Online Furniture Store: Tips for Furnishing and Running an Airbnb Successfully


Airbnb has become the short-term rental host of choice for people all over the world. If you have a self-contained space in your home that you can comfortably host guests, you could consider becoming an Airbnb Host. You get to have fun transforming the space into a rental with beautiful furnishings, meet a variety of people, and boost your monthly income. Furnish your Airbnb easily with 5Star online furniture store and follow our tips for successfully running your Airbnb.




Furnishing an Airbnb with 5Star Online Furniture Store:


We have highlighted a few tips for furnishing an Airbnb with 5Star online furniture store.


1) Comfort:


When transforming your space into an Airbnb rental, your main focus should be on creating a comfortable stay for your travelling guests. A comfortable stay is based on the functionality and design of your furnishings.


To create a comfortable Airbnb rental, you need to choose furniture pieces that will perfectly fit the space and have a practical use for your guests. This ranges from selecting an appropriately sized bed for the bedroom or having additional storage for guests to lock away their belongings. Keep your guest’s comfort at the forefront of your furniture purchasing decisions.


5Star online furniture store makes it quick and easy to find furniture for your Airbnb rental to make it comfortable for your guests. By choosing your furniture online, you can quickly and simply find the perfect furniture that will provide your guests with a positive experience during their stay.




2) Quality:


You need to strike the perfect balance on quality for your furniture in your Airbnb rental. Opting for cheap, low-quality furniture will quickly become tatty and get easily damaged, and will thus bring down the standard of your Airbnb rental.


The furniture you need for your Airbnb should be of high quality. 5Star online furniture store stocks a wide range of furniture that is selected based on quality and durability. We source our furniture from both local and international furniture suppliers so that we can always provide you with furniture of the best quality.


You also should refrain from furnishing your Airbnb rental with overly expensive furniture pieces. Repairing any damages will be an unnecessary expense and the excessively expensive furniture will cause your guests to feel uncomfortable whilst using them.


With 5Star online furniture store, you get the benefit of both high-quality furniture at an affordable price. We ensure that you can afford to furnish your Airbnb rental fully to provide a comfortable and homely experience for your guests.


3) Multipurpose Furniture:


A great furniture choice for Airbnb rentals is multipurpose furniture. Selecting multipurpose furniture reduces the initial costs of furnishing your Airbnb rental and provides additional uses for your guests during their stay.


An example of selecting multipurpose furniture would be to choose a sleeper couch for the lounge. This provides you with the opportunity to gain more rental income, and your guests can have a friend or family member stay over with them during their visit to your Airbnb rental.




5Star online furniture store has a wide range of modern sleeper couches. Whether you are drawn to the style of the grey upholstered Catilyn Sleeper Couch or the additional storage of the Boston Sleeper Couch, 5Star online furniture store has a perfect sleeper couch for your Airbnb rental.


4) Minimal Clutter:


You do not want your guests arriving and feeling as if they are staying in your storage room with all your unwanted furniture and belongings. When furnishing your Airbnb rental, be selective on the furniture and décor items you use in the space. Guests will appreciate a rental that is spacious, well-furnished, and not covered in the host’s personal trinkets.


If you have realised that the furniture you have for your Airbnb is incongruent or taking up too much space and you quickly need new furniture, the 5Star online furniture store is for you. 5Star Furniture offers a delivery service for all furniture that will quickly and safely get your furniture delivered to your door. This saves you the time, effort, and expenses of visiting multiple furniture stores to find furniture and then transporting it home.


5) Entertainment:


Provide your Airbnb rental guests with opportunities for entertainment during their stay with selectively chosen furniture. Whether this is through providing a large dining room table set for your guests to eat dinner with their visitors or with a TV cabinet stocked with movies and board games for them to enjoy, you can use your furniture to bolster your guest’s stay at your Airbnb rental.


5Star online furniture store has all the furniture you need to make every stay at your Airbnb rental memorable. We stock dining tables and cabinets perfect for your guests to make memories and for storing fun activities.




6) Style:


Styling your Airbnb rental can be tricky. You need to keep the space neutral so that your guests can feel comfortable, but you also want your guests to remember your Airbnb rental. The perfect balance of style can be achieved by selecting a clear design theme and suitable furniture.


Whether you are looking to transform your Airbnb rental space into a coastal paradise to reflect your beach location or create a cosy space with Scandinavian inspiration, select a theme and allow it to flow throughout the entire space. When purchasing from the 5Star online furniture store, find furniture pieces that will reflect your selected design style.


