Furniture Specials: Cook in Style While Entering this New Sale Season!


For some, cooking is more than just about how the food tastes while eating, it is an art form where the process is loved from the very beginning and is made that much more enjoyable when performed in a similarly tasteful environment. Preparing food in a lavishly dressed kitchen with ample space is a dream that not many believe they can afford, but is one that can easily become a reality when shopping at our widely esteemed online furniture store. After reading this brief article showcasing some of our best additions and accessories for any modern kitchen, you may get a glimpse into why so many South Africans choose 5Star Furniture as their go-to furniture store, aside from handsomely reduced prices on all our proudly South African furniture specials.


How Our Furniture Specials Can Help You Redesign Your Kitchen with Ease


Across South Africa, it is common to see someone complaining about how small their kitchen may be, how under-equipped it may be, or even how much clutter is laying around. Having either one or more of these problems prevents even the most patient and determined amongst us from being able to cook food without feeling held back or obstructed in one way or another. Whatever your specific case may be, there may be a way for you to rectify your situation without having to spend obscene amounts of cash as is usually expected when visiting other furniture stores, online or otherwise.


In most cases, it is easy to almost immediately improve your cooking space by ensuring that the surrounding environment stays neat and well organized, with all ingredients, plates and cutlery packed away neatly in a place that does not obstruct you in any way. This may be easier said than done in some homes, as many feel as if their kitchens come with far too little packing space. Thankfully, however, our furniture specials extend across multiple items that may be able to help you clear this hurdle without much strain at all.




As we understand that many South Africans are not afforded the most space within their kitchen due to smaller room sizes or shapes. This is why we would like to present you with the first of our furniture specials, coming in the form of a 2-piece kitchen cabinet set, an item that is compact enough to accommodate most kitchens without impeding on its own quality or storage space. Both of which remain just as high as this cabinet’s hefty discount of -22%, allowing you to save R700 off this purchase alone!


Aside from this cabinet’s incredibly low price, many clients have been drawn to this item for its ability to meld itself into any kitchen thanks to its relatively compact and customizable design. By coming in 2 separate pieces, this cabinet combo can be used in combination with each other or placed separately according to your specific needs. Once placed where and how you want this 2-piece kitchen cabinet combo to appear, you may then start to notice the impeccable workmanship that is displayed across this piece.


Starting with this special’s work surface, it comes in an oak wood finish that is laminated for easy cleaning and longer-lasting durability. Contrasting this darker workspace, we have a light brown wood finish on all cabinet doors, creating a nice visual aesthetic within your kitchen that is accentuated with hints of gold, which can be seen on the drawers and cabinet doors coming equipped with modern handles painted in gold. Alongside this cabinet combo’s stunningly subtle design, it remains sturdy thanks to excellent build quality that is held together with a combination of 15mm thick super wood boards and hardboards.




Moving on from our smaller cabinets, we have furniture specials that can still accommodate clients of ours that may have a bit more space to work with in their kitchens. If this fits your description, then you may be pleased to find out about our 4-piece kitchen cabinet set, an item that can be bought at a price that is far lower than its excellent design and aesthetic quality may initially suggest. With a discount of -14% off, this special allows you to pick up this entire 4-piece combo while still saving yourself R700 in the process.


Similar to our aforementioned 2-piece combo, this cabinet set also comes with a work surface equipped with a laminated finish for easier cleaning and for longer-lasting resistance against scratches and other blemishes. The only difference there being is that this combo comes in a creamy charcoal brown colour that is seen across each individual piece, with the available backboards creating a subtle contrast through a light brown finish. This 4-piece kitchen cabinet is also manufactured using a combination of hardboard as well as super wood board, each being roughly 15mm thick, allowing for optimal durability without becoming overly heavy and difficult to move when needed.


While put together, this set of cabinets may initially seem like a nightmare to move around, but thankfully, due to its detachable and customizable design, this cabinet’s individual pieces are surprisingly small and easy to move around, especially when small doorways are involved. When combined and starting from left to right, this set comes in at roughly 2.2m in width and a depth of 0.4m. While the base unit may only add up to 0.91m in height, the grocery and dresser units each reach 1.9m in height.


