Cooking for the holidays can be tiring, however, cooking for the holidays in a newly-redone kitchen is truly exciting. Getting your kitchen ready for the holidays means starting fresh. That means out with the old and in with the new.


Now, you are probably thinking redoing your kitchen for the holidays seems expensive, and not to mention time-consuming. You are correct, but with 5 Star Furniture, you can redo your kitchen on a budget instantly. 5 Star Furniture brings the furniture store to you with the convenience of an online furniture store at the touch of your fingers.




How to Get The Festive Kitchen you want with an Online Furniture Store


First, you should decide on the look you want. There are so many new trends arising that it can be hard to decide how you can spice up your kitchen and set it ablaze this festive season. You may do well to decide on a colour scheme for your kitchen therefore you should decide if you would like a warmer or colder feel. You may even decide on whether you would like to go all out with festive holiday décor and colour in your kitchen, or you can decide to keep it modern and sleek without the overwhelming sense of festive colours.


Secondly, take a scroll on 5 Star Furniture’s website. There you will find the cabinets, tables, and even kitchen sinks you want at only a button click away. The prices are affordable and the festive deals are dashing. We offer a wide variety of colour schemes that will bring your festive kitchen vision to life in no time. offer a wide variety of colour schemes that will bring your festive kitchen vision to life in no time.


Lastly, and utmost importantly, work out your budget. When it comes to the improvement or expansion of a kitchen it may become pricey therefore it is important that you work out your budget. It is advised that you aim to stay in control of your finances. Thus, you need to make a plan and work out your income as well as the amount you would like to spend on the redesign.




Why You Should Use an Online Furniture Store


Preserving Time and Money by using 5 Star Furniture’s Website


Furniture shopping can be such an expensive and time-consuming hassle. So, here is how an online furniture store can allow you to redo your kitchen as well as save you both time and money. First and foremost, you can avoid standing in queues and making a bunch of unnecessary purchases. You can rather spend a little while online shopping and then get everything delivered right to your doorstep.


Everyone would love to revamp their kitchen every coming holiday. However, anyone rarely wants to spend their time walking around aisles. After all, our time is precious and the 24 hours we have in a time is already not enough for us to complete our basic daily tasks. Therefore, when you decide to redo your kitchen for the holidays avoid the stress as all you need to do is access 5 Star Furniture’s website and choose the items you need for your festively vibrant kitchen.




Along with this, online furniture stores help you easily track your prices. You can easily track discounts and prices as the products are right on your screen. This can be seen on 5 Star Furniture’s online store as the gadgets on the online site have red sale stickers attached to them whenever a product is on sale. This will help you track your purchases and know what sales and discounts are available at the online store.


Online Furniture Stores Have a Large Number of Items


Sometimes when you are walking through the aisles of a store you can easily miss an item which would have looked perfectly at place in your home. Therefore, online stores have such a wide range of assorted items that there is no way you can miss something which is downright suited for you.


5 Star Furniture has many items available for you. Our prices are reasonable and the chances we will have something for you are very high. Most of our items are on sale during the festive season meaning when you choose to decorate your kitchen for the festivities you may pay less than you set your aim on.


Online furniture shopping as a Bonding Experience


The kitchen is a great place to make memories. This is especially so during the festive season as somehow then the kitchen becomes a magical place for children. Cooking can be an activity that makes the whole family happy which is why shopping for kitchen furniture online can be a bonding experience for the whole family.


Festively redoing your kitchen through an online store allows you to spend some much need time with your family. Our lives can become too busy and worrisome for us to appreciate walking through a store and shopping for new kitchen furniture. There may be no fine moments in walking through the aisles of a furniture store with screaming children or disinterested children.


Therefore, it might be a little easier to just stay home and search for new kitchen furniture online. Do this by taking the short time to sit around a screen and pick out furniture with your loved ones around, the redoing of a festive kitchen becomes so much more valuable. This is so much more appreciated as the whole family can be sitting around their old kitchen table in their pyjamas looking at new kitchen tables along with other kitchen furniture.


