décor in homes but has since ebbed out of style due to the growing trend towards minimalism and modern design. As something you would have typically found in a traditional design home, delftware is naturally a popular piece for grand millennial style. Grand millennial style brings delftware back and embraces the unique design, calm colour tones, and busy patterns.




8) Vintage Décor:


In addition to Delft ceramics, vintage décor is a general must-have for a grand millennial style home. From ceramics to colourful glass vases to ornated picture frames, you can go wild with the vintage pieces either handed down to you or that have been curated from thrift stores. A cluttered look is an important element of the grand millennial style, but cluttered in the sense that your cupboards, shelves, and table surfaces are filled to the brim with beautiful and meaningful vintage pieces that you would have seen in your grandmother’s house.


9) Embellished Soft Furnishings:


The mixing of traditional aesthetics and modern touches is essential in grand millennial style. Drawing inspiration from the furnishings you would have found in your grandmother’s home, a grand millennial style house does not skimp on the classic embellishments in soft furnishings. In grand millennial style, you can have bed skirts with ruffles, pleated lampshades, embroidered linens, needlepoint pillows, and elaborate curtains to achieve the perfect combination of your grandmother’s style and a modern flair.


Buy Furniture Online from 5Star Furniture for Grand Millennial Style in Your Home:


5Star Furniture is an online furniture store that makes furnishing your home to your selected style effortless. If you are interested in jumping on the grand millennial style trend, we are here to assist you with the perfect furniture pieces when you buy furniture online. We have highlighted a few of our pieces that will bring the perfect touch of trendy grand millennial style to your lounge and bedroom.


Sam Upholstered Headboard: Bring an ornate style into your bedroom with the grandeur of the Sam Upholstered Headboard. This velvet headboard includes deep buttons in the upholstery for added style. You can find this headboard available in a range of colours that can perfectly match your chosen analogous colour scheme for your trendy grand millennial style bedroom.


Flower Couch: Embrace the floral elements, subtle colours, and comfort of grand millennial style with the Flower Couch in your lounge. This stand-out couch will be the perfect way to allude to the grand millennial style in a trendy way in your home. Complete the set by pairing the Flower Couch with matching Flower Scalloped Accent Chairs. Choose to have these single-seater chairs in different colours for a colourful array of grand millennial style in your lounge.


Velvet Storage Box with Buttons: Grand millennial style comes with a lot of embellished blankets and cushions. Keep these items safely stored when not in use in our Velvet Storage Box with Buttons. The soft upholstery finish with deep-set buttons adds a nostalgic style to your bedroom or lounge space, while still being a functional furniture piece.




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