This ensures that you are provided with more than enough packing space when it comes to your non-perishables, cutlery, plates and other cooking-related items without feeling surrounded by heaps of clutter. To help you reach these hefty storage spaces, this cabinet even comes with modern silver handles on its doors and drawers, the latter of which are placed on runners, allowing for smooth and easy access. It is not often that you are given the opportunity to completely redesign your kitchen by purchasing only a single kitchen cabinet combo set, especially at such low prices.




If you are still looking for that little bit of extra storage space in your kitchen, we have a stand-in brown side table with 3 tiers, which also provides a stand for another one of your more frequently used kitchen appliances. At -25% off allowing for savings of R100, this item’s exceptionally low price does not translate to reduced quality in any aspect. To ensure that this tiered pedestal is built to last, its white steel frame is galvanised during production in order to prevent any future rust damage. Similarly, each of this item’s 3 tiers comes as laminated wooden shelves, further allowing for reduced risk of damage. At only 0.65m in height, 0.6m in width and a depth of 0.5m, with rubber padding placed at the base of each leg, this unit becomes exceptionally easy to move around when cleaning or reorganizing.


Our Furniture Specials Extend to Patio and Dining Room Items Too!


Now that you’ve been able to cook a warm and hearty meal in a newly redesigned kitchen, you may be wanting to enjoy your food in an environment that allows you to eat in equal parts comfort and style. At 5Star Furniture, our hefty furniture specials all allow you to achieve this with just as much ease and affordability as you would any other room through our catalogue. With such a wide range of our crowd favourite items rotating through each sale season, it can sometimes be difficult to decide on just one item or combo in particular.




If you prefer eating your meals in a space that is more relaxed and spacious after a hard day’s work, set in an environment that is open with a slight breeze, then you may want to consider our 3-piece outdoor garden set. With a discount of -22% off to give you R599 in savings alongside its sleek yet comfy design, this item becomes difficult to ignore when placed alongside other options. Each of this combo’s 3 pieces, consisting of a small table with a glass top alongside 2 patio chairs, comes weaved with a strong resin-like plastic material, which reduces the risk of damage caused by exposure to all forms of strong outdoor weather.


However, if you and your family prefer to eat together in a single space with ample room, then our clear glass table set may be your best bet. Although extravagantly designed to perfectly suit any dinner party or gathering, this item is still sold at a discounted cost of -16% off for savings of R399 per purchase. This discount also stands in contrast to the sheer quality on display across this entire piece.




With an 18mm thick tabletop with tempered clear glass, this set becomes incredibly easy to clean and resistant to general dirt and spills, while still being sturdy enough to support large quantities of food and cutlery when hosting particularly large events at home. For quiet nights at home, however, this piece comes with 4 chairs supported by black steel frames while providing comfort through PU leather and cushioning for strain-free support while eating with your family. Moving this combo around while cleaning or redecorating also becomes hassle-free thanks to its smaller design, reaching a length of only 1.2m, a width of 0.9m and a height of 0.74m to allow for easy positioning and set up.


Return to 5Star for Upcoming Furniture Specials in the Future


If you are looking to expand your need to redecorate to the rest of your home, you may be happy to find out that our furniture specials may be able to provide you with all the help you need. Our specials are able to extend across most, if not all, rooms that are generally found in the modern house. Whether you are looking to touch up your bedroom or bring your study or lounge area back into the present day with modern designs and sleek aesthetics, you can feel at ease knowing that we have exactly what you may be looking for. Returning clients may notice that we have furniture specials running all year round, with items coming in and out of selection on a recurring basis, giving each customer a chance to save money on particular items they may have been keeping their eyes on.


Alongside this, we have larger sales throughout the year around more special occasions too, allowing you to enjoy extra savings on a much heftier range of items too. If you are interested in diving into our extensive catalogue of furniture specials or are looking for further information regarding our previously mentioned sales, then you simply need to head over to the “Contact Us” button found at the top of our website’s homepage. From here, you will be presented with physical addresses of our stores in Midrand and Pretoria, as well as other methods you can use to reach our customer service line.



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