The trick with decorating your master bedroom is to start with the anchor pieces, and then work your way down to the accessories. This will help you to prioritise the most important pieces first so that you don’t end up with candles and shelves but no bed to sleep on. This will also keep you cognizant of your budget so that you don’t overspend too early in the decorating process. If you want to buy furniture online for the purposes of decorating your master bedroom in the most strategic and affordable ways, then read this article to learn more.


Bed-Side Pedestals


Bed-side tables and pedestals are always a great help in any master bedroom. Placing a bedside pedestal on either side of your bed will help you to balance the space and create a more symmetrical, finished look for your space. Having a bedside pedestal is also particularly useful when you want to put a glass of water next to your bed, take off your reading glasses before bed, and keep your reading material, medication or cellphone.


Having a bedside table will prevent you from pacing up and down your room to switch off the lamps before your final goodnights, and it will also keep you from knocking that cup of water on the floor over when you stand up in the morning. Having another surface to keep your personal items on is very helpful, and a pedestal can also be a welcome storage solution for those with a lot of extra bits and bobs that don’t particularly fit in the cupboards or drawers. When you buy furniture online with 5Star Furniture, you have the luxury of picking from an expansive list of stylish bedside tables to suit your unique aesthetic and needs.


Bed Base, Mattress and Headboard


Bed Base


When you buy furniture online, you can pick from 9 different bed bases. With a wide variety of colours available – including light grey, dark grey, brown and light blue – you should be able to find the perfect fit for your colour scheme. Bed bases are usually produced in more neutral, natural colours as this make them easier to match with your bedsheets and bedroom accessories. The base should be sturdy and size-appropriate for your mattress and room.


When choosing a bed base, you should first weigh the size of your mattress to make sure that when you buy furniture online, it will fit and you won’t have to go through pesky return and exchange processes. Thereafter you should measure the size of the room, and consider the height and width of the bed while still taking into account the style of your room. This way, when you do buy furniture online, you can feel sure that your choices will be well-suited to the space you’re in. As a note, it must also be stated that when you buy furniture online with 5Star furniture, you also have the option of purchasing a mattress and bed base set.




There are five kinds of mattresses: latex, airbed, hybrid, foam or innerspring. Innersprings are the most well-known, traditional mattresses, while foams are very popular today. Soft mattresses are great for side sleepers, while medium mattresses are good for back and side sleepers. Firm mattresses are good for stomach sleepers and particularly back sleepers.


If you have back pains, then picking a mattress suited to your body and sleeping style is vital. The effects of a mattress on your posture and the quality of your sleep should not be underestimated, as the right mattress can drastically reduce back pains and neck strain. When you buy furniture online, particularly mattresses, it’s important to examine the measurements, firmness and type of mattress that you’re purchasing before you order.






Headboards add style and warmth to any master bedroom. They bring a sense of comfort and elegance to the space, while also providing ample pack support through an additional layer of padding. Headboards help to keep your pillows in place, and they also protect your head from hitting the cold walls, which can be a lifesaver in the Winter.


Having a headboard is a particularly chic way of introducing your style and personality into the room. Some might choose to go for a neutral headboard and bright sheets, while others opt for bright headboards and neutral sheets. The bed is the focal point of most master bedrooms, so having a headboard to frame it creates a complete, crowned moment that calls you to come to cuddle. When you buy furniture online with 5Star furniture, you can choose between floating headboards or headboards with connecting storage and bedside tables.




Storage Solutions




Using drawers instead of cupboards can be a great space-saver if your bedroom is slightly smaller and your wardrobe is minimal. 5Star Furniture has an array of storage solutions, including various chests of drawers that are available in black, brown, grey or white. Some have modern finishes with metal handles, others have traditional engravings with classic knobs. Whether you want traditional or modern, 6 drawers or 3 drawers, you’ll likely be able to find the perfect solution for your storage needs with 5Star furniture, without having to sacrifice wall space for a larger cupboard.


When considering whether you need drawers or shelves, take into account the fact that it’s difficult to see what’s in your drawers when clothing is stacked. While shelves make it easier for you to display and quickly visualise what’s in front of you, drawers are great for concealing items like underwear and pyjamas. Other pieces of clothing that work great in drawers are t-shirts, belts and leggings.




