Cheap Couches for Sale : How to Maximise Space in your Tiny Home


Downsizing living spaces has become the new craze. We are living in a time where people are dealing with the aftermath of financial strain left by the Coronavirus, and downsizing may just be your solution to living a more economical lifestyle. Living in a tiny home may provide many benefits not only to you, but also to your surrounding community.


Tiny homes are cheaper to maintain and to build, along with the furniture you need to decorate them. Although keeping up with all the trends can become difficult, this article will cover all the best tips and tricks to choose the right piece of furniture to maximise your lounge area and living space in your tiny home. At 5 Star Furniture we have such a large range of cheap couches for sale that you are sure to find one that best suits your tiny home!




Here are just a few benefits of living in a downsized home.


  • Tiny homes are cheaper to maintain than larger homes.
  • More environmentally friendly, tiny homes leave less of a carbon footprint on our environment.
  • Conscious living and better quality of life.
  • You can save on furniture and decor when decorating your home.
  • Say goodbye to hours spent cleaning.
  • Less clutter.
  • Living more efficiently


Living in simplicity allows you to focus on the important things, and consider every design option you choose very carefully. You no longer have to just use whatever furniture you come across, but can spend time choosing the right piece from our range of cheap couches for sale, or that perfect bookshelf that fits into your lounge area perfectly.


Start your redecorating journey in your lounge with cheap couches for sale.


The lounge area is a place of comfort and ease and everyone wants to keep this the heart of their home. Luckily, 5 Star Furniture has cheap couches for sale to help you on your restyling journey. Here are a few reasons why choosing the right couch is so important for your home.


  • Your couch is where comfort starts in your home.


We’ve all experienced that feeling after a long day of work, where all we want to do is relax in a comfortable lounge suite and put our feet up. The couch is the first place you go to have a quick nap, read your favourite book, or simply take a breather with a cup of tea. If you have a comfortable couch you can use it as a daybed, or even an extra space for visitors to stay over.


  • It is somewhere the whole family can relax together.


There is nothing better than a family movie night, making popcorn and snacks and getting cosy together. You can curl up on your couch and spend some time relaxing with your family.




  • It is the largest piece of Furniture in your lounge.


Your couch is often the first thing you see when you walk into your lounge, you want it to look good and add to the design of your home. Everybody wants comfort, but it needs to be stylish at the same time. This is why it is important to make the right choice when choosing cheap couches for sale.


Tips for choosing the best cheap couches for sale for your tiny home.


Your couch is the centrepiece of your lounge in your tiny home, and it sets the tone for the rest of your design choices, such as light fittings, chairs, shelves and coffee tables. With a smaller living space it’s important to take into consideration practicality and design. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best cheap couches for sale for your tiny home.


Choose a sleeper couch.


If you are an entertainer, and love having friends and family around then choosing a sleeper couch is the best option for you. Living in a smaller home means less space for spare bedrooms, but with a couch that converts into a comfortable bed, you won’t miss it. Sleeper couches can take up very little space when being used as a couch, leaving you with the space to entertain and allow guests to spend the night.


5 Star Furniture offers a large variety of cheap couches for sale which include many different styles of sleeper couches. You are sure to find one that suits your design and aesthetic. We have options for sleeper couches which convert into a full double bed, so you can ensure your guests get a comfortable night’s sleep.




Cheap couches for sale with storage space.


Tiny home living means storage space is a must have! You can’t go wrong choosing a couch that comes with built-in storage draws. Especially if you are new to the downsized lifestyle and have a collection of items that now need to find a space in your smaller home. Couches for sale that have this added functionality are by far the most practical.


If you are living in a smaller home, it’s very easy for your lounge to seem cluttered. By choosing a couch with storage space you can easily store things that aren’t being used and are taking up space. Maximise your space by storing extra throws and blankets, board games, unused books or children’s toys into your built in couch storage.


If you already have a couch that unfortunately doesn’t have built-in storage, and you still need to increase your storage space, you can utilise the space beneath a free standing couch. Most couches have tons of space underneath, and let’s be honest, it’s definitely not being used. The most practical way to use this space is to purchase some matching storage boxes that keep everything neat and tidy. You can even go all out and get ones with wheels on the bottom to slide out for easy access to anything you might need.


Choose an L-shaped couch.


An L-shaped couch can be the best way to maximise space in your lounge area. It offers the most seating room with the least amount of floor space as it takes up less room than two standard couches. This is great if you want to be able to cater for more people in your smaller living space.


An L-shaped couch gives you the space to sprawl out and have enough room for the whole family to be comfortable. This is a great option if you have kids, or regularly have people over. It also leaves you with enough space to add other elements such as a lovely coffee table or bookshelf to your lounge area.




Choose a couch with a modular design.


Choosing cheap couches for sale with a modular design allows you the flexibility to move things around, giving you more options to make your space more accommodating for more people. Modular sofas are made up of separate parts which can be moved around depending on your style or needs. The versatility of this design makes it perfect for smaller living spaces.


The possibilities are endless, think about your couch which could suddenly have an ottoman added to one end to accommodate an extra person. You could even move things around to create a daybed or sleeping area for visitors. 5 Star Furniture offers modular cheap couches for sale which could be perfect for your home.


You may be thinking, won’t a modular design be too big for my smaller lounge area? This is not always true, small spaces don’t always need the smallest furniture. Choosing a couch with a modular design can even make your space seem bigger. Having one bigger centrepiece, rather than a few small pieces will give your living room a more spacious feel.


Purchase an ottoman for very small spaces.


Perhaps you’ve scrolled through our catalogue of cheap couches for sale and just can’t find one to suit you, or you already have a couch but need some extra seating to add. If that’s the case, then choosing an ottoman instead of a couch could work best for you.


Ottomans are great for extra seating, especially in a smaller space where you don’t have room for an additional single couch or chairs. They can be used as a footstool when you need to put your feet up, or become a seat on their own. They could also add a pop of colour to your living room by choosing a brightly coloured ottoman with matching scatter cushions.


Ottomans are also extremely versatile and you can easily move them into any room as a comfortable extra chair. If you have young children, then choosing an ottoman is a great option. They are cushioned and low to the ground making them safe for young children to sit on without falling or bumping their heads.


Consider the best dimensions for your couch


It is important to consider the size of your lounge and the couch you are looking for when buying furniture. Make sure you spend some time measuring the width of your walls and match this up to the couch of your choosing. 5 Star Furniture has so many cheap couches for sale that it’s easy to find one that fits the dimensions you’re looking for.


How to fit a couch through a smaller doorway.


Once you’ve chosen the perfect couch, you may be sitting with the struggle of trying to fit it into your home, especially if the corridors and doorways are so much smaller than usual. This can be extremely frustrating and you could even damage your brand new piece of furniture.


There are a couple steps you could take to make moving as smooth as possible if you just aren’t getting it right. First, you want to remove all the cushions and extra pieces. If it is a modular design you can move each piece separately. Remove the draws if you’ve chosen a couch with extra storage options.


If it still seems to be too large you could consider removing your door, most hinges only open to 90 degrees, which means your doorway will be a few centimetres narrower even with the door wide open. It shouldn’t be too difficult to unscrew the hinges on your door, remove it, then screw it back on after all your moving is over.


If this isn’t possible for you, you could try removing the feet of the couch you have purchased. Most couches have feet that are easily removed in order to make them fit through doorways. Removing the feet should make it easier to manoeuvre. Give it a try before giving up.


If you are in doubt, remember there are so many great possibilities that emerge when you downsize your home, with a wide variety of couches to choose from, you will find the perfect one to add to your modern and conscious living room space.



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