The family experience of online furniture shopping also allows the entire family to give their opinions about products. This means that everyone can bring their ideas to the surface and point out the furniture items they agree to be most suitable for a festive-looking kitchen.


Easily Compare with Other Items


Perhaps, you don’t have your mind set on an item quite yet. That is no problem as with the use of our website you can easily place comparisons between products right on your screen. You can look at the features of the product and compare that product to others. Or, you may look at the price of another product and compare the two.


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Ideas for a Festive Ready Kitchen through an Online Furniture Store


No matter how small your festive cheer seems to be there is always room for a little festive spice in the kitchen. Perhaps your idea of a festive-looking kitchen is the placing of a tiny Christmas tree on the countertop or the hanging of mistletoe from the kitchen ceiling. Yet, a festive ready kitchen can be so much more with the addition of a little more cheer and heart.


Give your Kitchen the feel of home it needs. So many people focus on other areas of the house when they are getting ready for the festivities that when you redo your kitchen it feels like an added bonus. This shows that sometimes the unexpected can become a pleasant surprise.


Through 5 Star Furniture’s variety of kitchen furniture, you may see several items that will be great for your festive kitchen. Our online furniture store has kitchen items that will coordinate with your festive ideas. From cupboards with red doors to tables with white tops, 5 Star Furniture has everything you need this festive season.


So, maybe start with taking out your old kitchen cabinets and replacing them with brand new ones from 5 Star Furniture’s online furniture store. We have a beautiful Sahara four-piece kitchen unit that is suited for any kitchen. With the addition of cranberry and popcorn strings, this unit is the perfect piece to elicit some festive cheer in your kitchen.


Also, add an intimate feel to your kitchen. This can be done with the addition of a small four-piece dining table. At 5 Star Furniture, we have a five-piece dining table best suited for a family of four who enjoys sitting around the table and appreciating the company of their loved ones over the festive season.




However, space may be limited. With all the ideas you have for your newly redone kitchen, you should give thought to spatial availability. Therefore, if you don’t have the space to add an entire dining table set into your kitchen, rather settle for a smaller table and ad some festive sparkle by looping ribbons through the chair or hanging fairy lights on high shelves.


Why Choose 5 Star Furniture’s Online Store


Buy your furniture safely and securely. At our online furniture store, we allow you to buy furniture online safely and securely. You may products online and secure your furniture before our stocks run out. This can be done through payment methods which are encrypted and secured by the Payfast gateway.


We also do deliveries. So, when you have no time to go down to the furniture store to pick out and upload your furniture there is no problem. Depending on your location and product size our delivery charges range between R250 and R3000.


With us, you can also apply for lay-by. This is a special perk when it comes to decorating your home for the festive season as you can buy your furniture piece by piece and collect it when you are ready. When starting a lay-by, you online need to pay a deposit of 10%.




How to Return Products that are not Up to Standard


We also have a great return policy. When you receive a product and it seems to be looking a little out of place in your kitchen, no problems as with 5 Star Furniture you can just return it.


We are proud of the products we manufacture. However, there are times when production errors occur or you might just not be satisfied with the furniture now placed in your home. At 5 Star Furniture we try to always put our best foot forward for you yet we too are human and there are times we make mistakes; nevertheless, we try to rectify these mistakes as soon as possible.


It is no problem when you are not satisfied with the product you received. All you need to do is notify us within the period of seven days and we will aim to repair or replace the item with which you were unsatisfied. Although, we do expect the item to be in the exact same condition as you received it.


We are truly excited for you to make use of our online store. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead to our online furniture store and get everything you need to get your kitchen festive-ready this season. Remember our stock is limited so head on over to 5 Star Furniture’s online Furniture store right away and take advantage of our great clearance sale deals.





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