If you’re the kind of person who owns a lot of easily-creased fabrics and garments, then it’s probably best to invest in a standing wardrobe for your master bedroom, as there are certain pieces of clothing that should be hung instead of folded in drawers. While some houses come with built-in cabinetry and bedroom cupboards, a lot of us will have to purchase standing wardrobes for our formal suits and dresses, as well as trickier items like linen and towels. With 5Star furniture you have the option of choosing 2, 3, 4 or 6-door wardrobes in brown, grey, white or black. Some of these wardrobes have built-in mirrors, which can be particularly convenient if you’re hesitant to buy an additional full-length mirror.


Most wardrobes have a combination of shelving and hanging space, but depending on whether you plan to use your cupboard for linens, garments, or both, you should choose your cabinet according to your needs. Wardrobes with shelving are helpful if you’d like to display items and access them easily without having to look through piles. For example, shelves are great for jeans, jerseys and knitwear. Jerseys tend to get snagged in drawers, and it can become a mission to find and compare jeans if they’re piled up in drawers.


Space Savers


Linen storage boxes are definitely one of the most practical ways to store your linens and spare blankets, and they also double as a decorative feature in any master bedroom. These boxes are cleverly designed to hold your linen, while still providing additional seating in your space. Most designers tend to place linen storage boxes at the foot of the bed, making the perfect seat for your to do up your shoes or plan your outfit as you get ready in the mornings. It’s also a great place to put your breakfast tray or any spare books if your bedside pedestals are occupied with lamps and personal items.


If you buy furniture online with 5Star Furniture, you can choose between the upholstered storage box in brown faux suede or the linen storage box upholstered in grey tapestry with buttons. If you’re going for a more masculine, rustic look, then the brown faux suede is the way to go. For softer, contemporary spaces, consider buying the grey tapestry storage box.




Single Chairs


The purpose of a master bedroom is relaxation and realignment. Your bedroom is supposed to be an escape from the busy outside world, a place where you can regroup and kick back. If there’s one room in your house that you want to feel comfortable and cosy in, it’s probably the bedroom because this is where you’ll be sleeping every night and preparing for the day every morning.


The master bedroom is meant to be luxurious, so if you have the space and budget to splurge on a piece of furniture, then definitely think about adding a lounge chair to your master suite. While the bed is obviously the most important feature of the bedroom, it’s not always ideal to sit on a bed while working, reading or relaxing. When you don’t want to be lulled to sleep on your bed, it’s best to have a comfortable lounge chair to sit back in.


5Star furniture has many kinds of single lounge chairs for sale. Bucket tub chairs with ottomans, studio chairs, lotus-shaped accent chairs, button chesterfield occasional chairs and wingback chairs are all available when you buy furniture online. These comfy single-seaters are perfect for when you’d like to spend some time reading a novel, journaling about your day, sipping your coffee or simply resting your eyes. What’s more, you can enhance your experience by pairing any single-seater with a coffee table or another single-seater for your partner.




Coffee Tables


If you have the space to accompany your lounge chair with a table, then take a look at the gorgeous coffee tables available when you buy furniture online with 5Star Furniture. A low coffee is always useful for your to place your books on and rest your tea or biscuits in the morning. By adding a coffee table to the room, you can create a space to rest and entertain yourself outside of the living room.


This will allow you a moment of privacy and intimacy away from your roommates or cohabitators if any. What’s more, the coffee table can be a great place to showcase any artistic sculptures, trinkets, candles, lamps, book collections, plants or flower arrangements. If you’re not a fan of coffee tables, then consider adding a plushier but practical statement piece like an upholstered ottoman.


Mirrors and Dressing Tables


When you get dressed in the morning, it’s always important to check that you look presentable before you step out of the house. Having a mirror or dressing table in your bedroom will definitely help you stay looking sharp. When it comes to mirrors, it’s definitely preferable to have a full-length mirror in your bedroom so that you can check everything, from your shoes to your hairstyle.


A dressing table is also always handy to help you keep your jewellery and cosmetics organised. This will help you avoid having a messy room where your goodies are strewn all over the place without a logical order. Dressing tables and mirrors, overall, are great accessories to have in any bedroom, as they’re both practical and stylish. When you buy furniture online, consider complementing your space with these finishing touches.


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