Are you looking to design and furnish a new bedroom from scratch? Or are you simply trying to breathe some new life into your tired bedroom? Regardless, this buy furniture online guide to the bedroom serves as the ultimate handbook to changing up a space and making it your own through and through. With various trends to follow and a plethora of furnishing options available when you buy furniture online, the world of bedroom design is open to all those brave enough to showcase their creativity. In just a few minutes of reading, check out guide to furnishing and decorating your bedroom when you buy furniture online.


The buy furniture online guide to bedroom trends of 2021


Most of us can agree that the bedroom ought to be a relaxing sanctuary – a place for us to chill out and recuperate after a busy day. In the past, we have seen neutral and muted tones rise in popularity. However, as of 2021, there has been a huge shift away from minimalist interiors, in favour of more daring design choices, such as statement wallpapers and headboards, DIY decoration as well as bold fabric patterns. The notion of adding one’s own creative flair and personality into the bedroom is becoming ever-more popular.


Headboards are very much in


Once again becoming extremely popular are headboards in large, prominent shapes. We are seeing a rise in brightly coloured and patterned headboard fabrics at the same time. Headboards are well-known devices for effectively creating a focal point in a bedroom, as well as making a statement. It doesn’t hurt that they can save you from banging your head on the wall if you flop down too quickly on your bed, either.




Some noteworthy colours for headboards include mustard yellows, rich oranges and reds as well as bold greens. Many interior designers argue that these prominent colours can be just as restful as the more traditional muted ones such as creams and pastels. There are a diverse range of headboards available at the click of a button should you decide to buy furniture online.


Lighting it up


Lighting plays a major role on establishing the vibe of a space. Where bright, white lights usher in a more focused and clean environment, yellow lights invoke feelings of comfort and homeliness. Before you begin to install any kind of light into your space, think hard about the message you are trying to send in the environment.




One trend, in which there has been a rising popularity, is matching bedside wall lights. This is an elegant and aesthetically pleasing way to light your bedroom and personalise your space. They will serve both a decorative and functional purpose. Another trend to keep in mind is that of bold lampshades. Bold colours and patterns surely do the trick, however, pay attention to different shaping in lampshades, as having an interestingly shaped shade could do wonders to make your room an intriguing space. Be sure to check out some compelling lampshades across the web for inspiration when you buy furniture online.


Trending colour pallets of 2021


Another way to usher in the modern age in which we live is through bringing character to your space in the form of unique, one-of-a-kind buys or colour wheels. Oftentimes, when decorating, we become so caught up worrying about what colour goes with what pattern and so on, that we forget to follow our own instincts. Your bedroom is your own sanctuary, which means that the only opinions that matter are your own, and that of a partner should you be sharing it.


Following your instinct and choosing colours and pieces of furniture that make you feel satisfied is a sure way to create the bedroom of your dreams. However, consider opting for the warmer side of the colour wheel as you do so. This includes oranges, reds, yellows and yellow-based green tones. A great colour that is progressively becoming more popular in the bedroom is paprika orange – which adds a bohemian vibe to any space. This vibe can be developed further by adding furniture made out of bamboo, wicker and rattan, as well as décor in cinnamon red around a room.


This year, there has been a distancing from darker blues and charcoals in favour of the warmer, natural tones that can be found in nature. For example, terracotta and deep reddish browns. They are both highly fashionable as well as noticeable yet subdued at the same time. These tones bring about a grounded atmosphere that can be incredibly thought-provoking as well as relaxing.


Many designers argue that during challenging times, we tend to crave warmer tones in our homes that encourage a sense of sanctuary in our spaces – enclosed and tucked away from the outside world. Because of this, many people use these natural colours in the bedroom since it is likely the place where we become most relaxed and comfortable.




Despite the newfound preference for warmer tones, there is, and always will be, space for the bedroom colours that have stood the test of time, light blues and greens. Blue tones are said to have a positive effect on both the body and the mind, seeing as it has a connection with the ocean and sky. Most of us experience a sense of calm and relaxation when gazing at the sky or the sea, which makes the sentiment understandable. Green is another colour frequently used in bedrooms, as it is known to make people feel closer to nature.


Should green be your colour of choice for your bedroom, do not simply stop there. You may as well bring the outdoors in – in the form of natural foliage and indoor plants. Caring for plants is scientifically proven to have positive effects on the psyche and assist people suffering from various forms of anxiety and depression. Look out for plants such as spekboom that produce significant amounts of oxygen, as this can only cause the space to feel fresher.




Minimalism vs maximalism


The age-old battle between maximalism and minimalism still exists today in 2021, and for good reason. Both of these design ideals have a variety of benefits and can do wonders for spaces in their own ways. Where minimalism is all about getting rid of excess, maximalism encourages the notion of “more is more!” Before decorating any space, it is helpful to have a good understanding of the two.


