Hone Your Styling Techniques With The Help Of Your Star Sign


Decorating your home can be somewhat confusing if you don’t have the help of an interior decorator at your disposal. If you’re a new homeowner, and this is your first time trying your hand at decorating, then it can be difficult to know what sort of style or aesthetic you really want since you have no prior point of reference. One helpful way to better understand your personal taste is to consider how your star sign influences your relationship with colour, texture and design. If you want to synthesise your external space with your internal landscape, then read this article to see how astrological zodiac signs can help you decorate in a manner that feels both intuitive, organic and stylish.


There’s a lot that goes into curating a flat, apartment or house. From picking the right paint colour to furnishing your bedroom, to determining the position of the ornaments and plants on your shelves, you have to assess your wants and needs at every stage of the decorating process. This is why decorating with your star sign in mind can be very helpful – because it gives you unprecedented insight into your preferences for finishes, colour schemes and furnishings.


What Is A Zodiac Sign?


In Western astrology, a zodiac sign refers to one of twelve constellations. People believe that zodiac signs inform a person’s personality, habits, sex lives, relationships and more. Depending on where the sun was when you were born, your zodiac could be one of the following:


  • Aries (The Ram; March 21 to April 20)
  • Taurus (The Bull; April 21 to May 20)
  • Gemini (The Twins; May 21 to June 20)
  • Cancer (The Crab; June 21 to July 22)
  • Leo (The Lion; July 23 to August 23)
  • Virgo (The Virgin; August 24 to September 22)
  • Libra (The Scales; September 23 to October 23)
  • Scorpio (The Scorpion; October 24 to November 22)
  • Sagittarius (The Archer; November 23 to December 21)
  • Capricorn (The Sea-Goat; December 22 to January 19)
  • Aquarius (The Water Carrier; January 20 to February 18)
  • Pisces (The Fish; February 19 to March 20)


Another way of understanding the personality traits of each zodiac sign is by analysing their elemental affiliations. The fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. This means that they are confident, creative and daring. Sometimes they can be volatile, with their fires burning too bright and their temperament being bold.


Water signs are Cancers, Scorpios and Pisces. This means that they are intuitive, emotional and empathetic, with deep sentimental connections and sensitive memories.


The air signs – including Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – are good communicators with a great ability to engage in intellectual conversations. They’re free-thinkers, talkers and doers, making them more susceptible to their fantastical imaginations and desires.


Tauruses, Virgos and Capricorns are earth signs, meaning that they hold deep connections to material possessions and the tactile objects of the earth. Earth signs are grounded, pragmatic and wise. But they can also be sensual, driven and ambitious.


Now that we’ve determined some of the key characteristics of each of the star signs, we can start to use this information to help us navigate our choices as we buy furniture online. This will make the purchasing process somewhat easier, and now you can make informed decisions that you won’t have to regret. With these calculated, tactical choices based uniquely on you, you won’t have to grapple with any buyer’s remorse.




Decorating For An Aries


Because of Aries’ fiery disposition, they resonate with bold colour schemes that grab the eye and make a statement. Colours like red, orange, gold and hot pink resonate with you because they activate your prowess and put some pluck in your step. Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries like their senses to be activated by vibrant materials and interiors, so the objects in their space should cater to their maximalist style. To compliment Aries’ love of bright tones, they can also incorporate intricate lighting schemes for additional ambience when they buy furniture online.


Aries interiors are filled to the brim with life, and everything in the space should be curated so that they can both entertain socially and enjoy themselves personally. Because Aries are such busybodies, it’s also important to make a recreational space that can accommodate their busy schedules. There needs to be room for play, exercise, work and relaxation; since they’re always multitasking, it’s important to create a space where they can work hard and play hard.


When Aries buy furniture online, they should consider investing in pieces of furniture that spark interest while still accomodating their busy lifestyles. Sleeper couches are always useful when entertaining. Bold lounge chairs are great too if you want some luxury. Desks, of course, are a must if they want to stay on top of their work and still keep up with their own competitive nature.






Tauruses are ruled by Venus, also known as the Planet of Beauty. This means they have a deep love of fine art, sophisticated interiors and high-quality, comfortable furniture. As earth signs, Tauruses root their interior design schemes in earthy colour palettes.


Thereafter, they elevate and embellish with subtle hints of colour and textural points of interest. Throw pillows, rugs, quilts and furnishings that can satisfy their love for feminine pastels or rich jewel tones are a must. For a Taurus, the home is the safe space where they can express themselves fully – so it’s important to emphasise comfort and relaxation.


