Buying furniture for a new home can be daunting especially if you have not had the opportunity to do so before. However, if you decide to buy furniture online through 5 Star Furniture you won’t regret it. 5 Star Furniture has an excellent range of furniture that can easily be incorporated into your home. Customers will be able to create any type of environment they would like with their great selection. Creating an environment that suits you will make this process fun and relaxing.




The Best Way to Furnish Your Home When You Buy Furniture Online


With the wide variety that is available online, buying furniture online no longer has to be an expensive process. 5 Star Furniture has many options for your home from the lounge to the bedrooms. You will be able to buy your furniture from one online store.


Don’t buy furniture online immediately. This may lead to you buying furniture due to panicking about having an empty house. This will lead to you buying furniture that won’t fit well in your home or a complete mess of a final product.


When furnishing a home start off by envisioning how you would like each room in your home to look and then take note of the furniture that you would like to have in each room. This may help prevent you from buying something that you may want to return later.


If you are struggling to envision each room there are online applications that will allow you to design your rooms. This will allow you to clearly see how each room will look with the furniture you would like to incorporate.




The next step would be to take measurements of each room you would like to place furniture in. Once you have done this you can start with the best part, looking at possible furniture you want to buy. With this step, it is important to avoid buying everything at once.


Focusing on one area and only buying furniture for one room at a time is one way that you won’t lose the design focus of each room. Buying everything at once can also be a huge expense so focusing on one room at a time can space out the amount you need to spend at a time.


Deciding to buy furniture online is also a great way to find discounts. This is perfect if you want to stick to a budget or if you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of spending a lot of money on furniture.


Start off with buying larger pieces of furniture such as dining sets, couches and beds. These pieces of furniture can sometimes be on the pricier side but think of them as investments. These pieces provide comfort and space for friends and family.


These investment pieces will be used for years. If you decide to buy furniture online through 5 Star Furniture you will get great value for money and these products are good quality meaning that you won’t need to replace these items for years after buying them.


Moreover, everything in your home can be tied together by using colour. This is a simple way of creating a sense of cohesiveness throughout your home. The colour that ties everything together could be your favourite colour or a colour that makes you feel relaxed.


Buy Furniture Online: Tips for Decorating Your Home Without an Interior Designer


Purchasing your first home is exciting on its own but using your creativity to make your house feel like a home can also be an exciting experience when you follow an easy process for buying furniture online.


However, not all people have an eye for interior design so this can make decorating your home a stressful experience because at the end of the process you may feel that you weren’t able to execute what you had envisioned.


Furthermore, you don’t need an interior designer to create a beautiful home. There are many ways that you can create a comfortable and beautiful interior. Following these next few tips will make the process easier for you.


One way to achieve the interior of your dreams is by taking a look at how the pros design their homes and take notes of the ideas that you like. Page through interior design magazines and books then make note of every idea and style that you want to incorporate into your home.


Additionally, asking friends and family who have designed their own interiors is also a good idea. Making use of someone who has done this before can benefit you as you can get ideas and tips directly from them.


This will give you an idea of how to create the best layout for your home as well as how colour will or won’t work throughout your home. The layout of a home is important as this creates the flow of the home.


If there is a lot of furniture in your home it will feel cluttered and no one would like to be bumping over or squeezing past tables and chairs to make their way around. A good layout can create an open feeling in the home and give the illusion of space.


Creating a sense of space will make your home feel inviting and open. If you want to create a home that will be inviting and perfect for hosting guests, creating an open flow in your home is one way to achieve this.


Once you know what styles you are drawn to, the process starts to become exciting because at this point you can envision the final product. Start creating your dream interior when you buy furniture online from 5 Star Furniture.


When you have placed your online order you can sit back and relax while waiting for your order to arrive. The most exciting part is when the furniture arrives and you can start making your vision a reality.




Buy Furniture Online: The Buying Process


The buying process usually involves first seeing a product or store being advertised via email or social media which then leads customers to browse through the website and if they find anything they are interested in they may decide to buy the products.


Buying products online can be an easy process if you have done so before, however, if you are a first-time online shopper things may seem a bit complicated. Researching the products that you would like to buy will give you an idea of what you will be receiving.


5 Star Furniture’s online store has clear pictures and details of each of the products in its store so that their customer won’t be unsure about the quality and appearance of the furniture being purchased.


In addition to reading the descriptions of products potential buyers should read the reviews of each product, they are considering purchasing as this will give a clear indication of whether the products are worth purchasing.




The final step is to purchase the products you have decided on. Once you have proceeded to payments after selecting checkout, you are able to select the type of payment you would like to make. Many online stores offer instant EFTs, lay-bys and payment on collection or delivery.


5 Star Furniture has an easy payment process available. All customers need to do is fill in their name, and address and then select the type of payment they would like to use. When you buy furniture online the payment process will be seamless.


Buy Furniture Online: Know the Return Policies


When buying any product from a store it is important to know the turn policies. Once your furniture has been delivered and you find that you aren’t 100% satisfied with one of the products you have ordered returning the product or exchanging it will be the best option.


You may decide to return or exchange a product due to damage or the product does not look like it did in the picture. Knowing the return policies may also play a role in whether you place an order from a furniture company.




If a company has a complicated return policy or they don’t allow returns you may decide not to do business with them. Luckily, 5 Star Furniture has a simple return and exchange policy. If you aren’t satisfied with your products notify them within 7 days of receiving your order.


The products have to be returned in the packaging you received them in and 5 Star Furniture will repair damaged furniture or replace the furniture depending on what you would like to do. Furthermore, if their suppliers are unable to repair the damaged items within 2 to 3 weeks you will receive a full refund.


Keep in mind that if your products were delivered to you the delivery fee won’t be refunded. Only the products returned will be refunded. There will be no need for you to stress about needing to return products with this simple return policy.


Furthermore, 5 Star Furniture have a 3-year manufacturer guarantee on their products. This means that the manufacturer promises high-quality and excellent performance concerning their products and if these aren’t met they will repair or replace the products or offer a refund.


About 5 Star Furniture


5 Star Furniture began its journey in the furniture industry in 2005. Their first store was in Gezina in Pretoria but they have expanded to become a furniture group in Gauteng. Their physical stores can be found in Midrand and Pretoria.


In 2018, 5 Star Furniture launched its online furniture store. This was a success due to their affordable furniture, delivery process and fees. Their estimated delivery fees are R12,50 per kilometre and your products will arrive assembled. This furniture store purchases furniture from local and independent suppliers as a way to offer their customers the best prices.


5 Star Furniture prides itself on its turnaround times. Their staff work hard to ensure that their customers don’t have to. They offer delivery services and will take your delivery inside your home and place it where you would like.


Additionally, during their quieter times of the year, they will be able to customise certain furniture for you. You will be able to customise the colour or the size of the product. 5 Star Furniture will take responsibility when items are damaged and will ensure the item is replaced or returned.


Using this furniture business to furnish your home will not leave you disappointed. Their hard-working and enthusiastic staff will make the whole buying and delivery process as easy as possible for you.


Place your order with 5 Star Furniture to ensure that you will only have affordable and good-quality furniture in your home. If you have any problems or questions their staff will be available to assist you. Buy furniture online to create your home.



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