Minimalism encourages the use of only the most important things in a space, in order to make these elements stand out more. In this manner, the said elements are provided with the space they need to stand out and play a prominent visual role in a space. Rather than being about using nothing, minimalism is about simply using what matters. Minimalist spaces are usually uncluttered – and many are of the opinion that uncluttered spaces are more peaceful.


This is an important vibe to have in a bedroom where you flee to for peace. Although everyone has their own, unique idea of what peaceful means to them, it is hard to imagine that anyone find the presence of clutter and stacks of dirty laundry peaceful. Having less things in your bedroom, whether that be decorative items, furniture or books, means that there is less to clean. Dirt will not accumulate as quickly and cleaning will not require the moving around of multiple pieces of heavy furniture.




In the same sense, minimalist rooms do not mind messy beds so much. Today, it is viewed as rather stylish to have a minimalist bedroom with a bedspread barely thrown on top, wrinkles and all. It invokes a feeling of casualness and can certainly save you a lot of trouble.


Finally, choosing minimal design in your bedroom can actually save you a significant amount of money. Naturally, this is due to the fact that you will not be filling up the space to the brim with furniture and decorations, as well as objects like books and stationary out in the open. Imagine the bare essentials for a bedroom, place them together in a stylish manner, and there you have a minimalist space.


On the other side of the coin, maximalist bedrooms have lots of shapes, colours, tones and textures that do the talking. Most people assume that maximalism is synonymous with overbearing, but this is certainly not always the case. Maximalism simply demands your attention, and does so stylishly and compellingly in most cases.


In a similar way to minimalism, maximalism is used in architecture, interior design as well as art. Interestingly, many argue that humans naturally lean towards maximalism, whether we realise it or not. We humans are natural hoarders, and wish to fill most of our empty spaces with something or other. If you have ever visited the home of a seasoned traveller, you may find a plethora of souvenirs and other little trinkets and pieces on display. This is the epitome of maximalism, which uses items to tell a story.


But how exactly do you create a maximalist space? Consider the following tips:


  • Use layering – of fabrics and wall colours
  • Use rich and bold colours
  • Mix and match colours and textures
  • Use repetitive patterns in print pieces, such as animal print, abstract shapes and florals
  • Source unique and interesting furniture pieces, many of which can be found when you buy furniture online
  • Put items like artworks, statues and books on display
  • Blend styles, such as bohemian, eclectic and classic




The buy furniture online guide to choosing the right mattress


The most important part of furnishing and styling your bedroom is, without a doubt, the bed. If you have ever been inside a bed shop, you will know that shopping for the perfect mattress can be intimidating and overwhelming at best. With dozens of choices before you, how do you know how to find the best fit, without the intervention of a pesky and persistent salesperson? Check out the 5Star buy furniture online guide to finding the mattress of your dreams:


It’s about firmness


They key to finding the best mattress for you is ensuring you are shopping for a mattress with the correct firmness. Differing brands use different forms of categorization when it comes to labelling the firmness of a mattress. However, to make things easier, try not to worry about the 1 to 10 level of measuring a mattress and instead pay attention to the following three words; soft, medium and firm. Getting familiar with which one of these is best for you is the key to finding your perfect mattress at an affordable rate.


We all have our preferred way of sleeping – and believe it or not – this effects what type of mattress we require to reach optimum ergonomic comfort. To help you in your decision, us from 5Star store have compiled a brief list of the recommended mattress firmness for the most common sleeping positions:


Stomach sleepers


Those who sleep on their stomachs exert pressure on the hops and pelvis, since these points are supporting most of their weight. For this reason, a medium or firm mattress would be suitable, since it would prevent the pelvis and hips from sinking lower than the shoulder level (which would create an unnatural curve in the spine and ultimately lead to discomfort).


Side sleepers


Those practicing perhaps the most common sleeping position, side sleepers would benefit from a soft mattress. This is because a softer surface causes the mattress to conform to the pressure points in the sleeper’s hips and shoulders – and most importantly – the arm that gets tucked beneath. In harder mattresses, this type of position may cause tingling and numbness.




Back sleepers


Those who sleep on their backs are likely the luckiest when it comes to mattress hunting. This is because they are allowed the most range in firmness, since pressure is relatively evenly spread across the various pressure points during sleep. As a result, back sleepers are generally comfortable on soft, medium and firm mattresses alike.


Should you find bed stores rather unbearable, consider your option to buy furniture online for a more relaxed experience.


Furnishing your bedroom with the help of 5Star when you buy furniture online


Now that you know about some of the hottest bedroom trends of 2021, as well as how to choose your perfect mattress from your bed, you should check out the diverse range of furniture offered by us at 5star when you buy furniture online. There are numerous benefits to shopping through an online furniture store, such as more affordable prices, easy deliveries and great payment options. Should you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to your trusted online furniture store should you wish to buy furniture online and create your dream bedroom.



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