Good bedding, a well-organised kitchen and a comfy lounge area all a Taurus needs. So, as Tauruses browse to buy furniture online, they should consider what will spark the most joy after they come home from a day of hard work. Taurus’ home is where they rest and recuperate, so they should make sure to invest in a good mattress, high thread-count bedding, a nice dining room table and any other soothing ornamental pieces that will help them to indulge in the good life.






Geminis are notorious for their duality, and this is often visible in their unique interiors. Generally, Geminis lean towards modern furnishings. This is then counter-balanced with a love for energetic, graphic prints and flirtatious patterns. Geminis tend to have one foot in each world, with a love for both the modern and the vintage look. They find joy in colours such as yellows, greens and oranges.


By combining the old and new, Geminis curate beautiful spaces with unexpected style fusions. They love versatile pieces and they enjoy eclectic configurations of furniture that are both practical and visually intriguing. Geminis also tend to like ornamental pieces that spark conversation.


When Gemini goes to buy furniture online, they should be advised to look for pieces that will accommodate their youthful and spontaneous nature. Don’t hold back on your contradictory style choices, because it’s these unpredictable choices that create playfulness and a lively sense of delight. Look out for vintage-inspired pieces like pin-cushion headboards, and textural entertainment pieces such as the velvet flower


Couches – then mix these in with more modern elements and compositions.






Cancers are emotional and sentimental, with a love for the ocean and a fascination with the moon. These interests also permeate Cancer’s homes, reflected in their calming colour palettes. Pale whites, silvers, seafoam greens, pastel blues and lavender speak to their peaceful nature. These colours help to settle their undulating spirits.


Since Cancers are sensitive to the water, it’s also common to find nautical touches in their spaces. Connected with the ocean, Cancers enjoy accessorising with distressed woods, silver accents and candles. Shells, flowers and oceanic elements help to create a soothing aura for them to escape to after time spent adventuring out in the world.


If you’re a Cancer looking to buy furniture online, then consider purchasing items that will help you to arrange the cosy getaway that you long for. Consider also buying some outdoor furniture that you can use when you ponder the changing moons and gaze at the clouds. Thereafter, get yourself some comfy lounging seats and make sure that you’ve got a great bed to rest in.






Most Leos have big personalities and an inclination towards the finer things in life. They adore glamour, luxe and flash. This in turn translates to a love for opulent statement pieces and drama. Leos enjoy indulging in their favourite things, and they like to let their personality shine through their material taste as well. They display themselves in their home like a showman on stage, ready to welcome guests and share their glamorous space.


Ruled by the sun, the centre of the solar system, Leo’s home radiates warmth and playfulness. Leos enjoy showcasing their favourite dynamic artworks like treasures on their walls, and they love oversized furnishings and sumptuous fabrics. Some Leos prefer colours like gold and yellow, while others will lean towards turquoise colours or maroons.


When a Leo wants to buy furniture online, they won’t hesitate too much about indulging themselves. Don’t think about the price, just invest in your happiness and it will be worth it. Treat yourself to a couple of decadent pieces once you’ve got all of the practical stuff. Purchase a throne-like wingback single lounger or some ottomans to put your feet up.






Virgos enjoy the meditative nature of cleaning, as they love to find order in the chaos. With an innate connection to the earth, they love the tactile awakening of their senses – making them very concerned with the quality of their material lives. Sensitive to their environments, Virgos love to find their strength in their domain by creating a clutter-free space where everything is stable, calm and peaceful.


Virgos enjoy classic designs, sleek lines and subtle accent pieces with modest pops of colour here and there. Neutral tones like grey, white and cream mesh well with the simple, modern lines and minimalist furnishings. This zodiac sign is driven and focused in their work-life, so it’s important for them to construct environments where they can step back from their anxieties and clear their heads.


If a Virgo wants to buy furniture online, they will likely make analytic, thoughtful choices that balance the pragmatic and the seductive. They will always prioritise sensible things, like cupboards and storage solutions first. Thereafter, they look for classic, tasteful and romantic pieces.


To Be Continued


This piece is just one half of two – in the next article, we will be covering the other star signs, from Libra to Pisces! When you buy furniture online, you can think about this piece and use it to inform your styling process. With these articles, you can find the right tactics to help you decorate your home when you buy furniture online. 5Star Furniture offers great prices and quality furniture for all star signs, whether you’re a fiery Aries or an earthy Virgo.





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