You can also lean towards a modern, minimalist style with a few pops of colour to brighten the space. Choosing the 5Star Divine Pleated Couch in a unique green velvet will be a statement piece in your lounge that will bring in a beautiful splash of colour.




If there is a specific style you desire for the furniture in your Airbnb rental, 5Star Furniture offers a customisation service. If you have seen a furniture piece you love on the 5Star online furniture store, get in contact with us regarding possible changes you desire. We strive to provide you with furniture that will be perfectly suited to your home space.


Tips for Running an Airbnb


Alongside furnishing your Airbnb rental perfectly, we have highlighted a few tips that will help you run your Airbnb rental successfully.


1) Picture Perfect:


When listing your Airbnb rental online, you need to have beautiful photographs of your rental space. We recommend hiring a professional photographer who will be able to capture your space in the best lighting and with high-quality images. If hiring a professional photographer is not an initial possibility, take the best photographs you can and add a professional touch with free editing apps.


Showcasing your Airbnb rental in all its glory is one thing, but posting misleading photographs is another. Ensure that your photographs do not result in your guests arriving and feeling disappointed.


2) Superb Service:


Offer your guests a superb service when they stay at your Airbnb rental with these few tips.


Communication: Communicate clearly and with complete transparency with your guests regarding expectations, rules, and any other important information whilst they are staying at your Airbnb rental. Communicate any potential problems the guest may face prior to them booking your Airbnb rental, such as a cycling event that will prevent any road access over their stay or nearby construction that will be a noise problem.


Personal Boundaries: Appreciate the personal boundaries of your guests by not popping in constantly to “check in”. Demonstrate that you trust your guests to treat your space with respect, and allow them to enjoy their privacy and have an enjoyable experience at your Airbnb rental.


Be Available: You need to be easily available to your guests if there is a problem with your Airbnb rental. If your guests have problems with the water, electricity, or broken appliances, you need to be easily accessible so that you can rectify the problem immediately. Most guests are forgiving if the host is quick to act on fixing the problem.


Individual Needs: Enquire with your guests if they have any individual needs for their stay at your Airbnb rental. For example, if your guests tell you that they have certain allergies, you can then remove any fresh flowers or free snacks that contain nuts.


3) Beauty is in the Detail:


Small, extra touches are what can have your guests coming back time and time again to your Airbnb rental. We have created a few suggestions to add a few meaningful details to your Airbnb rental.


Welcome Bag: You can have a small collection of items in a welcome bag that demonstrate appreciation to your guest for them choosing your Airbnb rental. You can include complementary shampoo, conditioner, and soap, which could go a long way if your guests forgot these items. You can also support your community and include local products that will also make your guests feel more connected to your gorgeous part of the woods. Place the welcome bag alongside your welcome booklet and rules guide.


Personalised Note: Leave a personalised touch by leaving a note addressed to your guests. It can be as simple as inviting them to have tea with you on arrival or wishing them a lovely stay. If you are aware of their purpose for visiting your Airbnb rental, such as for work or to visit local sites, you can include a list of recommended restaurants, attractions, and shops if applicable to their stay.


Coffee Station: Most people’s first thought in the morning is coffee. By having a coffee station in your Airbnb rental, you are enabling your guests to start their day without sprinting out the door to the nearest coffee shop. Throw in a few rusks, and your guests will be spending their time at your Airbnb marvelling at how wonderful it is.




4) Keep it Clean:


No one wants to arrive after a long journey to a dirty Airbnb rental. Stained sheets, hair in the bathroom drain, rubbish in the bin, and dust along the shelves are a sure way to have your guests reversing out of your driveway.


You can choose whether to clean your Airbnb rental yourself or have an additional housecleaning charge for a professional cleaning company on your listing. Either way, you need to ensure that your Airbnb rental is the poster child for a Verimark advert.


5) Assess Immediately After Check-out:


Even the loveliest guests can cause problems for your Airbnb rental. If there is a wine spill on the carpet, a missing spoon, or a crack in the sink, you need to discover these problems immediately so that you can quickly address them with your guests and begin rectifying the problem. The last thing you need is to have back-to-back bookings and start blaming the wrong guests for previous problems that went unnoticed after a stay.


Furnish your Airbnb with style with the furniture available on the 5Star online furniture store, and run your Airbnb successfully with our tips.



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